How to Choose the Best Multi-Vitamin For You

What a huge variety of Multivitamins we have available at healthyonline! Did you know that essentially, a Multivitamin is just a B complex, with trace elements in it such as zinc, copper, chromium and selenium, as well as Vitamins such as A, C and E. It will also have small amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. It covers you generally with daily nutritional needs, however if you have a deficiency in any particular nutrient, it will probably be really difficult to correct or top this up using a multivitamin, so specific supplementation with this nutrient will be necessary. This is particularly so for the nutrients Iron, Chromium, Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium.

What a HUGE variety there is! Leanne James's choices

What a HUGE variety there is! How do you Choose?

Let’s look at them together to see which one may be a good choice for you.

Multi’s for Men – Many men want a multivitamin specifically for men. Most hope a Men’s multi will cover them for energy, vitality, libido and for prostate health too. Yes most Men’s multi’s will contain herbs like lycopene and saw palmetto for prostate health, however there will never be enough of these ingredients in a multivitamin to adequately help with an enlarged prostate. If a man has perfect prostate health already, then the small amount of these herbs in a multivitamin may be enough to help to maintain good flow, but if there is an existing problem; then separate supplementation may be advisable. A Men’s multi should have a good assortment of B Vitamins for stress, energy and cardiovascular health, Zinc for a healthy prostate and reproductive system, as well as all trace elements needed for good health generally.

Choices include Radiance Men’s Multi, Blackmores Alive Men’s Multi  and Alive Men’s 50+ Multi

Multi’s for Women – Most women hope that their multivitamin will also contain hormonal balancing herbs and most of them do contain some, however as with the Men’s multi, these will be in small amounts. What this means is if you do have a hormonal imbalance that is affecting your life, then the amount of herbs in a Women’s multi, will generally not be enough to correct this. Also be aware, that most multivitamins are either very low in or completely devoid of iron, so if you have low iron levels, extra supplementation will be necessary. A Women’s multi should contain an assortment of B Vitamins for stress, energy and cardiovascular health, as well as all the trace elements needed for good health generally.

Choices include Radiance Women’s Multi, Blackmores Alive Womens Multi and Alive Women’s Multi 50+

Multi’s for Men & Women – We have a number of multivitamins that are suitable for both men and women, which is convenient, as you could share this with other members of the family. These include our Rolls Royce Multivitamin Country Life Multi-100, which contains a HUGE 100mg of B Vitamins, as well as 10mg of iron, 20mg of zinc and reasonable amount of all the co factors needed for absorption. This is the only Multi we stock with a reasonable amount of iron per tablet, so this needs to be considered before taking (especially for men with high iron levels). We also have Solgar VM2000, Radiance Multi Power, Xcel Health MultiVite, Go Healthy Multi Every day and Ethical Nutrient Super Multi Plus, which also contains a huge 2000mg of Siberian ginseng and 2000mg of Milk Thistle per tablet, to help with better stamina and also better liver function. New to our Multivitamin range is the Enzymedica Enzyme Nutrition Two Daily, a 100% Whole Food multi, for everyone in the family 14 years and over.

Multi’s for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – Pregnant and breastfeeding women have specific nutritional needs. These multis will usually have higher levels of folic acid, iron and iodine. Our selection includes Ethical Nutrients Pregnancy Support, Radiance Multi for Pregnancy and Solgar Pre Natal Nutrients. Remember that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your mineral needs are very large and no pregnancy multivitamin will cover you for these as well. Because of this we recommend all pregnant and breastfeeding women use Radiance Mineral Power, as well as their pregnancy multi.

Multi’s for Children – What a lot of choices we have of multivitamins for children! If you child is over 7 years of age and can swallow a tablet, then our MultiVite would be an ideal choice to help cover daily nutritional needs. If they are an athlete, then the sooner you can get them onto a quality multi like MultiVite, the sooner you should see differences in their stamina both on and off the field. For pre schoolers, we have chewable multis, such as Yummi Bears Multivitamin – 1 variety with glucose and the other with Monk fruit, a newer 100% sweetener to Stevia (but without the bitter after taste). We also have the Radiance Multi Boost (vegetarian), Thompsons Junior Immunofort, Solgar KangaVites and Oxylent sachets, a multi powder that has a fizz.

Chewable Multi’s usually contain only small amounts of nutrients, in a sugar base. I believe these are suitable for pre schoolers only. Once your child turns 5 years of age, you should consider swapping to a better strength multi, to more accurately reflect the nutritional needs of an older school aged child.

Clinicians Multivitamin and Mineral Boost Powder is my favourite choice of Multi for the whole family. This is because the dosage can be adjusted depending on the age group. Just like most other multi’s, this product has virtually no iron in it, so if using this, iron levels of the individual person need to be evaluated and then treated accordingly. You can read a previous Blog post I have written on Iron and identifying this deficiency in family members.

There is a ton of multi’s available these days and we all have our favourites. The ones I stock are my favourites.

Written by
Leanne James
Naturopath & Founder
Ideal Health & Healthyonline

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