Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings

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I am Very Excited to announce Comvita’s latest addition to their range, their Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings, called Medihoney Adhesive Dressings, with Antibacterial Manuka Honey. I have long read about the use of these in hospital use and have asked and asked and asked when these will be available to the general public and FINALLY my wishes have been answered and here they are!!!!

Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings

Available in 2 sizes – Large – 4.5cm x 7.5cm and Small – 2.6 cm x 5.6 cm.

The Antibacterial Manuka Honey assists with

Assists with the healing of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. These waterproof and latex-free hydrogel dressings are infused with antibacterial medical grade Manuka Honey. Popping one of these sterile dressings on maintains a moist environment for optimal healing of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. Every medicine cabinet and first aid kit needs a packet of these.


The Medihoney Adhesive dressings are waterproof and are a latex free, hydrogel adhesive dressing .

These Adhesive dressings join the rest of the Medihoney range, which includes their Medihoney Wound Gel, which is sterile medical grade Manuka Honey in a tube, for topical application. Also in the Medihoney range is their Medihoney Natural Derma Cream. It can provide natural relief for dry and itchy skin and is calming for dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Its a rich emollient cream with Medihoney Manuka Honey, aloe vera and chamomile extract to calm and soothe skin prone to eczema and minor skin irritations. Enriched with natural moisturising ingredients that replenish and condition dry skin. Made with Comvita’s Medical grade antibacterial Manuka honey.

You can view the entire Comvita Medihoney Range here  

Comvita have very kindly offered YOU the opportunity to win a Medihoney Gift Basket.  Any purchase of a Comvita Medihoney products gives you an extra entry into the draw.  Drawn on Friday the 29th December 2017.

Leanne James Naturopath

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