How To Increase Your Immunity To The Flu, Colds and Illness

The human immune system is a network of organs, glands and tissues that work together, to guard our body from foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and infection-causing micro-organisms.

The exact functioning of the immune system is not completely understood, however problems relating to the immune system can be broken into 2 basic categories:

The 1st is when the body’s ability to fight disease is impaired

The 2nd is when the immune system over reacts to stimuli, causing damage to other organs or systems of the body.

pd_stress_070508_ms-150x1501Problems with the immune system can be either relatively minor, leading to frequent colds and other viral and bacterial infections or could involve major diseases.

Some diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis can be caused by an overactive immune system and sometimes the medications prescribed to treat these conditions can lead to frequent infections.

Stress, a poor diet, cigarette smoking, a lack of quality sleep, and even some prescription medications can cause problems related to the functioning of the immune system.

Reducing stress is an important part in helping to support your immune system better, as substances released during stress are thought to have a negative impact on the immune system.

Today I wanted to go over some of the lifestyle changes you can make, to help support your immune system better. I also wanted to show you some of the supplements we stock and Ideal health and healthyonline specific for helping with better immune function.

So making life style changes.   These are usually the hardest, as we are all creatures of habit, but these are the really important ones to get under control.  If your lifestyle is “clean” and your body systems and organs functioning optimally, then logically, your immunity will be better and stronger than someone who smokes, drinks alcohol, partys hard and has a poor diet, filled with processed foods.

HoneyRose Herbal Cigarette’s

HoneyRose Herbal Cigarette’s

So # 1, is a good diet. Remember the saying, you are what you eat. This is so important. So what does this mean? A good diet means, every day, eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, with quality sources of protein, such as fish, eggs, dairy products and lean meats, whole grains and cereals, and beverages such as some herb teas and plenty of water. Its ok to have a blow

out once a week and have what we may classify as treat foods or drinks, but remember these should be treats, not the norm.

If you have a lowered immunity and you are a cigarette smoker, now is the time to give up. I personally was a cigarette smoker, so I know how hard it is to give it away.   Plus, I really liked smoking.  At Ideal Health we have a number of things to help give up smoking and to loose that nicotine addiction.

Naturo Pharm Quit Smoking Pack

Naturo Pharm Quit Smoking Pack

We stock the Honeyrose range of herbal cigarettes and rolling tobacco. We sell so many of these.  I have heard excellent stories from people who have smoked for 10 years to 50 years, who have swapped to these altogether and have been able to give up the nicotine altogether.  How you use these to give up is, Swap from tobacco to Honeyrose.  If you usually smoke 20 cigarettes a day, swap over completely and start smoking 20 of the Honeyrose a day.   Within 1 month all of the nicotene should be out of your body.  After a couple of weeks on the Honeyrose, then start cutting down.  For example, if you usually smoke 20 a day, after a couple of weeks, cut down to 19.  Continue like this, slowly cutting down on the Honeyrose, until you are off both of these and the nicotine filled cigarettes.

We have another thing for helping with the withdrawal and cravings, once you stop smoking.  We have the  Quit Smoke Pack. This pack contains 2 homeopathic products.  The first is the Craving tablet.  Each time you get a craving for a cigarette (once you have given up) then you suck this craving tablet.  It also contains the Withdrawal spray, which you use 3-4 times a day, to help with the withdrawal.

Proper sleep. Having a good night sleep is vital for a healthy immune system. In fact, scientists say there is growing evidence that sleeping well plays a vital role in helping the immune system fight infection. The expression “sick and tired” may well be accurate.

When people tell me they cant sleep, my question is whether they have a problem falling asleep, or staying asleep. If you cant fall asleep, it is likely that you have a lack of minerals, but particularly calcium and magnesium and if the problem is staying asleep, this could be a lack of serotonin, poor liver function and over loaded adrenal glands. Taking too many stimulants (tea, coffee, cocoa etc) could also be a contributor.   I will do a video specifically on insomnia and sleeping, so I can go over these suggestions in more detail. Apart from taking specific supplements to help with sleeping, my general suggestions are Try and be in bed at 10pm. Make sure there is not a TV or computer on and read a book for ½ an hour. Then turn out the lights, close your eyes and go to sleep.
Thisilyn Cleanse Product

Nature's Way Thisilyn Cleanse

Nature's Way Thisilyn Cleanse

Just like our car, our own vehicle (our body) needs a tune up regularly, to make sure our channels of elimination are working optimally. So completing a detox is a way to help with a better elimination of toxins and to help our eliminative organs to function better. A lot of people do this at the beginning of the new year or on their birthday

I have talked about detoxing before and at Ideal Health and healthy online we stock a number of different detox packs.  Some of my favorites are The Ultimate Herbal Detox and also the Thisilyn Cleanse.   The Ultimate Herbal Detox is made here in New Zealand by Brett Elliot, a NZ Herbalist.  I have just updated the ingredients of this on our web site and I was impressed by the ingredients in these products – Very Thorough.  I am also a huge fan of Natures Way products.  I have even had the privilege of going to Natures Way in Utah – Wow, What an impressive place!  They have their own scientists there who test every herb that enters their facility, with a cromatograph to ensure the accuracy & potency of the herb, as well as testing for any herbacides or pestercides.  We have excellent results with the Thisilyn Cleansing packs and these continue to be our most popular cleansing packs we stock.

The most important thing to remember about detoxing though is if your immunity is lowered and you are recovering from a cold or the flu OR if you had a cold or the flu not long ago, then wait until you are fully recovered before completing a detox.

When your system is overloaded with toxins, this can make your immune system a lot more challenged. Many people become hypersensitive and start experiencing more allergic like symptoms and allergies, such as hayfever, skin problems like eczema and uriticarea (like hives) as well as asthma. They may find they suffer with cold sores more frequently. All of these things can show of an over loaded immune system.
inner health plus, healthy bacteria

Inner Health Plus

Inner Health Plus

Detoxing can help to lessen some of this burden on the body, just like tuning up our car.  We do this to our car, even though it may not have a problem, just so we can get our warrent of fitness. What about a warrent of fitness for ourselves?

After a detox, always take a probiotic. This is because a detox will alter the balance between good and bad bacteria in our gastro intestinal tract. Not only did the detox help your body eliminate the bad things, but also some of the good, so taking a probiotic supplement to put all of this back in again is vital. It is also vital, as 70% of your immune system is situated in your intestinal wall.  These are the 2 main ones that we recommend Primadophilus Optima or Inner Health.

When I talk to people about probiotics, many say, but I eat yoghurt. Wont this be sufficient? No it wont, as up to 95% of the beneficial bacteria in yoghurt is destroyed by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, before it even reaches the intestine. Inner health is an acid and bile resistant strain and Prim Optima is enteric coated. With the enteric coating, this does not break down until it gets into an alkaline environment.  So it gets into the small intestine and the contents are then released.

Ok, so we have cleaned up our diet, were drinking more water, going to bed at 10pm, weve done our detox and taken our probiotic, so what about products specifically for immunity?

At Ideal health and healthyonline we have 4 main products we recommend for immunity. When I am talking about products for immunity, I am talking about those we use to help to build your immune system up. I am not talking about products that you use when you are sick to stimulate your immune system. Instead, I am talking about products to help strengthen your immune system.

So these are Natures Way System Well, Natures Way Myco Defence, Greenridge Astraforte and Xcel Health Immune Boost.

Lets look at these products:

Nature's Way System Well

Nature's Way System Well

I love System Well.  People rave about this product.  The people at Natures Way tell us that “Using System Well is like having a body guard 24 hours a day”. They say that “By addressing the immune system holistically Systemwell assists the body in achieving healthy immune function in all areas of the body, to help prevent infection and allergenic immune reactions and also to boost general well being”.

Nature's Way Myco Defence

Nature's Way Myco Defence

Myco defence. This is such a specialised product.  They tell us that “This product delivers a comprehensive range of 12 organically grown and processed medicinal mushrooms that provide an extensive array of benefits, especially those related to the enhancement of immune function and activity”. They go on to say that “These medicinal mushrooms help strengthen body systems so they may more effectively fight illness by restoring body balance and natural resistance to disease”.  Myco defence is contained in the System Well, so if taking System Well, youwill get some of the benefit of this product.

Green Ridge Astrifort

Green Ridge Astrifort

I have recommended Astraforte for 15 years now and have seen some fantastic (and dramatic) changes in peoples immune systems when taking this product.  At Greenridge, they tell us that this product is “Specifically designed for people who are suffering

from persistent or repetitive illness, particularly of the upper respiratory tract.  It supports the immune system to help restore good health”. Continuing…… it goes on to say, “A special preparation of traditional oriental herbs, it assists recovery following illness by increasing the production and activity of white blood cells. It supports recovery from upper respiratory tract complaints, cough, cold and flu. Rebuilding stamina and endurance after illness”.  I love this product and recommend it for those who have a lowered immunity due to repetitive colds and flus.  I have used this also for people who have had chemotherapy and their white blood cells are low; to build these back up before the next course.

Xcel Health Immunity Boost

Xcel Health Immunity Boost

Immune boost. This is my own nutritional formula, containing some of the

main immunity nutrients, Zinc, selenium, Vitamin A and C, in a base of olive

leaf.  Zinc and selenium are missing in our soils in NZ.  This is a problem, as these are 2 vital nutrients for immunity and specifically with relation to viruses.  Myself, I noticed a huge difference in my own immune system when I supplemented correctly with these nutrients.

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