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As you can imagine I get a number of people coming into the shop asking me specifically about Bio Oil as there is just so much advertising out there about it. It really is a product promoted as “The Product for scarring”.  Now I don’t necessarily have a problem with Bio Oil itself, but when I look at the ingredients I find it hard to see why we would ever want to put this on our body !

The first ingredient in it is “Mineral Oil”, a byproduct of petroleum.  I have a book called the cosmetic ingredient glossary that defines Mineral Oil as “A heavy film forming oil and a Clear liquid mixture of hydrocarbons and a byproduct of petroleum.  It is unsuitable for lotions or shampoos as mineral oil coats our skin.  This ingredient is not designed to stay on our skin.

Mineral Oil acts as a layer that’s difficult to absorb & can clog the pores, which slows the skins’ ability to eliminate toxins.

This is such a problem, as our skin is one of our biggest eliminative organs in the body.

When our lungs, liver, kidney and our bowel are not able to keep up with their jobs dealing with those toxins and eliminating them, our body compensates and uses our skin as an eliminative organ.  Now if it is clogged up with all of this mineral oil (like what is found in the bio-oil, how is our skin supposed to do its job ?

Its almost like putting glad wrap on our skin, preventing things from penetrating through it but also prevents it from being able to breath properly.
I also read from a material safety data sheet on mineral oil which says that it skin-care-bio-oilis dangerous if swallowed or inhaled. Don’t we put Bio-Oil on our face ? How close is that to our mouth and our nose ? Isn’t it a risk that we may sometimes be breathing that in ?

It also says that Mineral Oil causes irritation to our skin, eyes and respiratory system. In fact it specifically talks about causing breathing problems if we breath it in…. But of course, aren’t the majority of people using this going to put this on their face !
Lets look at the 2nd ingredient listed on the Bio Oil label.  I cant pronounce it properly.   I looked it up and found that it is referred to as a ‘penetration enhancer’.   The info about this states that it alters the skins structure allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into our skin.

So the first ingredient (which is the main ingredient in the product) is a mineral oil that sits on our skin, so because of that, the second ingredient (which is the second largest ingredient in the product) is added to Bio-Oil so we can actually get it into our skin.  This does not sound good at all!

So what I have decided to do is talk about some ways that we can make our own mixtures, that are going to be beneficial for our skin and allow it to breath. These are ingredients that you can easily pick up in your health shop or some of the ingredients at your supermarket.

A good base oil is Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil. Nut oils are really good because there high in essential fatty acids.  I would use about 100ml.

A good Almond Oil would be a cold pressed one and if it’s organic “even better”.

The next ingredient that I would then add to it would be something like Jojoba Oil which is absolutely fantastic for skin problems and makes a wonderful addition to the Almond Oil.  I would add around 50ml.

Then the third ingredient that I would add would be Rosehip Oil ! I would add 5-10ml.

We hear a lot about Rosehip Oil these days and it has been scientifically proven to specifically help with fine lines, Wrinkles, aging skin, damaged skin and I have had first hand experience from people who have come into my shop. Particularly young people who have got a lot of acne scaring and even within one month of trying Rosehip Oil on their skin, they were getting results. The formula started working towards healing all of those wounds and diminish and lighten all of that scarring. Even within one month the improvements were dramatic.

To our three base oils we could also add some Vitamin E. Vitamin E is really fantastic for scarring.

If you can’t get a hold of wheat germ oil (which sometimes can have a funny smell to it, some companies do a deodorised type wheat germ oil ) what I would do is get a Vitamin E capsule which most of them are just in a little soft gel. You can get a pin and prick the soft gel and squeeze the Vitamin E oil out and that’s a really good way of getting un-oxidised Vitamin E oil to add into our 3 base ingredients.  I would add the oil of 3 Vitamin E capsules.  Just prick them and squirt the oil into the mixture.

Then you can add some essential oils like lavender which would be a great ingredient to add to your own oil mix as it’s great for helping with Scarring.

Geranium would be another really good addition to put in with your base oil.

It all depends on how strong you would like your oil blend to smell, as to how much essential oil you add.  The usual dilution is a maximum of 5 drops per 10ml of carrier/base oil.  I would tend to only use 5 or 6 drops of your chosen essential oil per 100ml of base oil.

Now it’s really important to remember that if we are using essential oils that if you are pregnant then there are a number of oils that you cant use. So check below down the list as I have included all of the different oils that you can and cant use during pregnancy.

Also there are some oils that are not suitable to use for babies. So the three main ingredients that you could use if you are making a formulation up for a baby is lavender, camomile and rose oil as these are the three safest to use.

This now should have given you a lot more insight into Bio-Oil and reinforce the importance of checking your labels carefully to make sure that the ingredients you are rubbing on your skin really are worthy of being on your skin in the first place and a few ideas on how to make up your own oils. Don’t forget that if you are pregnant to check the list below.

Bio Oil  is a registered trademark of Union-Swiss.

124 responses to “Why I Dont stock Bio Oil”

  1. Joe says:

    thanks for this im sure going to throw out my Bio oil now!

  2. elle says:

    ashamed to say i used bio oil and although i didnt have any stretchmarks whatsoever im not so naieve as to believe it was the bio oil alone.. however can you suggest an alternative which does the same thing?

    • Leanne James says:


      Thanks so much for your comment. I would definitely choose the Trilogy 100% Rosehip oil. This is what Trilogy have to say about this beautiful oil. “This 100% natural and highly effective oil for face and body immediately softens and smooths skin and with cumulative use will help you restore and maintain healthy radiant skin”. It has been clinically tested and the results showed it: Improved skin moisture by up to 45%, Reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 23% and improve skin smoothness by up to 21%.

  3. melanie says:

    Thanks for this! i have a big bottle of bio oil and been using it for a while on my surgery scars… i had some itching effect but did not bother me that much! now i know why!! this is really a big help!
    i might just go for Vit.E

  4. Lillybeth says:

    Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. Here’s a blatant copy & paste from one of my fave websites correcting the mineral oil myth (www.cosmeticscop.com):

    The notion that mineral oil and petrolatum (Vaseline) are bad for skin has been around for some time, with Aveda being the most visible company to mount a crusade deriding these ingredients. According to many companies that produce “natural” cosmetics, mineral oil and petrolatum are terrible ingredients because they come from crude oil (petroleum) and are used in industry as metal-cutting fluid (among other uses) and, therefore, can harm the skin by forming an oil film and suffocating it.

    This foolish, recurring misinformation about mineral oil and petrolatum is maddening. After all, crude oil is as natural as any other earth-derived substance. Moreover, lots of ingredients are derived from awful-sounding sources but are nevertheless benign and totally safe. Salt is a perfect example. Common table salt is sodium chloride, composed of sodium and chloride, but salt doesn’t have the caustic properties of chloride (a form of chlorine) or the unstable explosiveness of sodium. In fact, it is a completely different compound with the harmful properties of neither of its components.

    Cosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most nonirritating moisturizing ingredients ever found (Sources: Cosmetics & Toiletries, January 2001, page 79; Cosmetic Dermatology, September 2000, pages 44–46). Yes, they can keep air off the skin to some extent, but that’s what a good antioxidant is supposed to do; they don’t suffocate skin! Moreover, petrolatum and mineral oil are known for being efficacious in wound healing, and are also considered to be among the most effective moisturizing ingredients available (Source: Cosmetics & Toiletries, February 1998, pages 33–40).

    xx -Lillybeth

    • Leanne James says:

      Thank you very much for making the effort to reply to me. I do appreciate you doing this and letting me know of your opinion about Mineral oil, as well as the information you provided me with from the cosmetic directory/glossary.

      Mineral oil is an ingredient that all natural skin care ranges try and avoid and will not add into their products as an ingredient. I do not stock any skin care products that contain mineral oil and many of my customers specifically ask for a range that is free of ingredients like this.

      Luckily we live in a democratic country, where we have the ability to choose what is right for us, our family and friends.

      Thanks again.


      Leanne James
      Dip. Herb. Med., Dip. Irid.
      Herbalist and Health Coach

  5. Michelle says:

    How upsetting to think I have used it on my face and also where I had moles removed. Thanks so much for sharing this – It makes me wonder how a product gets on the market??

  6. Matt says:

    Mineral Oil + Fragrance is also sold at your local supermarket known as ‘Baby Oil’

  7. Helene says:

    I have been using it mixed with an organic cocoa butter on my pregnant belly… what else can I use with the cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks etc.?

    • Leanne James says:


      The cocoa butter is a great choice. You could add a couple of drops of the Trilogy 100% Rosehip oil to each palm full of the cocoa butter and mix these together, in the same way you were possibly using the bio oil. There is information that also tells us that stretch marks can be contributed to by having low levels of zinc in the body. Also remember that Vitamin C taken internally helps with collagen formation and tissue repair and healing so it would be a good idea to consider increasing your intake of this.

  8. Emily says:

    I was a bit curious…. was the base oil Yohaba actually Jojoba, and Duranium essential oil Geranium??
    Really good to hear the facts about bio-oil though! i have considered using it in the past, but definitly wont touch the stuff.

  9. Angela says:

    Thanks so much for publishing this!! I had concerns about the mineral oil content years ago but was dismissed by the company as “probably propaganda from competitive products”. Never touched it, never will!

  10. Jacque says:

    Thank you for sharing this information on Bio-oil and giving us your alternative natural remedy ingredients. Most pharmacists, health shops etc do not divulge these natural remedies. I look forward to your next email.

  11. Judi says:

    Fantastic & factual article – thanks – well done. 10/10

  12. Chanda says:

    I had the worst case of adult chickenpox my doctor had ever seen! I had previously done some research on scarring as my toddler had chicken pox (little did I know I was going to catch them from him a few weeks later!) Two American skin doctors emailed me with replies to my request about the best way to avoid scarring from chicken pox – they both gave the same advice – apply Rosehip Oil to the chicken pox once they started to harden – I did this and have no scars even though I was one of the worst recorded adult chicken pox cases ever! These doctors told me in the email that the research from Rosehip Oil was compelling and that many doctors were using it post-operative to reduce scarring. They said to avoid Calamine Lotion and also Vitamin E which at the time was considered to be a good anti-scarring oil. Since then I’ve put many friends on to it who have had the same results as me. The Rosehip oil which Leanne recommends is the best to reduce scarring.

  13. Jackie says:

    Yes I was aware of this thanks for getting the word out. I’m pretty sure when Bio Oil first came on the market it did not contain Mineral Oil.

  14. Shirley says:

    I have thought about trying this product due to all the publicity and advertising – if sounded so good!! So glad I have never bothered. Thank you Leanne for the run down in basic terms that most of us can understand.

  15. karen says:

    thankyou – bio oil had been on my shopping list recently but I had never actually got some. Am pleased now! I love the sound of the alternatives you recommend too.

  16. Amanda says:

    Thanks Leanne for finally confirming what I always knew!!!
    I am beauty therapist and always have clients asking what I think of Bio Oil for scarring and stretch marks,I always felt it was wrong to use, knowing what I know from my training.Mineral oil does not penetrate and just sits on the skins surface.As does “Baby Oil” ( which should go NOWHERE NEAR BABIES!!!) It is an oil that is in no way similar to our own skins sebum, I was always of the belief that nut oils where the closest to sebum.
    I have a client who works in a pharmacy and has done so for many years, she says it in one the top selling product and she believes in it totally.
    I always reccommend a good rosehip oil to anyone who asks me,as I know it is the best option for our precious skin.
    But I do have to say that a lot of people I have met over my 20 years as a beauty therapist swear by it, which still confuses me as to how this can be????!!!
    Also thank you for giving me the new improved Paw Paw cream which now comes in a non petroleum base unlike the old original version on my last visit to your store.YAY for knowledge!!

  17. Rosemary says:

    Oh my gosh -thank you for this info on Bio oil. I don’t use it but have a friend who uses it on her face & body. I am passing on you article to her

  18. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the information regarding Bio oil. As a beauty therapist I have not been a fan of mineral oil due to it’s occulisve properties. However, my understanding is that there are different grades of mineral oil. There are some cheap supermarket skin care brands out there who use mineral oil and my understanding is that is of cheap grade not very well refined.Hence why people experience blackheads. I have also worked with a very good beauty salon only, up market effective brand and they used mineral oil as their base. No clogging of the pores from this product. Their answer was that it was a higher grade mineral oil.
    Any comments Leeanne would be grateful.

    • Leanne James says:


      Thanks so much for your comment. Unless we had the product analyzed, it would be difficult for us to know what grade of mineral oil they use. I was suspect, when I discovered the 2nd ingredient is a “skin penetrator”.

      All in all, I think they are good marketers and they must have a big budget to get it out there. I see there is a sample of it and some info about it in the pregnancy packs given to women by their midwife. People are encouraged to use it after an operation, to help with the scaring.

      Since starting this post, I have been told of a number of alternatives on the market, which I would like to have a look at and compare to Bio Oil.

      Thanks again.

  19. andrew says:

    useful but i am not totally convinced that mineral oil is either bad or good, there is alwasy so much conjecture over issues like this. i dont accept the argument that because it came out of the rgound and is therefore good as asbestos was mined as well and i wouldnt want that near me.

  20. Mel says:

    Hi, thanks for this insight Leanne. Sounds like there are some good alternatives out there, and making your own is even better. Just so you all know (Leanne you probably already know this), a lot of the products that say they are 100% natural, or give the strong indication that they are, can often include preservatices that aren’t natural. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s the reality of producing cosmetics. They need to ahve something in them to keep them stable or they won’t last much beyond 3 months. The preservatives are usually used in quantitites under 0.1%. Some brands don’t even list their preservatices, but they will be in there! Trilogy’s prioducts are great. I use them myself and they are very close to natural. Some of their products do contain preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol though, but Trilogy are open about this on their Ingredients List – good on them!

  21. john bennett says:

    Great? But you did not tell us the amounts of each oil and I would like to make up a batch of the oil mainly for my daughter who pay’s a fortune for what i think is rubish and i know can not afford it.thank you John.

    • Leanne James says:

      I am sorry I didn’t put the amounts in. I have updated the formula now.

      Don’t be to ridged with the formula. Change it, depending on the oils you like the smell of or the action these provide. I will put a sheet up that i have written, which mentions a number of essential oils and their use.

      Thanks again.

  22. Evelyn Windsor says:

    I have a warning to people to be very careful putting Bio-oil on their face. I was doing that & it seeped into my eyes. The result was I developed a lipid keratopathy in my right cornea. In plain English I had blood vessels growing through the cornea of my eye which left scarring & without medical intervention leads to blindness. I had to have 2 lots of laser surgery to my cornea to cauterize the blood vessels. My sight has been preserved but I do have an opaque scar at the top of my right pupil. ( The cornea is the only organ in the body which does not have blood vessels)
    So be warned!!!!

  23. Kylie says:

    Thanks for the info. About to throw out my bio-oil that I’ve been using on my face for the last month or so 🙁

  24. anne says:

    HI, Had a couple of itchy spots on my face and was recommended to squeeze out and apply the oil from vitamin E capsules – worked like a charm within two weeks.

    During pregnancy rubbed olive oil on abdomen daily – result, no stretch marks at all. UNFORTUNATELY no-one told me to do the same to my thighs so they are well stretch-marked.

  25. mono says:

    thanks, i havent used bio oil and was thinking of using it now i wouldnt consider using it. can u give information on avacado oil would really appreciate it.
    thanks in advance

  26. Pauline says:

    Hi Leanne
    Yes, I agree with your comments about Bio-Oil. I did use it once, when it first came out in the NZ market. Once I actually had a look at the ingredient listing, I thought ‘ how can this be marketed as a natural product, when it has mineral oil in it???’ So of course I would never use it again.
    The trilogy range of products are fantastic. I love all the products I have used (which is probably nearly all of them!) I especially love the rosehip oil, and use it every night as a moisturiser. The skincare capsules are wonderful too! My daughter bought them for me as a gift, and they were so nice to use, very concentrated, with great results. (I must get some more and use them again over winter!)
    So yes, marketing has a lot to answer for, it certainly captures people’s attention and is not always totally truthful in what it portrays.

  27. andrew says:

    Hi Leanne
    Another great oil is Emu oil, which I guess is a base oil like Jojoba oil. It is high in vitamin A and is also antibacterial and is great as a moisturiser and in scar reduction!! What are your thoughts on this? I have never seen anyone mention it before…

    • Leanne James says:

      Thanks for your comment Andrew.

      I LOVE Emu Oil and recommend it to lots of people who come into our shop. I have read amazing things about its use with skin problems, but particularly eczema and psoriasis. I read how in Australia they would wrap a person in an emu skin and then put them into a “tent” with a fire. They would stay there for days, in the heat. The fat from the emu skin would liquefy and penetrate into the persons skin and they would come out days later with beautiful skin. We have the Silberhorn 100% Emu Oil. We also have capsules too. Thanks again.

  28. Edith Mataira says:

    Hi Leanne,

    Thank you for the advice about Bio Oil. I have recently had an operation and was advised by the District Nurse to use Bio Oil on my wound once the dressings are all removed. This would help with the scarring. My daughter has a bottle that she has been using and I was going to use some, but after hearing this news, I will definitely use the Trilogy Rosehip Oil that I use on my face. I use all of the Trilogy products, courtesy of my lovely daughter, who bought them for me as a Christmas present. Exceptional products, all natural and good for the skin – love them!

  29. Colleen says:

    I will be “binning” my bio oil. I had small surgerys on 2 sites on my arm recently and once the wound was sealed after the stitches were out I started using the bio oil. One site got a terrible infection which took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear up and a month longer than the other – I wondered about that stuff at the time.
    Never again and thank you for informing us Leanne.

  30. john bennett says:

    Thanks for that i look forward to makeing some.John

  31. Laura says:

    Agggh. I’m allergic to nuts (and soy). Will your formula work as well leaving out the nut oils? Or is there a substitute I can try? Thanks for your always helpful information Leanne

  32. pauline says:

    I have always avoided mineral oil after reading Adelle Davis 40 years ago. Her concern then was mineral baby oil being absorbed through the skin ‘collecting’the oil soluble vitamins and passing them out of the body so causing deficiences. she quoted many examples where she believed this had happened and had caused illhealth

  33. Sara says:

    I think the idea of a rose scented oil is quite appealing. I have to be careful about products I use because I have sensitive skin, if you know the ingredents is more reassuring you not going to do your self any harm or break out in spots

  34. Jo-Anne says:

    Wow What A Wake Up Call Guess It Pays To Read The Lables On Everything Not Just What We Eat

  35. jody murphy says:

    I have necer used bio oil. I generally prefer natural products; rosehip oil is amazing! also, cocoa butter is fantastic for dry skin. I have a friend who used bio oil for a while and she didnt notice any significant changes to her stretch marks or scars so i guess its just a waste of money?

  36. Fran says:

    It seems strange that so many women are fanatical about the food they eat, and yet they will slap any old thing on their skin without much thought to its contents and the effect it is having on their body.

  37. Vishaka says:

    Very impressive article.. Total eye opener. Thanks so much.:)

  38. Stef says:

    Bio Oil hasn’t worked for me at all, but Rose Hip Oil worked well for me on my prominent scars and also stretch marks, I find it great and reccomend it to friends.

  39. Anne-Marie says:

    I agree, Rosehip Oil is much, much better! Very interesting article, I always enjoy reading your site, and I found this very informative.

  40. Mere says:

    Interesting article. Yes, I to was sucked in by the whole Bio Oil hype. Dare I say just one of many! I only wish I’d had the foresight to buy shares in the company a few years back. A few ‘suits’ must have made quite a bit out of us eh?!

  41. Di says:

    Thanks that was interesting – its amazing how easy some of us women get sucked in by the selling point of anti ageing or scar healing – maybe its time to just go natural and accept we are who we are.

  42. Marie says:

    I did buy Bio Oil when It first came out but I was dissapointed with it and never purchased again.

  43. Possum says:

    Thanks!! Fascinating reading!! So glad I got a chance to study that:) I love rose scented anything; going back to my childhood, when I had some rose scented writing paper:) So I am looking forward to investing in some trilogy products…

  44. Possum says:

    Bio oil also has soybean oil in it, which I am also allergic to:(

  45. Kriss says:

    I was given a bottle of Bio Oil to use during my pregnancy, and noticed no difference at all. Some friends of mine don’t touch the stuff, and others use it for everything from pimples to massage oil.

  46. Hutt Boy says:

    Inetresting reading…crazy how so much advertising can influence what we buy regardless of the effects.

  47. fiona thomas says:

    look forward to trying the bio oil as it sounds like it works

  48. Millie says:

    Oh lord – thanks for alerting me to this, here I was thinking that I was doing my skin a favour by using Bio Oil!

  49. Kath says:

    Thank you for this fabulously informative article

  50. Grant says:

    A timely reminder not to trust the media when it comes to skin products!!

  51. Eddie says:

    I always thought Bio Oil was this wonderful, wonderful product that you couldn’t use enough of – thank you for letting me know the truth!

    • Andrea says:

      I have just had a complete knee replacement and was using Bio-oil to soften the scar. The knee became burning hot, painful and swollen and the whole leg ached including my ankle joint. I have stopped using it but the symptoms have been slow in subsiding. If I had known it contained petro-chemicals I would never have used it but the ingredients are not listed on the bottle and it was given to me. Throw it out!

  52. Vicky Marshall says:

    I think I will learn to love my wrinkles & stretch-marks!

  53. Sarah says:

    Wow that is quite scary, the things they market as being good for your skin. I like that you have given some homemade alternatives!!

  54. Porcelina says:

    I tried Bio-Oil after I had my first child, after a few applications I ended up with a huge boil on one of my stretch marks!!! It should be called Boil not Bio-Oil!

  55. Maree Malin says:

    Was going to buy some the other day, glad I didn’t!

  56. Mary Preston says:

    Tell me more. I appreciate the truth about what goes into & on my body. Thank you!!

  57. Selena Z says:

    Wow, that’s astounding. I’m glad I learnt of this before using Bio oil.

  58. Kim Obrien says:

    I had always thought that Bio Oil was great, it made scars fade and my skin felt good. Hmmm those were the days when I believed everything I saw not bothering to read labels and think about what I was putting onto and possibly into my body. I now use natural oils eg Rosehip and vitamin E and see great results as well. Becoming a mother made me realise that I have to be alert to the rubbish out there and i’m willing to make changes for me and my family. thank you for alerting people to the actual ingredients and the alternatives we can use.

  59. Mommyto4Boys says:

    Humm, I have been using Organic Rosehip Oil for over a year now as a daily moisturizer. My entire family uses it. It has been wonderful. And to think, I almost ran out and bought Bio Oil. I am so glad I came across this link. This was a great reminder of why I went all natural. Thank you!!!

  60. Linda Jordan says:

    Used it for my daughter after a scar was left on her face. Worked wonders.

  61. Chris Braybrok says:

    I would love to try Bio Oil for my scars, but anything that is great for my body is the best thing ever.

  62. shontelle joyce says:

    I have used bio oil every single day and I still have my marks, then you get to the point were you give up, I mean the only reason why we buy it is to lighten or get rid of our scars.

  63. Raaef says:

    Bio-Oil has PurCellin Oil™, which they say can penetrate the skin easily, so that vitamin e and other vitamins can be delivered quickly.

    I have to say after using vitamin e and Rosehip Oil for more then a year,(with a strict routine) did not help that as much as Bio-oil helped me in 2 months.

    • Sophie says:

      I have to agree with you. I’ve been using bio oil everyday since 2015 on my face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and upper thighs in place of moisturiser as I have dry skin. Whilst using it my skin became lovely and soft, I stopped getting flakey patches of skin and I stopped getting pimples. Last year I briefly switched to rose hip oil for about 6 months because everyone was raving about it and my skin returned to being quite dry and I broke out in pimples. I was aware that sometimes when changing products we can have a reaction that can subside, but the pimples and dry skin remained the entire six months and then disappeared within 2 weeks of switching back to bio oil. At the age of 35 I have zero fine lines or wrinkles while most of my friends the same age have developed noticeable wrinkles around their eyes. That may be purely anecdotal and just my genetics, but I feel encouraged by the positive results I have had using bio oil. I have also found bio oil much cheaper than rose hip oil. I pour mine into a fine needle setting spray bottle and spray it into my palm for application to avoid using too much and a large bottle lasts me about 2 months. With rose hip oil, for the same price I could only find very small eye dropper size bottles that only lasted a few weeks.

  64. Louisa says:

    I have been using Bio-Oil on my face several times a day for the past couple of months. In that time, I’ve had two nasty eye infections (probably not bacterial). I had no idea that the Bio-Oil may have been causing my eye irritation until I read the above post by Evelyn Windsor, regarding her eye surgery.

    Although I liked Bio-Oil and was happy with the results I was getting on my skin, I am going to be very sure not to use this product on my face or around my mucous membranes from now on.

  65. Michael says:

    I am a 19 year old guy who is a bit of a perfectionist in every aspect of his life, including personal health. I have been using Bio-Oil to improve my skin tone where I have had scars from playing sports & a few pimples. I would like to look after my skin in the future and that is why I have been driven to find out the correct information!

    This is a very interesting article, however it contains both true and false information which I hope to clear up.

    Firstly, I would like you take into account the fact of a healthy diet. I’m sure everyone will agree that anything to do with the improvement, repair or maintenance of the skin may involve skincare treatment, but as with the health of every other organ in the body, it is ALWAYS supported by a good diet which includes drinking a decent amount of water daily.

    With that in mind & after comprehensive research, here are the facts:

    Mineral oil cannot be bad for skin as it is harmless to the skin. With regards to the eyes and respiratory system, it is only harmful when in direct contact. So just TRY NOT TO GET IT IN YOUR EYES & LUNGS and you will not be harmed. Thus, the above article is correct in implying that you KEEP THE Bio-Oil OUT OF YOUR EYES!
    Mineral oil is not only present in Bio-Oil, but also baby oil & the majority of the petroleum jelly products which have all be proven to work wonders for skin over the years, both through clinical studies and in practice. Just ask Tara Banks who swears by Vaseline or all those moms who use baby oils. The concern above was that it was a barrier that blocks the exit of bodily toxins, however with the normal correct diet (Not involving alcohol etc.), the removal of toxins should be efficient enough not to cause skin trouble if there is a slight barrier around skin. We forget that the barrier created is also protective and will separate the skin from the harmful environment and demote the entry of pathogens and bacteria on the skin avoiding other skin problems. Ultimately, a barrier can do more good than bad for skin. As long as you are washing your skin regularly between Bio Oil applications & not taking in toxins excessively, you will not have to worry about toxin elimination thus making the mineral oil in Bio-Oil perfectly safe.

    The “penetration enhancer” in Bio-Oil known as PurCellin Oil acts as a medium in which the vitamins in the Bio-Oil can be absorbed by the skin. It makes the mixture more soluble and therefore allows the vitamins to be absorbed quicker.

    In conclusion, I have to say that Bio-Oil is legitimate and cannot be harmful, only beneficial. Like any other product it may work better for some people rather than others depending on their skin type and skin conditions, but never damaging.

    Nonetheless remedy you suggest at the end of the article is also a great option for those who prefer the all natural route. According to research it will also do wonders, but maybe just not as fast as the Bio-Oil with it’s secret “breakthrough ingredients.”

    Good luck to all those who use skin treatment, I hope you get best results. They say it takes a lot of drinking water, a balanced diet, persistent care and time!

  66. Michael says:

    Correction, Tyra Banks, cant spell that wrong..

  67. Toby says:

    A couple of new years ago, my girlfriend fell into a bonfire and got pretty nasty burns. Bio Oil healed her scarring, and did the job as recommended by friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for that job as it worked so well.

  68. Jess says:

    As a teen, I’ve been using Bio-Oil for a week or so despite having it on my dresser for more than a week or two, and it has made my skin more clean and smooth. I agree with Michael’s comment on having a healthy diet along with the use of these products. Bio-Oil is not as bad as people make it out to be; it will work differently for every person just like any other lotion or cosmetic.

  69. meg says:

    There seems to be some strange comments on mineral oil being okay. Yes people use it on their babies etc but dosen’t make it okay! We are propagandaed to death and all our body products are full of poisons and our kids foods too. We just don’t die because its in small doses. My advise to anyone who wants to use petroleum products on their skin that they at least use pure raw crude because its the only one with health benefits to the hair and skin. Just a little messy and stinky lol. You all poison yourself any way you like though even with bio oil.

  70. Peewee says:

    Jeez it’s not like you’re going to bathe in bio-oil. You only need a few drops and rub it on a scar.
    ON A SCAR.

    Also please keep in mind that mineral oil is also the main ingredient for baby oil and in lots of other cosmetic products.

  71. Tolu says:

    I used fashion fair tube(contain clobestasol) on my face for over 2 years without knowing that it was a steroid. I had lots of withdrawal symptoms when i stopped using it such as dry patches, rosacea . I tried lots of moisturiser but i saw no changes even honey was of no help, fortunately i came across bio oil in a supermarket and i decided to give it a try that night, the moisturising effect on my face was noticed by my colleague at work the following morning. So It will be unfair if the product is now tagged as a bad one. I have use bio oil and several moisturisers and i can say that bio oil is one of the BEST.

  72. Flora says:

    Im so dissapointed… I just bought this product two days ago:(

    Thank you for letting us know!!

  73. Lucia Oldenhof says:

    I love bio oil, but am glad I have read all this informative information. I might try the natural remedies. I have rough slightly pimply skin on the back of my upper arms and upper legs, always been a problem. Bio oil (and sea water in summer) helps to reduce it.

  74. Mark says:

    Far OUT I can’t believe it I have been putting this on my face for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t been feeling very well now I know why. I am going to stay away from Bio-Oil from now on, FAR OUT!

  75. Mark says:

    After all this information I am Petrified OF using Bio-Oil now, FAR OUT!

  76. Anon says:

    Rosehip oil doesn’t work! I used it religiously for such a looong time, I eventually gave up! I like the positives added here tho. I’m gonna try Bio-oil for sure. Really hope it works! Coz my skin is so scarred, as it scars very easily. Stretch marks and acne scarring to boot.

    • leannejames says:

      Thanks for your comment. I have recommended Trilogy Rosehip oil to literally thousands of people and virtually all of them have come back commenting that they cannot believe the difference in their skin, particularly for scaring and their wrinkles. But, we are all different and all respond differently to different products. Perhaps consider taking extra vitamin c and zinc, as well as an essential fatty acid supplement to help your skin, by providing your body with some building blocks to repair it from the inside out. Thanks.

  77. anon says:

    these comments have been really helpful. i also agree about having a healthy diet.

  78. Elena says:

    I have acne scarring and I have just started to use Rosehip Oil, I hope it helps!

  79. Debroah Pabey says:

    Great blog! You should start many more. I love all the info thanks I will stay tuned 🙂

  80. sapphire says:

    Bio Oil bleached my lips, they used to b red. Has that happened to anyone else, if so what did u do?

  81. L says:

    There is nothing that Bio Oil has ever done to me other than improve my dry, sensitive skin.
    Has the person who wrote this article done any scientific testing? No.

  82. Charl says:

    This webtise makes things hella easy.

  83. Lilyana says:

    Thanks for doing this research, which is what I should have done before buying Bio-Oil. I have for some time now used my own healing oil mixture and every day someone will comment on the texture and condition of my skin. Why I thought Bio-Oil was a miracle for scars… hrmmm.

  84. Taylor says:

    Read all the research conducted, not just what you read on one site. Michael has spent a lot of time doing this and has come up with accurate information. Petrified is a stupid thing to feel against bio-oil…be more scared about drunk drivers, smoking and the fatty KFC or hot chips you give your kids.

  85. alb502 says:

    Two days ago I bought Bio Oil and started using it all over including my face.
    I thought i had suddenly developed an allergic reaction to something in the air as two days ago my left eye started to itch like crazy. yesterday moved to my right eye. Today feel as if my eyes are going to itch right out of my skull. I realized oh didn’t i start something new 2 days ago when the symptoms started?
    Should have stuck to my Eminence organic oil I love and trust. That’s what I get for getting suckered into buying this stuff from a magazine ad I read while sitting in my OB’s office. Feel like my eyes might burn out of my head if I don’t itch them out first.

  86. Bruce says:

    There seem to be a “feast” of oil-sharks out there who have absolutely no idea of the relative significance of “medicinal delivery systems”! Yes, anything that is used to cure any form of intolerable body condition, be it internal or external, is a medicine.
    As a 2 year old I was burned on parts of my body and was fortunate to end up with scarring only on one surface (front) of my right forearm. For many years my mom painstakingly rubbed me with olive oil to help minimise the scarring. And I’m sure it helped. So I do consider myself capable of speaking on this matter.
    What really gets to me is that so many people are going on about how White oil is so bad for one. Fact is however that the white oil is only in truth meant to act as a carrier to the tincture levels of good aromatic oils that are contained therein.
    Fact again is that many of those oils, if concentrated, can do more harm than good to the user. So too can many other oils, including many vegetable oils, bring slight imbalances to the skin. White oil is basically the most benign oil easily obtainable that can help to act as a temporary barrier to help the body to assymilate the small quantities of good oils delivered to the body on the skin.
    White oil (whether alone or as a component of petroleum jelly), has for a long time helped people with dry skin to control the moisture level within their skin, especially in the driest countries of the world, and many of those people can’t even dream of using more expensive alternatives. Fact – look at Africa when you mutter that I’m talking rubbish once you catch up with yourself!
    White oil is slightly soluble in water, hence the film that is left on the skin is in face transitory in nature. Also, the carbon length of the constituents is below what would be a permanent wax at body temperature, so the product will certainly not “block the pores permanently” as is being implied.
    As a chemist cum biochemist I believe that what I’ve written above is not incorrect, and I further believe that many of the other comments come from fully uninformed people about the basic chemistry of oils and waxes.
    Who could possibly tell all the people out there who were helped by the use of vaseline gauze to rather have foregone the treatment since vaseline gauze contains white oil. Not a hell of a lot of them would agree.
    Bio Oil, like many other treatment oil delivery systems does have it’s place, but like with almost every other chemical (mixture or elementary) in the world, there will be people who won’t be able to tolerate the chemistry and or components of the product. As I always state on MSDS’s, treat all chemicals with caution, including those which we get so comfortably used to using, such as dishwashing liquid. All chemicals can be harmful to some people. Handle them with care. Including Bio Oil and similar products.

  87. Amanda says:

    I had a lovely relaxing bath, used an exfoliating sponge and relaxed for half an hour. When I got out I dried myself and then put bio oil on my body. Two days later my left breast swelled up, I was in pain with a huge lump and the skin went red. I was really worried I had something awful. I went to the Doctors who gave me antibiotics for mastitas, I had a severe infection. This evening, I’m much better, although I still have a smaller lump and redness but after taking a bath I remembered what I had done a few days earlier so decided to look up bio oil as I’m not breastfeeding and mastitas is more common with breastfeeding mothers. I’m horrified and convinced that this product caused my mastitas, I’m not going to fling it in the bin! Thank you for the info!

  88. scar remedy says:

    I?ve learn a few good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much attempt you put to create any such fantastic informative website.

  89. Hugh says:

    Scaremongering at its finest.

    Bio-Oil is not a “miracle product”, but it does what it’s designed to do. As others have said – a) you’re not going to *bathe* in the damn stuff, b) keep it out of your eyes and don’t freakin’ drink it – DUH!

    Your skin is meant to be oily, that’s why your kids leave fingerprints on glass.

    I use E45 emollient bath oil and Bio-Oil. Both contain loads of chemicals. But here’s the thing: Everything contains loads of chemicals. Carrots, peas, bread, water, everything you ingest. The thing with chemistry is that it permeates every factor of our lives. The specific chemicals you find listed on products are highly tested refinements of the active chemicals in the herbal remedies you seem to prefer, and that makes them both more efficient and more concentrated. That’s why you have to soak yourself with rosehip oil and only apply a very thin layer of a chemical alternative.

    You should read the ingredients on medicines you take. You trust that the medicines will make you better, right? Well they have scary long names too. And you’ll probably find some of those come from petroleum. Then you’ve got the stuff you wouldn’t entertain a single thought about putting down your gullet raw – the chalk and talc and the caking agents that bulk out the paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets. Like PurCellin oil, they’re carriers. They get the important scary-sounding stuff into your stomach so it can be broken down and absorbed without just giving you a numb tongue.

    Chemistry enables us to benefit from better, more effective medicines at lower cost. A huge amount of money gets spent on research and people subject themselves to clinics to test products to make sure those medicines are safe. And that IS a fact.

    Grow up.

    • Shelley says:

      I’m with you Hugh! I love how the alternative suggestions for other oils is expensive(to others)oils some cannot afford. I have a skin disorder called icthyosis and it requires me to put mineral oil all over my body(my Dr is the one that told me to use mineral oil&he is also a physicist) I have not developed some rare disease or mental disorder and I am almost 50. I will not quit using mineral oil unless I’m too sick to put it on my body or I’ve passed away. It works for me and trust me, I’m thankful for it.

  90. Nicole says:

    I am so surprised at people pouring a handful of the stuff on themselves, the very first time they use it!! What ever happened to spot testing? Trying a small spot first and making sure you aren’t allergic to it? Allergic reactions are common when it comes to essential oils and such. Seriously, people, use your brains.

  91. olivia says:

    I think the product react to individual skin type.For me i have dry skin and when i used it, it was fantastic on my skin because within a month my got toned up and i became so beautiful.So i want to suggest that people with dry skin type can go for.

  92. olivia says:

    I think the product react to individual skin type.For me i have dry skin and when i used it, it was fantastic on my skin because within a month my got toned up and i became so beautiful.So i want to suggest that people with dry skin type can go for it.

  93. Losha says:

    I started to use bio oil because of the commercials. However after two weeks of using it, my face got really dark, wrinkly and dry. Even thought it’s been almost three months since i stopped, I can’t get to find my natural face bounce again. It left me with a black spot under my eye and quite wrinkly. Now I really don’t know what to do to get rid of that dark spot, since it seems to get irritated whenever I try to use a facial moisturizer to moister it.

  94. ntsako says:

    Bio oil! Love this product I have it on ma face as I text. My face skin completely amazing after using this product. Was using cliniq before well to be honest I give bio oil a go. Its affordable and does really work. Been using it for a month and a half twice a day. Wonder what more it will do in 3 to 4 month.. Will post after 2months.

  95. Betty says:

    Idk whats yall problem but I have been using Bio-Oil for 2 months and my stretch marks and scars are completly gone. Too much of anything can be bad for you, good or bad. You cant always be scientific with everything you incounter. I reconmend it!

  96. raluca says:

    hello everybody,i am a 33 years old female and mother of two very small children.last year in september i was diagnosed with lymphoma,no point to say the shock of my life.i want to add that in my family,from both sides nobody had any type of cancer,i am the first one in known generations to have that.i admit i was smoking but other than that i really took care of myself so i thought!! luckly and thank God i am in remession now.and just the other day i decided i must maybe change something about my life,something i did before was wrong.i ve already quit smoking about 10 months ago.and i started looking at my diet. i thought i ate well before but in actual fact i didnt.just now for the first time in my life i really have a variety in my diet.and another thing was to actually check out what i am using on my skin everyday and on my childrens skins.and i was HOROFFIED. i am now talking to all those pro all these chemecals in our cosmetics.whatever is not natural will come against u sooner or later.we want to be able to choose what we put on our skin cause it wont just sit there people ,will enter our bloodstream and organs.and yes it may b in small quantities in each product but in medium how many of these products we each use everyday?? me at least 5! every single day! and all these products have chemicals,our shampoo,coditioner,cleanser,.face cream,never mind the hair styling products!!! and the childrens stuff is absolutly unacceptable! my son has always a kind of dermatites on his legs ,i payed thousands of rands for alergie tests they all came negative i never knew what the heck is going on…..untill now. i was very open minded i thought.easy to please when it came to cosmetics.i had trust.and i was dissapointed.i got one of the worse diseases:cancer.so now i want to do everything different:i may not choose the right meat in all those hormone treated meats.or the right veggies spread with pesticides,what would i know when i buy them? but hell i will not put s…t on my skin again!! the big companies dont care about each individual as long as they sell a container for the mass!!oh they need to keep it fresh? they must just make smaller jaars,all organic,and valid only a week.but i want to choose.i have the right to live!!

    • Chidex says:

      I agree with Raluca,dat all dat chemical will come back to hunt us and i must add dat d more natural we stay,d beta and safer 4 us

  97. Rach says:

    I have been using Bio-Oil on my face daily for the last 4 months, I have very dry sensitive skin and it has worked wonders for me

  98. LeahMarie says:

    The back of bio-oil says not to use on broken skin.

    …so you exfoliate, and place it on your skin? Of course it may cause some sort of reaction.
    My friend recommended Bio-oil for a severe burn on my arm that I got at work cleaning a grill. Now that’s it isn’t broken or weeping I’ve been using it to keep it from scarring. It’s working wonders do far, especially since I have such sensitive skin.

  99. Carol says:

    Interesting article. I was researching the ingredients in this oil and found out that one of the fragrances is Benzyl Salicylate, which apparently breaks down in the skin to Benzyl alcohol (a potentially toxic but often used preservative) and salicylic acid. As I’m highly allergic to benzyl alcohol, I know have to watch out for anything that also contains the benzyl salicylate. Really appreciate the homemade recipe. What about using cold pressed coconut oil as well?

  100. Kez says:

    I didn’t know it had that affect on skin! I take it you don’t stock vaseline, which is pure petroleum jelly.

    I read in one blog that in it’s purist form (petroleum) it’s non toxic but because of poor factory regulations in has carcinogins.

  101. Maddy says:

    Great article, I myself had concerns about the quality of Bio-Oil and my friend recommended Olive 100% Skin Care Oil. It is an amazing product containing lots of fab botanical ingredients that are listed on the box. Would definitely recommend it to anyone as an alternative to bio oil :). Passed it on to my Mum who now uses it every night on her face and just loooves the results. Purchased mine from simuolive but I think it is also in pharmacies in NZ.

  102. Jay says:

    I’m waiting for my appointment with a dermatologist my cheeks
    have been getting dry for 2 years and now im getting red areas
    on my face and one spot that burns. Flare ups… Ive been trying
    derma products ect nothing works… I try this for the hell of it
    and my face looks better then it has in years in 2 hours.
    The next morning i was a little red and dry again so today
    i’m using it again and i cant believe how good its working on
    the redness and dryness I love it!

  103. Lisa Anderson says:

    I have always had quite a dry yet unblemished complexion. I fell for all the hype about Bio Oil. Within weeks of applying it my forehead was covered in whiteheads. I stopped using it. This is over one year later and I have not been able to get rid of about half of these whiteheads. I cannot afford to go to a dermatologist. I have tried rubbing with lemon juice; soaking with witch hazel; not applying any kind of cream on the area. The skin on my brow has rough and visibly more wrinkledI

  104. Harriet says:

    I have had stretch marks for 17 years and recently started using bio oil after being given a free sample. I am a convert, and think it’s what ever works best for you. Let’s face it there will be some article saying we shouldn’t breath fresh air soon.

  105. Nicola says:

    Busby Oil is a great alternative to Bio Oil. It doesnt contain any of the nasties – mineral oil, petrochemicals or parabens. A great substitute and it really works!!

  106. Pamela says:

    I totally agree with the “Why I don’t stock bio-oil”
    Petroleum is the cheapest way to add volume to a product, But not good for your skin. Notice to we have not one, not two, but THREE whopping color dyes to give it it’s unique “chemical” color. If you can’t drink it, you won’t want it on your skin. Organic is the way to go and you should just make your own fresh batches SANS the chemicals.

  107. peter says:

    Please stop disseminating misinformation :”A study reported in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (2005) found that the type of highly refined and purified mineral oil found in cosmetic and skincare products is noncomedogenic (does not clog pores)”

  108. Sarah says:

    Not trying to defend bio oil but mineral oil is a main ingredient to most baby oil and lotion products. Hardly a cause for alarm.

  109. Mana says:

    i have tried in my stretch marks for months and it did nothing to it nor for red ones or the white-sh ones.
    Reading this report just made me even more disappointed. Knowing a product with such repercussion will not be made of more natural ingredients if that’s what such cost seems have been paying for.

  110. Abigail says:

    I really appreciate Michael’s comment, different needs for different skins

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