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Totally Devoted Cookies are an exciting new concept, bought to us by Jesse and Blair, the owners of this Auckland based company.  Their wheat and dairy free cookies include Feeding Cookies for a breastfeeding mum.

Blair tells us a little bit about the inception of these delicious cookies and how it all started.

“Jesse my business partner was the one who designed the initial product (Feeding Cookie). When she first started breast feeding she spent a lot of time talking with friends about it and if they were all getting enough milk. They’d all tried the tea’s and didn’t like the taste. They’d found a few recipe’s for lactation cookies online but as a mum with a new born they found they didn’t have enough time to bake.

Jesse’s youngest Maisie started to develop eczema and Jesse found out it was the dairy products that she was eating and therefore passing on in her breast milk. Trying to cut this out of her diet she found it hard to find snack food on the market that was dairy or wheat free. It was after this and another meeting at one of her coffee groups that the lactation/feeding cookie was born.

Jesse found it a hard time to get the cookie right, as trying to make something that was dairy and wheat free and still tasty was quite a challenge.

When she was ready to share it and take it to the market she was unsure how. That’s when a mutual friend introduced Jesse and I. From there we went on quite a journey. Broadening the range to include two more cookies still relevant to our target market. Getting our branding, website and packaging done. Pulling together a PR strategy. Finding facilities to cook in. Getting ingredients suppliers. Some of which has been very new to the both of us.

Now that we’ve launched and are in retailers, things are going really well and we’re struggling to keep up with the orders. The next step is an upgrade in production facilities which is happening this week. We’ll then be able to continue broadening our reach with retailers and therefore mums across the country!”

That’s Awesome Blair.  We have all tried the Totally Devoted Cookies and love them.

Totally Devoted Cookies

Delicious Feeding Cookies for increased Breast Milk.

Delicious Feeding Cookies for increased Breast Milk.


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