Time for a herbal detox

Myself, Avalon and Kerry have started the new year with a herbal detox.   I believe January is the perfect time of the year to give your eliminative organs a bit of a “tune up” and help to support them in their functioning ability.

When we think about detoxing, I like to use the analogy of our car, which most of us ensure we take to the garage once a year for a tune up – But what about our own “vehicle”, our body?  When you think of everything we have put in our mouth over the year, and then, what has come out or what we have eliminated, often the 2 dont match up.  Some people think that having a bowel motion every 2nd day is efficient enough, however I can assure you, that this really is not regular at all.

Typical symptoms that could point to needing to complete a detox include skin problems, a foggy brain, fatigue, waking and not feeling refreshed from your sleep, headaches, bad breath, an erratic bowel and generally not feeling like yourself.  Of course, these symptoms could relate to other things too, but for a lot of us, they show that we really do need to support elimination better.

We decided to use the Natures Sunshine (NSP) Clean Start herbal detox pack.  I am a big fan of all of the NSP herbal detox packs.   They really have tried to make these as easy as they can for us, by having single serve packets, rather than a number of bottles of pills, where we take 1 of these 2 of these and 4 of these ones.  What I mean by the single serve packets is they include all of your morning detox capsules in a convenient AM pack and all of your evening capsules in a PM pack.  I love this concept, as it means i really don’t have to think about it and what I have to take – its all there, in a small packet that i can put in my hand bag and take out with me, if I need to.  Thanks NSP!  You really were thinking of people in the real world, where convenience is an important factor too.

Clean Start is a great all round detox.

Clean Start is a great all round detox.

The Clean Start herbal detox pack comes with the AM and PM pack, but also a powdered fibre supplement that you mix with water and have 30 minutes before eating.  Remember if you take a pharmacy medicine, you must have a good separation of time between taking fibre and anything else, or it may interfere with the absorption of this.  Avalon and I are taking the Clean Start Berry and Kerry the Clean Start Apple Cinnamon.  Unfortunately NSP have since deleted the Berry flavour, but the Apple cinnamon is still available.

So myself, Avalon and Kerry are all completing exactly the same herbal detox, however the lifestyle changes we are making while taking this are very different.  Kerry is being super diligent and has made some major dietary changes, Avalon has cut out energy drinks, junk food and take away food and Myself, because I am taking the Super African Mango and have already changed a lot of things in my diet, I am sticking to this.

I have asked Avalon and Kerry to keep a diary of  what they have been doing while completing the detox and I will summarise all of our progress, as we go along.   Here’s our Detox experience.

Our experience with NSP Clean Start herbal detox pack

Leanne:  I was really keen to complete a detox, to help me with my weight loss goals while taking the Super African mango.  Because I have been taking the African mango for 3 months now, I haven’t had a problem cutting out foods I shouldnt be eating, or with over eating.   The African mango has really helped to curb those uncontrollable carbohydrate cravings I usually get, and that feeling of  “What can I eat!”.  I have lost my pre occupation with food and finally feel satisfied after eating.  Yippee!

I started the Clean Start herbal detox 1 week ago. Because I have already made a lot of changes, I haven’t found it difficult.  Often when you start a detox, head aches and skin breakouts are common, but I didnt notice anything like this.  I have definitely cut my carbohydrate content down at meals and have tried to dramatically increase my water intake.  I have to admit I am not a good water drinker, so this has been harder for me to be diligent about.  What I have done is found some really nice water, that i enjoy drinking.  At the moment I am drinking Gerolsteiner Sprudel Natural Mineral Water, which I absolutely love.  I found this at Farro, for a small $2.95 a bottle (a soft drink can cost more than this).  It sounds poncy to say Im drinking bottled Sparkling water, but it really does feel like a treat to have this and it has helped me to drink more water.  Before I found this water, I had been drinking the Santa Vittoria Sparkling Water, which is available at Countdown and Pac N Save for a small $1.70 -$1.80 a bottle.   Yummy and it feels extra special to drink.

I took the capsules morning and night, ensuring I had a 2 hour separation from my BP medication.  I also had to take the fibre away from my meds, to ensure I absorbed them properly.

My conclusion of the herbal detox was it was an easy and effective program to follow.  You could alter the foods you were eating, depending on your own specific dietary “limitations” or requirements for example follow a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian diet.  I suggest an easy regime to follow is those dietary recommendations outlined in The Liver Cleansing Book by Dr Sandra Cabot.  Half of the book is easy to follow recipes.   Always remember to take a probiotic after completing any detox, to replenish all of the beneficial bacteria.

Kerry’s experience on her herbal detox

Kerry:  So today is the first day on my detox. After all the overindulging of Christmas and New Year, I am ready to get clean. I can’t think of a better time to do a detox- New Year clean start.   I have decided that whilst on this detox, I will be focusing on having fruit, vegetables, green tea and good protein sources such as eggs, whey protein, pea protein and possibly some fish. I am giving up my coffee, all refined foods and meat.  I started my day taking my CleanStart supplements. I was surprised that the CleanStart cleanse packet, mixed with water, was quite pleasant tasting. The capsules were easy to take – I like that there are only 3 capsules to swallow (as some herbal detox kits have you swallowing a lot more). I have had a little bit of a foggy head today, but otherwise I feel fine.  This is what I have been eating.

Breakfast: Vanilla Isowhey smoothie with blueberries and rice milk. Mid morning: Green tea

Lunch: Vanilla Isowhey with mixed berries and rice milk

Mid afternoon: CarbRite bar- chocolate mint cookie

IsoWhey Vanilla is great product to use to add extra protein while detoxing.

IsoWhey Vanilla is great product to use to add extra protein while detoxing.

Dinner: Cabbage soup and Vital pea protein + rice milk drink

I have had more that 2 litres of water to drink today, which I have sipped all throughout the day… bring on a healthier 2012.

So today is day two on the detox. I have a headache and a bit of a foggy head today. I have a funny taste in mouth.  I ate similar things to yesterday, except my dinner consisted of  Green and yellow beans with braggs all purpose seasoning, cabbage soup and Vital pea protein + linseed + rice milk.

I have had more than 2 litres of water to drink.

So today is day three. My head isn’t as foggy as yesterday, and I only have a dull headache hanging around. I am making sure I am drinking lots and lots of water, sipping it all day long.  I ate the same kinds of things during the day, but had a 2 egg omelette with cherry tomatoes (no cheese, just eggs and tomatoes); vital pea protein with linseed and rice milk.

Day 4.   I don’t have a headache today, but I still have a little fogginess I can feel hanging around. I had a “gurgly” tummy last night and this morning. The last two nights I have woken up at 2:30am and I am feeling a little tired today. I am aware of that funny taste in my mouth again all day today.  I ate the same kinds of things throughout the day, but had Beetroot and orange salad, 2 egg omelette with cherry tomatoes; isowhey smoothie for dinner. I have had more than 2 litres of water today.

So today is day 5. I had a headache around midday today. I also noted that my tongue was coated with a white layer all the way to the tip. I often have a white layer towards the back of my tongue, but not usually covering my whole tongue. I have had more bowel motions today than usual.  I ate the same kinds of things as on other detox days and had a 2 egg omelette with cherry tomatoes; lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery; Vanilla Isowhey smoothie with blueberries and rice milk for dinner. I drank 2 litres of water today.

Day 6,7 and 8 I noticed a thick white layer on my tongue in the morning, which I gently removed using floss.  I ate the same things throughout the day, except had some grilled salmon at lunch and an omelet for dinner.  The following evening I had a Moroccan chickpea soup; Vanilla Isowhey with mixed berries and rice milk for dinner. I had more than 2 litres of water today.  Day 8 was the first day I didn’t have that fogginess I was experiencing last week and I don’t have a headache. I am still aware of the taste in my mouth and my white coated tongue.  I had the same things throughout the day and for dinner I had Mushroom soup, salad with lettuce, tomato, olives, capers & olive oil. We went out for dinner, so I made sure I checked the menu during the day so that I was prepared (the last thing I wanted was to feel flustered and choose the wrong food!). I had more than 2 litres of water today.

So today is day 9. I have reached that point in the detox where I feel really good. Although I am looking forward to a cup of coffee and some yummy curry, I don’t have any real cravings. I feel really settled in myself and I have a general sense of satisfaction. I will make sure I get a different flavoured Isowhey tomorrow as I feel I need a flavour change :-)!

Day 10.  I had very little to clean off my tongue this morning. I find myself thinking about next week, when the detox is over, and how I want to eat. I am enjoying how I am feeling and I want that to continue. I feel I need to be prepared, and I need to know what my next step is.  Changed to Chocolate Isowhey – mmmm yum- enjoyed the change 🙂 Had organic pumpkin soup; chocolate isowhey smoothie with rice milk and mixed berries for dinner.

So today is day 11… not many days left on the detox!


I am finished doing the detox, and my experience has been very positive. I feel really good. I loved not having any cravings during the detox- it was important for me to make sure I was prepared with the right foods, and that I was eating regularly. This meant that I felt focused and satisfied. The main benefits of this detox are: I feel more energised, I have a ‘clear’ head and I have lost a little bit of weight. The plan is to continue eating well, and to indulge in moderation. I have been looking forward to a good cup of coffee and a yummy curry!

Avalon’s experience with her herbal detox

Avalon: Today we are starting our detox. This is the first real detox that I have done. Well I have done one, but gave up very quickly, so am looking forward to having some other peoples support to keep me on the right track. I am quite a bit of a foody so am just going to cut out any of kind of soft drink, energy drink, lollies, choc and most processed foods/takeaways. I am really bad when it comes to taking yucky tasting liquids, so was thrilled when I tried the Fiber sachet in this pack and it was actually nice!!! And having the individual packets made it so much easier too.

Started today. Took the fibre sachet at 8am then had a protein bar and first lot of capsules at 8.30. Still had a coffee though…. Really trying to drink lots of water! Had a protein shake at about 11.  Lunch of rice, broccoli, tomato and tuna.

Around 2pm stomach started gurgling but I think that this may have been something else. Feeling fine, just a little gurgly. Drunk 3 750ml bottles of water as well as a cup of green tea and a glass of water with Zinc Fix in it.   Woke up in the middle of the night having to “go”.  Went 3 more times before I got to work.   Either my dinner didn’t agree with me or I am cleansing!!!

Havent felt bad at all though. No headaches so all positive. Spoke to Kerry when she got here and we think that it is my body trying to eliminate something bad first.

Should have organized some more stuff to eat and recipes so that I ate better, but we still have 12 days left so I am sure that I will get there. Already drunk 1 cup of green tea mixed with Digest Tea and 1 cup of water with my zinc fix and 4 and a ½ 750ml bottles of water.  Tried to be good and had a yummy stir fry for dinner.

Day 3 – Still not having any real detox symptoms (headaches, foggy head, feeling yucky). Suppose if I stopped drinking coffee I would get some of those detox symptoms. Drunk 3ish bottles of water, but dinner wasn’t as good. Food during the day was though.

Day 4,5 6,7.  Pretty much the same. I wish i could be as disciplined as Kerry is being.   I think the main problem for me is not being as organised with enough healthy food.  I have been taking the capsules morning and night and also the fibre supplement.

Something came up and i was unable to finish this completely, however I still think I really benefited from this detox AND my digestion is a lot better than it was when i started it (I think i eliminated something bad) I have remembered to take my probiotic to replenish all of the good bacteria.



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  1. Buk says:

    Hi Leanne,

    Can you please explain your experiences with the product? Did it work? Do you recommend it?

    • leannejames says:

      Hi Yes we all liked it. It was easy to take and the fiber supplement tastes really nice. We all feel really good after finishing it. I will endeavour to finish this and share our experiences.

  2. Steve @ Detox Diet Plan says:

    Leanne James, thanks for all the great information you have given us in this article. Detoxing is so important, and as you said, it’s “time to detox!”

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