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If you are one of the unfortunate women who suffer with morning sickness during your pregnancy, here are some tips to help ease the pain of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, shared by a naturopath.

Best morning sickness remedies

morning sickness

Morning Sickness

We have supplements that can help women with Morning sickness relief, however the MOST important thing, is to have “as close to perfect” blood sugar level control as you can. This is VITAL and one of the most important aspects to controlling Morning Sickness.

This is how we suggest supporting blood sugar levels while pregnant.

Put a packet of plain biscuits beside the bed – Like Griffins Round Wine or Super Wine Biscuits

When you wake up and before even sitting up, eat 1 or 2 of these, then sit up, sit on the edge of the bed and wait for a minute or two and see how you feel.   You need to make sure you feel ok, before you leap up.   You may need to eat more of the biscuits why sitting there.

Then pretty much, you need to have breakfast.  This needs to be a good amount of carbohydrates (around 60 grams of actual carbohydrates) with some protein (around 15 grams of actual protein).  Examples are a cup of cereal, with 1 cup of Anchor Protein + lite milk on it.  You can have a piece of fruit too, if you want.

While morning sickness symptoms are acute, you will need to have a snack every 1 hour between meals, then the main meal and then the snacks each 1 hour until dinner.

After dinner you may be ok for a couple of hours, but you will need to have a good supper about 1 hour before bed.  If you have a good quality protein powder (that does not contain artificial sweeteners), a serve of this stirred into a tub of fresh and fruity yoghurt is good.  But otherwise, it needs to be a good carbohydrate (2 slices of bread, or a piece of fruit, or 3/4 cup cereal etc.) with a good serve of protein (Anchor Protein + Lite Milk).

Wow, that’s a ton of food!

I know this sounds like a lot of eating, but this is the key to getting morning sickness under control.  Once it is under control, you should be able to moderate this and may find that snacking each 2 hours will suffice, but the concept is the same.

You may have thought you had your diet sussed in the past, but being pregnant is a whole different ball game. What may have worked for you in the past before pregnancy, may not work now and may not be relevant now.

More tips to help ease the pain of nausea & vomiting of morning sickness

Always having a drink at hand is a good idea, to cleanse your mouth.  Sipping on Bundaberg Ginger Beer is good and again, a huge source of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates.  As well as this, Ginger can help to settle the stomach, so sipping on this can be good.

Making sure your nutrient level demands are being addressed is also vital and especially iron, which drops dramatically at 12 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Low levels cause fatigue, emotional erraticness, breathing problems and makes you a fussy eater, making it hard to top these levels up adequately.   Low iron levels also cause a lack of iron in the blood and a low level of this can causes oxygen distribution problems around the body.  This can cause a light headed feeling, which can bring on an attack of nausea.

Morning Sickness Relief Supplements

Morningmed Relief is a homeopathic remedy specifically for those with morning sickness. It comes in both a spray and also a lactose based tablet that you suck.

Digest Pregnancy  is a pure and gentle formula with a unique combination of vegetarian enzymes and organic ginger root to help women cope with occasional digestive discomforts common to pregnancy. From conception to delivery, Digest Pregnancy may help to lessen digestive discomfort, whilst also promoting nutrient absorption and a reduction in nausea.  Vegan and Kosher

Digest Ease Organic Tea contains a traditional herbal recipe for soothing and settling the stomach.  Can be taken as an enjoyable digestive tonic after food and also whenever discomfort, indigestion, bloating or reflux occurs.  Can also be used by pregnant women who experience morning sickness.  Can be given to children and babies with digestive unease (given directly) Suitable for adults, children and babies.

Organic Ginger & Kawakawa tonic is a New Zealand made herbal combination that can be used during the 1st and 2nd trimester only, for helping to settle the stomach.  It can be consumed hot or cold and can help with abdominal discomfort (especially when caused by overeating), motion sickness and nausea. With NZ Kawa Kawa, Organic Ginger, Organic Peppermint in a base of Manuka Honey. May be taken undiluted or mixed into hot or cold water.  Not suitable for use in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

If none of these suggestions help you, then your GP should be able to offer you a drug to help relieve your symptoms.  Remember, if morning sickness goes on for any length of time, both you and your unborn baby will be affected by this (dehydration, lack of nutrients etc) so do not leave it too long before doing something about this.

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Founder Ideal Health

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    I had such bad nausea that I ended up fainting from dehydration and waking up in the emergency room. After starting No to morning sickness tea I don’t throw up anymore, but I still feel a little sick sometimes.
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