Homeopathy in the news again. Oh dear!

April 19 20145 Commented

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I read the article in the Herald, Saturday the 19th April, about an Australian study that says Homeopathic remedies dont work!   Homeopaths fight back

For goodness sake people!

WHY on earth is money being spent on studies to debunk a form of natural medicine that has been EFFECTIVELY used for centuries, by a huge assortment of people to treat their health complaints?

I just cant understand this mentality!

Homeopathy being debunked again! When will they give up and face the facts, Homeopathy works!

Homeopathy in the news again.

You only have to be a mother who has used a homeopathic remedy on her baby, to know that homeopathy ABSOLUTELY works!

When Avalon was 3 and we were living in the King Country, I became interested in Homeopathy and did a certificate course that was being offered locally.  I bought my first homeopathic First aid kit, which covered all of the basics I should need as a mum with a young child.

I remember our lawn being covered in clover one year and Avalon getting a bee sting.  After I had removed the sting, I took her inside and got out my Homeopathic First aid kit and looked in the Quick reference guide under stings.  It suggested the remedy Ledum (Marsh-Tea), so I gave her a couple of drops of this.  I also put a couple of drops directly onto the area.  She immediately stopped screaming and said that it felt a bit better.  I gave her another couple of drops in 15 minutes and had a look at the area where she was stung.  The redness was centralised around the puncture and the swelling was minimal.  She was up and running around again within minutes.   I may have managed to get one more dose into her that night, but that was all.

The following day I looked at the area and all I could see was a small red puncture wound, but little else.  Yes there was a small amount of swelling around this, but nothing like you would expect.  The following day it was a little bit itchy, but I just put some more Ledum liquid onto it and that was it.

This episode proved to me the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies and has always stuck with me.  Avalon was 3 years old (Shes 28 this year!).  She didnt know what I was doing or what I was giving her to influence its effect.

Ask any mother who has used homeopathy on their baby, about their first hand experience with the remedy they used.  I am positive they will tell you how effectively it worked for them.

I am sick of reading of doctors saying that ” homeopathic remedies are no better than placebos – but placebos can be very powerful” .

Are they not listening to their patients who are telling them about the remedies they are using and how effective these are?  Its easier for them to rubbish the effectiveness of homeopathy because they dont and cant understand how they work, than to possibly agree that YES, they do work and YES they could be helping as effectively as they do!

If homeopathic remedies dont work, then why does a surgeon tell you that you must NOT have used Arnica before you have surgery, due to the risk of bleeding?  Isnt it just a placebo effect?

Ask ANYONE who has bumped into something and applied Arnica cream or gel to the area, as well as a couple of sprays in the mouth, How the bruise developed?  Again, I can tell you from my first hand experience (as a person who bruises easily) that Arnica taken in the mouth and sprayed onto a knock, will reduce the bruising dramatically.

Take a look at these photos of my wrist.  I foolishly dropped a plastic bin onto my wrist.  I applied Arnica immediately to the top part of my wrist, not realising i had bruised the under side too.  I took these photos to show how well Arnica works.  You can see that the bruise looks very different on the top of my wrist, compared to the bottom of my wrist – where I didn’t apply Arnica.

I applied Arnica Spray to my wrist, as well as taking it internally 

I only applied Arnica to half of my wrist       It is slowly disappearing.

Arnica applied to only            Look at how well the the top
My bruised wrist                               half my wrist                     part of my bruise has disappeared.


I would love to hear about your experience with a homeopathic remedy.  Lets start listing our own personal experience with homeopathy, so its written in cyber space for ever, for everyone to find and read about.  You have heard about 2 of my experiences.  What was your experience – Good or not?  Effective or not effective?

Leanne James
Naturopath and Founder Ideal Health

5 responses to “Homeopathy in the news again. Oh dear!”

  1. Kerry says:

    I have always been a big fan of homeopathy and have used it with my children since they were born. All three of my boys were born with a little bit of Jaundice- I used a homeopathic remedy called Chelidonium and natural sunlight that cleared that up very quickly. One of my children experienced colic. Along with making some dietary changes myself (as I was breastfeeding), I used a homeopathic colic powder to help ease his tummy. I found this very effective. When they were teething, I used the homeopathic teething powder which really helped (many mothers can tell you how difficult teething can be and how niggly babies can become). I am very grateful for homeopathy when it comes to fevers, as I believe it is the reason my children manage fevers so well! At the first signs of a fever and throughout, I use Belladonna and the tissue salt Ferr. Phos. When a fever kicks in I know the body is working hard to fight an infection and this is a good thing. Helping them to manage the fever (not suppress it) helps the immune system to do its job effectively and they recover from their illness quicker. Another area I found homeopathy helpful with is growing pains. I used the tissue salt Mag. Phos that really helped to ease the pain and discomfort. I have used Arnica for bumps and bruises and Silica for stinky feet- I am a very big fan of homeopathy just simply because I have found it works!

    • leannejames says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this valuable first hand information with us Kerry. I am sure that other people will be really interested to hear about the homeopathic remedies that have worked for you and your family. Thanks

      • danerd says:

        yes leannejames like a true homeopath practioner you cite anectdotal evidence which counts for nothing and then you cite “its been used for centuries successfully”which is another ploy to validate homeopathy, just face the facts that homeopathy is bunk. MR STEVE JOBS ( EX CEO OF APPLE ) was suffering from a rare pancreatic cancer that could have successfuly been treated by western medicine but he opted for alternative medicine, we all know what happened. the australian team that exposed homeopathy being bunk AGAIN are highly educated people, i dare say they are more highly educated than you and me and also the other teams from years gone by who debunked homepathy, they cant all be wrong, dont you think perhaps that it is you that is wrong.

        • leannejames says:

          Hi I am not a homeopath, but a herbalist. I simply published the news article on my web site. The key is that different treatments work for different people. My biggest eye opener with homeopathy was as a mother of a toddler, who got a bee sting. In the past, her foot would swell and it would take at least a week for the swelling to disappear, after an extremely itchy period. I applied the homeopathic remedy Ledum to the area, as well as giving this to her internally. I used it, as it was suggested on the label. To my surprise, she had no swelling and the itching was minimal. As a mum, this was the best indicator to me that the product worked, whether I believed in it or understood how it worked.

  2. danerd says:

    i would suggest to all believers of homoepathy that should you get knocked over by a car, dont call an ambulance, call your nearest homoepathy practioner, remember modern medicine has wiped out that terrible disease called smallpox, what has homoepathy done? its done NOTHING a recent study in australia has once AGAIN shown that homoepathy is useless, i suggest to anyone who still believes in homoepathy should really take stock of themeselves.

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