Prohibition of Raw Apricot Kernels in NZ

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Today, we received a letter from the Ministry of Primary Industries, with regard to the sale of Raw Apricot Kernels in New Zealand and the prohibition of these, as from the 14th January 2016.The kernel from Apricot Seeds

This is what the letter said

21 December 2016

Notification of amendment to the Food Standards Code – Retail sale of raw apricots prohibited

From the 14 January 2016, the retail sale of raw apricot kernels to consumers in New Zealand is prohibited. There are no stock in trade provisions.

This change was made to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code because Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) conducted a risk assessment and found raw apricot kernels (both with and without skin) pose an acute public health and safety risk. The details are located in Standard 1.4.4 Prohibited and Restricted Plants and Fungi Clause 3 which is reproduced below:

The prohibition will not apply to apricot kernels used as ingredients in food for sale, so long as the final food has been rendered safe (for example , the use of apricot kernels to make amoretti biscuits, where the heat processing step reduces the amount of hydrocyanic acid to safe levels).

Find out more about the FSANZ risk assessment and proposal documents that led to the change to the Food Standards Code.

Proposal P1016 – Hydrocyanic Acid in Apricot Kernels & other Foods

Combined survey and risk assessment for cyanogenic glycosides



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