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Announcing Accu-Chek Keto-Diabur Test Sticks, for testing ketones & glucose from a urine sample.

Now available at Ideal Health and healthyonline.

Why would you want to test Ketones or Glucose from your urine?

Dieters and especially those following a low carbohydrate diet often want to measure these levels.  They will regularly test their urine to measure the amount of Ketone bodies in their urine.

Ketone bodies are a by-product of the body breaking down fat reserves, when inadequate liver stores of glycogen are present.

As these are toxic in large amounts to tissues, the body excretes ketones through the urine.

Because of the toxic nature of extended ketosis (releasing large amounts of ketones over an extended period of time), levels of excreted ketones must be monitored daily.

When a fat loss program is being followed correctly, the ketone levels should register in the ‘trace to small’ range on the Ketostix colour scale. By staying within this range or, ‘in the pink’, one is able to visibly monitor the by-products from burning fat, which is a great motivational factor for fat loss.

In a weight reduction/fat loss program, the presence of ketones is a sign of successful fat burning.  The higher the level of ketones being released, the more stored fat is being burnt.

In a person with Diabetes, Ketone’s present in the urine may be showing of a shortage of insulin in the blood, so the body is unable to use glucose for its energy source and that the body is breaking down body fat for its energy source instead.  In Type 1 Diabetes this will show that the amount of insulin being injected needs to be altered (Increased).  If this is the case, you should see your doctor or endocrinologist ASAP for advice of how to do this.

Glucose (Sugar) in the urine is almost always a sign of diabetes.  In exceptional cases (pregnancy) glucose, may, however, also be found in the urine of persons with normal blood sugar levels.

If you are not pregnant and do not have Diabetes, but glucose registers from a urine test, you should go and see your doctor ASAP and discuss these results with them.

The ranges available with the Keto-Diabur Stciks

The ranges available with the Keto-Diabur Sticks

The "Dip-Stick" used to measure Ketones & Glucose from a urine sample

The “Dip-Stick” used to measure Ketones & Glucose from a urine sample






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If you would like any information about effective fat burning, via lowering carbohydrate levels, phone any of the Naturopathic Team at Ideal Health.  We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health


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