Leannes exciting news about Super African Mango

I have some exciting news to share with you about my progress, while taking Super African Mango.

3 months ago my weight loss progress came to a grinding halt.  I had made some changes and really noticed the difference (read my previous blog post). I had a month of hunger and virtually no weight loss. I felt really despondent, especially when I was doing so well. My blood sugar levels were all over the place and as I said, I had a whole month of basically no weight loss.

So I went back on the Super African Mango and I can honestly tell you that within a day, my appetite control was back where it had been and my blood sugar levels felt a lot more stable again. What a relief.

I really had to wonder to myself, Is it all in my head? But honestly, the change was so dramatic (felt hungry ALL the time and I had erratic blood sugar levels) that I know it is the Super African Mango that is what is doing it for me.


My exciting news is that I have now lost OVER 10kg! I was so surprised when I weighed myself this morning to discover that since the 5th of July, I have lost 2.4kg. This is the most I have lost in such a short period of time so far.

Yes I am being careful with my portions and also What I am eating (and how late I eat), but apart from my absolute determination to be slim again, its the Super African Mango that has also helped me to obtain these results.


Super African Mango

These are some of the changes I have noticed recently.

I was driving the other day and was at the lights and grabbed onto my leg, above my knee and thought, WOW, is that MY upper knee? The excess fat above my knee has disappeared! I often squeeze this area now, as I am still in shock that its mine. Another change is around my calf muscle. I had some boots in my wardrobe that I had bought about 3-4 years ago and I really couldn’t zip them up easily, because of my fat calf. Being winter, I really needed some boots and my darling husband offered to buy me some new ones. He even gave me the money to get them. Just before I was about to go shopping, I thought, I’m sure I have some boots in my wardrobe. I found them, tried them on and was shocked to see they now fit me perfectly. I had a look at my calf and again, was shocked that it was my calf, on my leg. It literally looked/looks half the size it used to be. So I foolishly gave him the money back 🙂 …… but am very happy to wear these boots that didn’t fit me before, so that is a wonderful reward.

I know my progress isn’t fast and I listen to stories about movie stars who lose 10 kg in a matter of a month or 2, but I feel this slower progress is healthier for my body. Plus you need to remember I haven’t done any exercise AND I drink alcohol.

My walking has come to a grinding halt over the colder winter months, apart from the other day when my friend Monique and I went for a walk around Chelsea sugar works and last week we walked from Milford beach to Takapuna, which was a lot further distance than I would have walked by myself. Monique is active and motivated to exercise, so I will be encouraging her to encourage me to go for more walks with her. Thanks Monique.

So that’s my latest weight loss up date, using Super African Mango. I still want to loose another 8kg, to get to my goal weight, but am feeling great, motivated and a lot slimmer than when I last wrote 🙂 Until the next time.



3 responses to “Leannes exciting news about Super African Mango”

  1. AHelleur says:

    This is so exciting, what a great result. Great to know that there is such a fantastic product out there 🙂 Congratulations!!!

  2. Karen says:

    That is great news Leanne, i too have had wonderful results using African Mango & feel that it has helped me with controlling my appetite 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    Well done Leanne. Keep up the good work. Sounds like i had better get onto that

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