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I am a huge fan of MEBO Ointments for skin healing and have recommended and stocked this range for over 10 years.  I have seen first hand the incredible healing properties of these ointments, as well as read about the huge amount of research that has been done on these and especially in the area of burns, wounds and ulcers.

How did MEBO Ointments for skin healing originate?

MEBO International Group is the developer of a burn therapy that focuses on skin regeneration in vivo (within a living organism) and in situ (in its original place or position).

This new approach is aimed at treating damaged tissue organs in the skin by potentiating and stimulating stem cells in situ, directly repairing and regenerating skin tissue without the need for skin transplants.

Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT) maintains a burn wound in a physiologically optimum, moist environment through the use of the specially designed ointment MEBO – Moist Exposed Burn Ointment.

The application of MEBO initiates a systemic comprehensive treatment based on the natural pathogenesis of the burned tissue.

MEBO cleans the burned tissue by stimulating the discharge and removal of debris (liquefaction of necrotic tissues)

In addition, MEBO enhances the regeneration and repair of the burn wound with added vitality in the wound-healing process.

Accordingly, MEBT/MEBO is distinguished from conventional surgical therapy in that dryness, excision, skin grafting and scarring, as well as the pain associated with dressing changes, may no longer be a component of burn management.

MEBT focuses on healing the burned tissue and promoting tissue regeneration.

A Registered Medicine in over 30 countries, MEBO is now used in over 20,000 hospitals with more than six million patients treated to date.

The MEBO International Group, with their international head office in Los Angeles, California, hold more than 20 patents in the US, Europe, Japan and China for cell and organ regeneration.

How do MEBO ointments work for skin healing?

MEBO’s unique formulations stimulate stem cell regeneration.

These ointments promote the natural regeneration of stem cells, that are located at the bottom of the hair follicle. These cells are capable of producing not only the hair shaft,  nerve cells and sebaceous glands but also the daughter cells that create the dermis and epidermis.

Stem cells can repair injured and defective skin by restructuring and regenerating new skin according to the original skin’s physiological structure. This speeds healing as well as minimising scarring.

By stimulating these cells to regenerate quickly, the ointments are shown to support the growth of skin tissue.   Research, including results from clinical trials, have shown that the healing process is significantly faster using MEBO ointments.

How many ointments are in the MEBO range?

There are 5 products in the MEBO range – Burn Repair, Wound Repair, Skin Restore, Acne Clear and Anti Itch

Burn Repair is especially formulated to promote the natural healing of all burns, including scalds, sunburn, nappy rash, sweat rash, chemical, electrical, radiotherapy, chafing, friction, chemical peel, epilaser, dermabrasion and carbon dioxide laser therapy. MEBO Burn Repair works by helping to cool and soothe the affected area, encouraging stem cell regeneration to assist in the growth of new skin, helping to minimise scarring, moisturising and protecting the area.

Wound Repair is especially formulated to help with all skin wounds including ulcers (bedsores, diabetic, chronic), cracked nipples, shingles, chilblains, impetigo (school sores), haemorrhoids, cracked/chafed/grazed skin, and donor-site repair.

Skin Restore helps fade all types of scarring and skin damaged by trauma, chemicals and sun, including cosmetology, acne, chicken pox, dry/cracked skin, stretch marks and liver sports.  It can be used to regenerate the integrity and vitality of skin.  It protects and nourishes newly healed skin, as well as assisting in the cleansing and protection of new skin.   It provides a healthy environment for the natural recovery of scarred or blemished skin.  It assists in reducing skin cracking.

Anti Itch is especially formulated to soothe irritated skin – relieving itching from insect bites, chicken pox, eczema and dermatitis, providing moisture and nutrition. Helps reduce the urge to scratch, as well as provide moisture and nourishment to the skin, for skin comfort. MEBO Anti Itch also helps the natural repair of cracked, chafed or dry scaly skin and helps minimise scarring.   Repairs and protects nerve endings in the skin. Promotes epithelial repair through stem cell regeneration.  Safe with pregnancy and with young children.

Acne Clear helps clear pimples from skin.  It supports the skins immune response to bacteria and cleanses irritated & infected skin. It nourishes & protects the skin, providing rapid healing to acne.  This intensive formula is effective for daily skincare, leaving skin moist, clean and smooth.

Please note MEBO Acne Clear does not prevent pimples, but speeds up the healing process once you have a pimple. For pimples, acne, and rosacea – providing moisture, nutrition, and skin cleansing; accelerating new skin growth and reducing scarring.


The MEBO range of ointments for skin healing

What are MEBO ointments made from?

The ointment is composed of natural plant extracts dissolved in a sterile and refined sesame oil base with beeswax as the preservative. The raw materials have a long history of human usage and as a topical ointment.  MEBO has very limited systemic absorption.  Based on clinical studies and extensive clinical use, MEBO has no toxicity or side effects.  Care is recommended for people sensitive to sesame and beeswax.

Leanne James
Naturopath & Founder of Ideal Health

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  1. Vicki Aleck says:

    Where can the mebo ointment be purchased?

    • leannejames says:

      HI If you click on any of the MEBO links in the blog post, you will go directly to our web site healthy Online, where you can purchase any of the MEBO products. We also keep them in stock at our retail shop Ideal Health. Thank you

  2. Mohd vasim says:

    I want to purches mebo skin restore crem plz suggest me …

    • leannejames says:

      Hi Here is a link to the Mebo Skin Restore on my web site. If you click on the link and Add to shopping basket you will be able to order this to be sent to you. Thanks

  3. Gerry says:

    Can MEBO Be used on animals?My dog has atopic dermatitis due to allergies-she scratches a lot which leaves the skin red and inflamed.Is MEBO any good for yeast infections?

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