Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge With Stevia

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1 cup (200ml) water
1 -1/4 teaspoon white stevia extract powder
1 can (150ml) evaporated milk
3 oz (90gr) unsweetened chocolate, grated
1 cup of your preferred kind of chopped nuts (optional)


1– Put aluminum or plastic foil around an 8×8 pan with high rim.  Butter foil and set pan aside.

2 – Combine water and stevia in a large saucepan. Put over medium heat and stir until stevia dissolves.

3 – Add in evaporated milk and clip candy thermometer to side of pan.

4 – Keep stirring until mixture boils and temperature reaches 235°F (113°C).

5 – Take the pan off the heat and stop stirring.

6 – Let mixture cool to 110°F (43°C), then stir in the grated chocolate until it melts.

7 – Beat the mixture with a wooden spoon or spatula until it thickens. When you start to hear popping noises (oxygen) while stirring, add in the nuts and stir until spread out evenly.

8 – Pour mixture into prepared pan and refrigerate for several hours until fudge has hardened.

9 – Cut into 1 inch squares and serve at room temperature.

Sugar Free Fudge with Stevia.

Sugar Free Fudge with Stevia.

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