How To Prepare Your Immune System With Winter Approaching

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There is nothing worse than having an important deadline to meet and you wake up with a sore throat and the start of a head cold. Most of us are programmed to “soldier on” and take something to relieve the symptoms and help us get through the working day, when what our body really needed was some rest to help us recover more quickly.  If you just can’t afford to take time off due to illness, adopt some of these recommendations and work at building up your immune system, so it’s ready to fight off “invader’s” that may be around this winter.

Complete a “detox”.  As 70% of our immune system is situated in our gut lining, it makes sense to complete a bowel detox, to help rid your intestinal tract of any parasites or over growths of yeast.  There are many well-structured programs available at health shops & this is an important 1st step to stronger immunity.  Once completed, ensure you take an acidophilus supplement to repopulate your bowel with good bacteria.  A lot of people also take colostrum, said to help strengthen the immune system, while also helping maintain a healthy bowel.  A detox should be completed once a year, ideally in summer or autumn, to help keep your immune system strong.  If you have already been unwell and are still recovering, put a detox off for a month or so, until you are 100% again.  Do consider taking a probiotic now though, to help to stabilise your immune system.  You can read about how our detox went

Nutrients to boost your immune system

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for New Zealanders to take, to help have a strong immune system.  This vital mineral is deficient in our soils, so most New Zealanders have very low body stores.  Zinc is involved with the absorption of other nutrients in the body, so if this mineral is low, then the likelihood of being able to effectively absorb some other nutrients from the food or supplements you are having, is reduced.  A lot of health shops offer a free zinc taste test.  This is an easy way to evaluate your existing zinc levels.  It also enables you to ensure you are taking the correct amount for you, as you are able to “retest” in a months time, to see if your level has changed.  Other important nutrients that come in health supplement form to help support immunity are Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, Selenium & Beta-carotene.   Of course, an assortment of all nutrients is vital for good health; however these ones are essential for immunity.

Research from Harvard Medical School states, “It is essential that all adults take a multivitamin”.  Seek professional advice so you get just what  you need & don’t self prescribe.

A healthy diet for a stronger immune system

What does this really mean?  Different dietary combination’s suit different people.  The important things to keep in mind, with relation to supporting your immune system, is eating a variety of highly coloured fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meat, fatty fish, nuts & seeds & whole grains (preferably organic).  These foods provide your body with an assortment of highly absorbable antioxidants, nutrients & essential fatty acids – all vital for a healthy immune system.

Herbs for a stronger immune system

There are many herbs available that have been shown to help strengthen the immune system.  Astragalus, Cats Claw & Garlic, as well as the deep immune mushrooms Reishi & Shiitake are all good choices.  These help with debilitated immune function, post infection recovery & repetitive colds & flu’s.  They could be taken individually or in a combination.  A lot of people start these in the autumn, to help prevent winter illness & take these throughout the colder months. Combinations like Astraforte, Myco defence and System Well are the ones we recommend and obtain great results with.

Regular exercise for a healthy immune system

Regular exercise is essential for a healthy immune system, as this helps stimulate our lymphatic system to make its specialised cells called lymphocytes, which help fight infection. Walking is one of the best overall exercises for helping your whole body function at its best, however cardiovascular & resistance exercises are also vital.  Rebounding or bouncing on a trampoline is excellent for the lymphatic system too.  Remember that for each 1-hour of exercise you do, you need to sip on at least 750ml of water.  This is on top of your usual 2-litre minimum.  Do remember though, that if you have a cold or flu, don’t push yourself at the gym until you are fully recovered.  “Sweating it out” is not always a good idea, as your body may already be fighting hard to get you well, that any further “output” causes more of an overload.  If you must exercise while recovering from a cold or the flu, go for a walk and get some fresh air, but wait until you have recovered before considering going back to your full on work outs.

Good Hygiene for a healthy immune system

Viruses are passed via the transferring of bodily fluids, so having good personal hygiene is vital to help to prevent the spread of these.  Always wash your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with infectious people.  Carrying a bottle of “Hand sanitizer” in your bag or vehicle is a good option, if no fresh water and soap are available.  If you work in an office with sick people, the likelihood of you catching what they have is very high, if they are coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth or washing their hands straight afterwards.  Try and encourage them to stay home, or, if possible, confine them to a different room to other staff members.  Get some disinfectant wipes, to wipe all common areas in the office or home, as well as your own work station.

Leanne James

For more information on winter wellness click here.

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22 responses to “How To Prepare Your Immune System With Winter Approaching”

  1. Jade Turrall says:

    Hand Sanitiser is a great invention!

  2. Linda Travers says:

    Echinacea and Vitimin C does it for me!

  3. S Goodall says:

    Garlic and hot lemon drinks seem to work for me (so far)

  4. jody murphy says:

    i make sure i take supplements with protein as i dont eat much red meat. also i regularly take vitamin c to keep colds at bay!

  5. Jo-Anne says:

    keep exersizing even when its cold the fitter you are the faster you heal

  6. Jackie says:

    I’ve used Garlic and Vitamin C before – but haven’t considered Zinc – good tip, thanks! I find regular meditation and/or yoga also helps boost immunity.

  7. Fran says:

    Some excellent suggestions in this article. I agree that good hygiene is important, and keeping yourself healthy.

  8. bren george says:

    Eat a good, well balanced diet

  9. Natalie says:

    Great article, I have so far avoided the bugs that are going around by maintaining good hygeine, and taking a good amount of Vit C and Echinacea. Yay

  10. Carolyn says:

    I think my immune system is broken 🙁

  11. Clayton says:

    Just a good mix of a varied diet, healthy eating and exercise, even if it’s just a little a week. Your still doing something!

  12. Shell Wright says:

    A Not Lemon Drink with honey each morning seems to ward off the greeblies for me, along with Good Hygiene and teaching the littlies so it becomes second nature. Great reading with your article!!

  13. Shell Wright says:

    A HOT Lemon Drink with honey each morning seems to ward off the greeblies for me, along with Good Hygiene and teaching the littlies so it becomes second nature. Great reading with your article!!

  14. Jaybee says:

    I agree – healthy body and mind, good diet with lots of nutrients, regular hand-washing all helps. Experimenting with Echinea and manuka honey too!

  15. Bron says:

    My immune system used to be great while working as a nurse, but since I have had kids I seem to get sick all the time, maybe its the hygiene of kids when in a group situation, maybe its that I don’t take care of myself like I used to. Thanks Leanne for these ideas

  16. Tracey Alvrez says:

    Great to read – I need a boost to my immune system!

  17. Vicky Marshall says:

    Two weeks too late for me, have already suffered through the dreaded winter flu. However, what worked best for me was homemade lemon & honey hot drink. Soothing & comforting!

  18. Maree says:

    I swear by hand sanitizer – always have a bottle handy! And never go anywhere without tissues.

  19. Virginia Russell says:

    I just had a colonic irrigation. Do I still need a bowel detox? Or is a total body detox more suitable? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

  20. Darren Rae says:

    Best way to stop flu is to wash hands always

  21. vitamins for immune system says:

    Great information! There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about health, but I think that going back to basics ie healthy eating, good exercise and positive attitude is the best route to follow ie keeping your immune system in tip-top condition.

  22. multi gyms for sale says:

    This publish was very nicely written, and it also comprises a whole lot of useful facts. I appreciated your distinguished method of penning this post. Thanks, you have made it easy for me to grasp

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