Vitamin D Deficiency. Are You At Risk?

How often have we heard this statement recently, as Vitamin D seems to be the latest buzz vitamin at the moment.

I’ve written an article about the importance of Vitamin D, which talks about deficiencies, absorption and food choices, so we can all be more pro active about eating foods rich in Vitamin D.

Vitamin d

You can read this hereVitamin D Deficiency

I talk about how Vitamin D is made in our skin, but how we need to spend a good 40 minutes at a time in the sun, for the ultra violet rays to activate a form of cholesterol called ergosterol which is present in our skin, converting it to Vitamin D.

UV can’t do this through our clothes or through glass, so direct contact with our skin is vital for this process to occur.

But what I didn’t mention, is that it takes up to 48 hours for the vitamin D to be absorbed into the bloodstream and during this time,  if you hop in the shower and wash your skin with soap, you literally wash the Vitamin D away.

So I’m not saying don’t have a shower, but if you want to absorb the Vitamin D your body has made, don’t use soap.

2 responses to “Vitamin D Deficiency. Are You At Risk?”

  1. piet says:

    Great to read some intelligent local comment about Vit D — at last. Even the ‘Vit D Council’ would really approve.

  2. renata says:

    firt time I’ve heard sth like this. I have known that each day one should spend time in the sun to gain vitamin D,but it is odd that a soup can wash the vitamin away. I will remember this next time I give my little ones shower after playing in the sun. Thank you !

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