Scar Tissue Eliminated From My Foot

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If you are like me and have a build up of scar tissue UNDER your foot, then you may want to read how I am just about rid of this and the things I have done to do this.

Last year while I was taking a huge cocktail of pain killers and anti inflammatories for the herniated disk in my neck, I stood on broken glass.  So what, I hear you say!  Because I was in so much pain with the disk problem, I really didnt notice the glass.  Shame, as every time I stood on my foot, I pushed this  further and further into my foot.

As I weaned off the pharmaceuticals, I started to become more and more aware of the glass in my foot, until the pain was excruciating.

Pain in the foot!

          Pain in the foot!

I asked my daughter Avalon if she could “have a go” and try and dig out the glass.  She got a sterilised needle and after a little while, she extracted some glass.  Yah I thought!  Gone!  But alas, within 2 or 3 weeks, the pain had returned.  So I “had a go myself” and to my surprise, extracted another piece of glass.  Yah!  Surely this is it!  But no, within 2 weeks  the pain was back again!  Ok, I thought, I am going to get an expert to get this out, so went and visited my lovely podiatrist Lauren at Big Foot podiatry.  I told her the story.  She got her trusty scalpel and dug out another piece of glass.  Success at last, I thought.

But no.  Within 2 weeks, the pain was the same.  What on earth is happening!

So I decided to go to my GP.  Surely the nurse at my GP’s office will be able to use her trusty scalpel and finally get rid of it?  So I made the appointment to see the nurse.  But alas, she would not touch it.  I had to see the GP. The GP suggested I get an x-ray, to see if they could locate the glass.  So this was arranged.

When I told the technician I was having the x-ray to see if glass could be located in my foot, she immediately told me, You cannot see glass in an x-ray.  Hummmm I thought.  Anyway, I had the xray and she was right.  They could not see anything.

So my GP sent me off to have an Ultra sound on my foot.  When I told the technician I was having the Ultra sound to see if glass could be located in my foot, she immediately told me, You cannot see glass in an Ultra sound.  Hummmm I thought again.  Anyway, I had the ultra sound and she was right.  They could not see anything.

So my GP sent me for a MRI.  And yes, you guessed right, the technician told me, You cannot see glass in a MRI.  Anyway, I had the MRI and she was right.  They could not see anything.

My GP sent to me an Orthopedic surgeon.  I saw Warren Leigh, told him my story and he looked at the results of the X-ray, Ultra sound and MRI.  He said that because of these results, he thinks that the pain I am experiencing is just a build up of scar tissue under my foot.  I thanked him for his diagnosis, but assured him, it was not scar tissue, as I have scar tissue under my other foot and it didn’t feel like this.  I told him, It feels like I am walking on glass.  It is sharp and pointy.  Luckily, Warren believed me and told me he would make an appointment to operate on my foot and surgically remove the glass.  Relief at last I thought.

So a couple of months later, I was booked in for surgery.

The day came and went and Warren did a splendid job!  I couldnt thank him enough for his care and the expert job he did removing the glass.  He confirmed that there was still glass in my foot and that he successfully removed it.   Yah!  Thanks Warren.

After the glass was removed from my foot

After the glass was removed from my foot

So I had to stay off my foot for a number of weeks and then removed my stitches.  I could tell from the first time I was able to stand on my foot, what a success the operation had been.  No more sharp stabbing pain.  Yes it was sore, but a completely different sore to when the glass was in it.  What a relief it finally was, 1 year later, to not have the glass in my food.  I progressed daily and the wound healed beautifully.  Thanks again Warren 🙂

But alas, the saga did not end then 🙁

One Saturday morning, a number of months later, I went around to visit Avalon to see the puppy she was baby sitting.  I had my Crocs on and walked over the dewey grass.  I walked into her frount reception area which was tiled and slipped on the tiles with my wet Crocs.  I knew I had caused a problem straight away.  It felt like I had done something to the scar – torn it from underneath it.  I tried to ignore it, but by the next day, I was in agony again!

I went and saw Warren Leigh again and told him what had happened.  He said I was to expect some scar tissue there and that this was “normal”.

Oh dear!  What shall I do now.  I felt so disheartened and REALLY hacked off with myself, that I had let my guard down and this was the result of it.  Poor Avalon!  She felt/feels terrible, as she knew what a major problem it had all been for me and now it seemed I was back to square one again.

Over the next few weeks, the lump (scar tissue) under my scar got bigger and bigger.  Very soon, I was in much more pain than I was when I had the glass in my foot!  Oh Dear!  What on earth was I going to do now.

I still have the herniated disk in my neck and see Tonia Peachey down at Premier Osteo + Physio, regularly to help me with this.  I told Tonia about slipping at Avies and she had a look at my foot.  We talked about this and she suggested I see Antonio Palmero, one of the practitioners at Premier Osteo. Antonio is an Acupuncturist and does Medical Massage.  She suggested I have acupuncture in the scar of my foot, to see if that would help.  I thought, Why Not.  As well as this, we talked about me using Comvita Wound Gel (specialised Manuka Honey in a tube for topical application)  and applying this daily to the scar.  The theory behind this was that the active components in the Wound Gel would penetrate into the scar tissue and help to expel this.  This is because Manuka honey has “drawing properties”.  I diligently did this every day and night, for the first 2 months of treatment with Antonio. Whenever I applied the Wound Gel, I could feel something happening.  It felt tingly. I really do think this helped, especially when I applied it directly after the acupuncture treatment.


For the past 3 months, I have been seeing Antonio.  At the beginning of the treatment he puts the acupuncture needles around the edge of the scar and then puts the heat lamp over this.  The idea is that this will irritate the scar tissue and force the scar tissue out.  Then I get a wonderful massage from him for the rest of the treatment time.  Once he removes the needles, he usually gives my foot a massage too, which feels great.  Thanks Antonio 🙂

I have had 9 treatments from Antonio now and what I can tell you is we are just about there.  The ball of scar tissue is virtually gone and now when I press on the area, I can only feel a very small lump at the surface that I know over the next 3 treatments I have left with him, will be completely gone.

For the first 2 or 3 treatments (to be honest) not a lot happened with the scar.  Antonio was surprised by this, but for me, the concept of irritating the area to force it out, made a lot of sense, so I was really keen to carry on.  Then after the 4th treatment, this is when things really started happening. The day after the 4th treatment, the scar was excruciating.  I am used to pain now, so I just carried on the best I could.  2 days after the treatment, I examined the scar and felt a raised edge on one side of the scar.  I got my file and filed this off.  I was able to file a large amount from my scar.  I put my foot on the ground and it didn’t feel as painful as it did before.  Yah.

I have continued to seen Antonio every week since then (except for a 2 week break at one stage, as he was fully booked)  and each time, this is what has happened – More painful than usual the following day, then I notice a raised edge that I can file off.

Every week, the lump under my scar has got smaller and smaller, as I file more and more of it away.  As I mentioned before, I now only have a very small lump, which is at the surface of the scar, which I know will be sorted over my next 3 treatments (a continuing trend).

I cant thank Tonia and Antonio at Premier Osteo + Physio enough for their dedication in helping me with this.  Who would have thought you could force your body to “reject” scar tissue?  I didnt, but now that I have seen this with my own eyes, I would recommend ANYONE who is troubled with a problem scar, consider contacting the wonderful people at Premier Osteo + Physio and giving it a try themselves.

Roll on Summer and big walks on the beach – something I have not been able to do easily for ages now.

Leanne James
Naturopath & Founder
Ideal Health & Healthyonline

To me there is nothing more relaxing than having a walk and a swim at Milford Beach

To me there is nothing more relaxing than having a walk and a swim at Milford Beach


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  1. Jack says:

    I too had surgery on the bottom of my foot. Unfortunately my surgery went wrong leaving me with painful scar tissue. The scar tissue is at the base of the heel and continually gives me pain on a daily basis. after six months and Physical Therapy and 1 a half years in ART With no luck. I’m going to try the method you found. unfortunately I’m very far from where you are. So I have to try someone nearby. Here in New York. I will keep you posted

    • leannejames says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this. I will definitely look forward to hearing about your progress. Do keep in mind how many treatments I ended up having, but am so thrilled to finally be pain free. It is such a huge relief. It was certainly painful to have the needles inserted around the scar tissue, but this pain was only temporary, unlike the pain of the scar tissue and constantly walking on the scar tissue. I hope you can get the same results that I did. Thanks

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