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I am a huge lover of Cats.  Big cats, small cats, old cats, young cats.  My cat is a valuable part of my family.  He is waiting for me when I get home from work and when he hears the sound of my car, he creeps out of his comfy hidey hole to greet me (OK, all you people in the know – he’s not pleased to see me because he missed me, but because I have hands and fingers that can open the tin of cat food for him!)

I feel any stress drifting out of my body when I smooch and pat him.  I think I will always have a cat.


            My Cat Ossi

I got my cat when he was 3 years old, from a lady who had him advertised on Trademe.  They were moving to Australia and didn’t want to take him with them.  I Loved him as soon as I met him.

When I met him, the lady’s daughter told me “Don’t pat him on his side, or he will bite you”.  I have never had a cat that has bitten me for no reason.  Anyway, I took him home and sure enough, he bit me and attacked my arm viciously when I stroked him.

I realised straight away there was a problem with my new cat.  I thought that maybe he had a structural problem, so took him to see a local Chiropractor, who my friend Leah had taken her dogs to see.

He gave Ossi an adjustment and said he did have a structural problem, but that he also thought there was a problem with his kidneys.  I took my blissed out cat home, who sat totally chilled out in the sun for the rest of the day.  He really did seem to look and appear more relaxed, so I was really happy about that.

The following day, I examined him and found that when I got anywhere close to his kidney area, he would try and attack me (Very successfully usually. I still have the scars on my arm!).

Obviously he needed to go to the vet, to get checked out and to be put on medication for his kidney problem.

I have great confidence in the power of herbal medicine and at Ideal Health and Healthyonline, we stock the New Zealand made herbal range for Cats and Dogs called FourFoot Herbals (They also have an Equine range too).  I have used this with great success on my other cats before, so decided to see if any of the products in this range may be suitable enough for Ossi.  I found the Kidney Tonic and the Snufflex and decided to use these.

Now please don’t panic!  If ever I am going to use natural medicine to treat my cats, I ALWAYS have a time limit that I give myself and I will say to myself ” If I have not seen any improvement within 36 hours on the natural medicine, I will take him to the vet”.  I love my vet clinic and the caring people who work there.  I have no hesitation in taking any of my animals there and if needed, I will always give them the medication prescribed to them.

FourFoot Herbals Liquid Herbs to the rescue!

Liquid herbs are pretty yucky and the FourFoot herbal range is no different, as they contain herbal tinctures of different combinations of herbs.  I wondered how I was going to get Ossi to take these, but decided to give it a good try anyway.

The dosage of them for a cat is 1 drop per kg of body weight, twice a day.  He weighs 3.5kg, so I gave him 4 drops of each.  I put them in a measuring cup and added equal water.  I sucked it back up into the dropper and squirted it into his mouth.

He really didn’t like it.  I don’t blame him really, as herbal tinctures are pretty strong and alcoholic tasting. But he seemed to be fine afterwards. The following day, I gave him two doses and by the end of the day, I can honestly say, I noticed an improvement in his tenderness and he seemed a lot less agitated than he did the previous day.

I continued to give him this combination twice a day, monitoring him constantly, to ensure he didn’t get any worse.  Each day, he got better and better, until one day when I was patting him (about 12-14 days later) I moved my hand over his kidney area and he didn’t flinch at all.

I ended up giving Ossi this combination every day, for a good 3 months.  As well as this, I gave him some of the Inner Health Plus Probiotic powder.  I also changed the food he was having and made sure there was fresh water always available for him.  I was interested to see that after a few weeks of giving him these herbal combinations, he seemed to “accept” taking them better and in the end, I didn’t have to hold him tightly to administer it, he just sat there and “let me” give it to him. I think he knew it was helping.

He completely lost all symptoms of having a kidney problem. I was just left with his “remembered” pain in this area.  What I mean by this is that because he had a problem for such a long time, whenever anyone got close to this area of his body, he would automatically respond to the remembered pain in this area, whether he was experiencing it or not.  It took about 3 or 4 years for him to lose this response and now I can pick him up and really smooch him, without being bitten, scratched or attacked.

After I had Ossi for about 1 year, I got him microchipped, mainly so I could get a micro chip programmable cat door.  While I was at the vet doing this, I asked the vet (Laurie)  to thoroughly check him and particularly his kidney area.   Laurie checked him over and said he was in perfect health and there was nothing wrong in his kidney area at all.  He commented about what a lovely cat he was and how calm he seemed.  This gave me the confidence to use the FourFoot Herbal products in the future, as my first port of call.

This 3 month burst of herbal liquids really seemed to sort the problem out for Ossi, as he hasn’t had another kidney problem ( he is 9 years old now).  I have to be very careful with the food I give him and only give him Urinary control cat bikkies.  Even 2 days of “normal” cat biscuits (or a few cat “treats”) causes him “urinary distress”.   I can tell when he has a problem as he will start licking himself excessively and urinating in front of me (outside).  If this happens (I cant remember the last time), out comes the FourFoot herbals Kidney Tonic for a burst.

FourFoot Herbals range of liquid herbs for cats & dogs

                                         FourFoot Herbals range of liquid herbs for Cats & Dogs

Unless you know exactly what ailment your pet is suffering with, don’t self prescribe.  Always get professional advice from a qualified Vet.  Once you have this diagnosis, it may then be appropriate to use products from the FourFoot herbal range.   In most cases, they can be used in conjunction with Vet prescribed medication.  HOWEVER, the “rule of thumb” is to have a minimum of 2 hours separation of time between taking the natural product and the Vet prescribed medication.

Here is a link to the FourFoot Herbal Range

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health


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