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As the warmer weather approaches, so do the mosquitoes.  Like most other people, there is nothing worse than the buzzing of a mosquito while you are trying to go to sleep.  Worst still, is when you find you have been bitten and you now have an itchy spot that you want to scratch.  Read on to find out about the Bite Away electronic device and why this simple, but very effective tool, is a must for the mosquito season.

Bite Away for the treatment of insect stings and bites.  Perfect for the mosquito season

Bite Away. Perfect for Mosquito Season

The Bite Away device, made in Germany, is for the external treatment of insect bites and stings from mosquitos, wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies as well as for burns after contact with bluebottles, jellyfish or stinging nettle.

When applied immediately after the sting or bite, the itching or pain is stopped and the swelling is avoided or minimised.

When applied later, the itching is stopped and the swelling is quickly reduced.

How does Bite Away work?

The effect is based on a concentrated heat entry, not using chemical substances.  The contact surface is heated to approximately 50 degrees celsius by an integrated microprocessor and maintained on the skin for 3 or 6 seconds, according to the button selected.  The insect poison is denatured and the release of histamine is therefore prevented.

How do you use the Bite Away device?

There are two treatment times:

The Bite Away device in use

3 seconds – This is obtained by using the Left button on the Bite Away device. This time setting is used on children and sensitive people.

6 seconds – This is obtained by using the Right button on the Bite Away device. This time setting is used on Adults.

After pressing a button, the device works automatically and precisely.  Place the contact surface onto the skin where the bite or sting occurred (for bee stings, remove the sting first).

Press the left or right button once. Release the button and hold onto the skin until the automatic sequence of LED and second acoustic signal is complete.

Now the Bite Away device can be removed.

The illuminated LED shows that a constant treatment temperature is being maintained.

For sensitive individuals, the superficial heating of the skin may cause a short sensation of discomfort.

The treatment may be reapplied at 10 second intervals as required.

The Bite Away device uses 2 x AA Batteries.  You must not use rechargeable batteries – as rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts and standard AA batteries are 1.5 volts.  Bite away needs the 3 volts to run the thermostat.

It is dermatest tested, 100% chemical free and also safe to use for epileptics and people carrying pacemakers

Bite Away. Such an important tool for anyone wanting to treat insect bites naturally (does not work on snake or scorpion bites)

You can purchase the Bite away device here

Leanne James Naturopath
Founder Ideal Health

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