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I wanted to let you know about the New Children’s Herbal Range of products from Harker Herbals.

Harker Herbals have introduced 7 NEW 100% natural herbal syrups for children aged 0-12 years of age (Except Breathe Easy – 1-12 years)

These NEW herbal syrups have been formulated to support:
****Winter ailments and ills and chills
****Chest and head congestion
****Breathing issues from winter illness or seasonal allergies
****Tummy Upsets – Particularly with babies and toddlers
****Sleep and overactive issues
****Enhanced immunity


The NEW Harker Herbals Children’s range of herbal syrups

Lets take a look at the new range

Harker Herbals Childrens Tummy Soothe:  A calming, gentle herbal syrup to soothe and ease tummy upset stomachs, Improve digestion, Encourage settled rest by relaxing the nervous system and May relieve symptoms associated with bloating and gas. Includes dill and mandarin essential oils, traditionally used to relieve infantile stomach upsets and chamomile, shown to support relief from wind in babies. Natural sweet mandarin flavour.  Ages 0-12 years.

Harker Herbals Children’s Ear, Nose & Throat:  A gentle, soothing herbal syrup to ease blocked sinuses, help clear mucus and soothe the throat and a heavy head. These demulcent and anti-catarrhal herbs support drying the mucus membranes and clearing mucus in the upper respiratory tract. Includes pelargonium which clinical research shows supports recovery from and may support symptoms associated with ills and chills. Natural soft sweet mint flavour.  Ages 0-12 years

Harker Herbals Children’s Chest Soothe Night: Eases the chest and supports a restful nights sleep. A gentle soothing herbal syrup to help relax and ease the chest, Support healthy breathing, Promote calm before bedtime and help settle into a restful nights sleep. These demulcent and calming herbs create a protective film over the mucus membranes, soothing irritated tissues, relaxing the airways and calming the chest. With extracts of wild cherry bark, marshmallow root, and licorice root.  Natural sweet cherry flavour.  Ages 0-12 years.

Harker Herbals Children’s Calm & Sleep: A calming, soothing herbal syrup to help settle restless, active children, Support wakeful children to settle to sleep and Encourage relaxed, restful sleep.  This soothing tonic with traditional chamomile and lemon balm (Melissa) was formulated to support babies and children’s unsettled sleep during teething, by relaxing the nervous system, encouraging restful sleep. Includes pure essential orange oil, clinically proven to support relaxation in young children. Natural sweet orange flavour.  For ages 0-12 years.

Harker Herbals Children’s Chest Soothe Day: Eases and soothes the chest and supports dry, tickly airways. A gentle tonic to help soothe inflamed lung tissue, loosen and help cough up mucus and settle dry, hacking coughs. Useful where mucus builds up in the chest during colds or flu or lingers afterwards and is difficult to shake. Includes pelargonium, which clinical research shows may relieve symptoms and duration of illness associated with colds and flu. Includes herbs chosen for use in fighting infection. Natural sweet lemon flavour. Age 0-12 years.

Harker Herbals Children’s Immune Build: An immune boosting and deeply nourishing herbal syrup to boost and build immunity and support thriving, healthy children. An immune boosting and deeply nourishing herbal syrup to boost and build immunity in infants and children struggling to thrive. Support good health and vitality in very active children. Useful for picky eaters, fragile constitutions and children committed to a busy schedule. Useful support while recovering from illness. Nourishes overworked adrenals, supports healthy appetite and optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. Natural sweet raspberry flavour. Ages 0-12 years.

Harker Herbals Children’s Breathe Easy:  A soothing and calming herbal syrup to help relax a tight chest and support healthy breathing.  Help to relax a tight chest, support clear airways and healthy breathing, support drying the mucus membranes and clearing mucus from the lower respiratory tract, useful support for the body’s response to allergens and for winter ills and chills. Useful during allergy season and when healthy breathing is affected by colds and flu. Includes herbs clinically researched to reduce the body’s allergic response, reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms associated with restricted breathing. Natural sweet fruity mint flavour. Ages 1-12 years.

These herbal syrups are sweetened with rice syrup and contain really good doses of the herbs they contain.  They have been formulated with the guidance of the well known and very respected New Zealand Herbalist Paul Mitchell, who tells us that not only can these be taken by children, but by adults too.

Be sure to let us know how you find these AMAZING NEW herbal products

Leanne James Naturopath
Founder Ideal Health

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