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I received an email from FX Med today about a NEW video clip from Dr Guy Hatchard, prepared for Parliament and of interest to us all, with regard to the Natural Health Products Bill.

Guy has completed an analysis of the draft list of permitted substances and discusses some of the scandalous inclusions and omissions.

Did You Know?

The door has been opened to the widespread use of synthetic and artificial additives, which are already flagged by research as injurious to health.  There are also a great many well known herbs which have been banned or restricted.  He also discusses the huge costs involved both to our country and to suppliers which could effect the choice of products you are left with.

Guy has had first hand experience in the global natural products industry with risk assessment and regulatory issues – please take a few minutes to inform yourselves and share via your social media channels and your customer / client databases as it’s important this message reaches as many people as possible who have an interest in either selling or consuming their choice of natural health supplements.

Who is Dr Guy Hatchard?Dr-Guy-Hatchard

Dr Guy Hatchard is formerly the natural health products director of Genetic ID, a global food testing company. He is trained in consciousness based approaches of Ayurveda. He has travelled and lectured extensively on food safety regulatory matters. He has advised governments and businesses in India, EU, Canada, Australia, and USA. His PhD thesis covered the impact of quality of life factors on economic development and health policy.


This is the video I encourage you to watch, share and talk about to as many people as you can.  Its really important!


FX Med tell us How Else We Can Help

How can you help?

  • Donate whatever amount you can to NZ Wellness Foundation “Give a little” page. The money raised here will go towards advertising this issue to make as many people as possible aware this is happening. We are also funding lobbying. (We understand there are many causes and day-to-day living costs that require our attention. Any amount you can donate will make a significant difference)
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Sign and share our petition

You can also email  your local MP or the members of the select committee working on this Bill. Their details can be found here.

Thank you

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health



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