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I have never used Henna in my hair before, as I do not have dark coloured hair, however one of our customers kindly documented her investigations for application, as well as her findings and results, after using our Terra Ferma 100% Henna Powder.  Read on to find out what she discovered as the best way for Henna application to dye your hair.

This is what she shared with us, about Henna Application for your hair

Henna Application

Terra Ferma Pure 100% Henna Powder

Here’s the information Leanne,  as it took much reading up and decision making before we went ahead.  We made up the paste a few nights before we needed it.

My hair is below my shoulders & VERY thick and curly/frizzy, so I decided for the first treatment to use 3 x 100g packs to cover it all (and it was the perfect amount).  My friend’s hair is short and not as thick and curly – she used 2 x 100g packs but could have probably done it with 150g.

Gloves all the way through the process!

This is how she mixed the Henna Powder

We mixed the henna with cold water (about 1 cup of water to one pack of henna – I think) and the juice of one lemon (acid) per batch (300g and 200g respectively) to a smooth but thick consistency. You can cover the bowl with cling wrap, but we chose to put the mixture into airtight plastic ziplock bags.  We left these overnight to ‘process’ and then put them in the freezer the next day as we didn’t have time to colour our hair for a few days.  (I believe if you leave it too long the potency then dissipates, so it was about 10-12 hours processing before freezing.)

Remember the gloves!  Oh and Vaseline on the skin on face, ears and neck (but don’t get it in the hair!).

On the day. Ready for the Henna Application

We took the packages required (and left the others in the freezer…we made 2 batches each as we had bought 10 packs) out of the freezer on the morning of our hair marathon.  Once it was defrosted we put it in the fridge.  When ready to start, we stirred up the contents (used a glass bowl) and added a little more water (just a little at a time – didn’t want it runny).

We covered all surfaces in the bathroom – although we were actually not too messy, as the henna dries on the gloves etc, you do get dust.

My hair took an hour to cover and it was hard work…I started by sectioning it into 3 lots from front to back and two from side to side and coated the roots on tiny sections (both sides) of those sections at a time.  You need to really cover it well.  Once each main section was done, I clipped the section together while I did the rest of the roots and then when all done, I went back to the start again and coated the lengths of hair (found it easier to use my hands for the lengths than a hair dye brush).

When all done, pulled it up onto my head and wrapped clingfilm all around (a few times) and then put a beenie on to keep it warm.

Four hours later was the wash out…did this over the bath, using the shower attachment…messy and hard to get it all out.  Using conditioner as I rinsed it out helped.  I finally got in the shower and shampooed and conditioned it.

Then we did my friends hair

The process with my friend’s short hair was very different as I couldn’t tie hers up in sections, so I just painted the henna on with a brush (too much of it in fact as it kept oozing out at the nape of her neck!!! Haha, I didn’t have that problem. It was like baby poo 🙂 !!  I did too good a job of plastering her hair (as I said 200g was too much for her hair).

Future Top-ups

So the plan for me now, I think, is to do the roots every 2-3 weeks and maybe the whole head every couple of months (will play it by ear).  I split the other batch of 300g into two packs, as 150 will be enough for just the roots.  So it’s going to be very economical (but time-consuming).

Hope all the explanations help & they make sense – I don’t know if we did it absolutely correctly, but we love the results!

My hair the next day (blow-dried)








My hair today – naturally dried (in the sun)…









My friend’s hair 2 days later…







We cant thank you enough for sharing your experiences with us here at healthy.  I know your information will help others with their application of the Henna on their hair.  Thanks again 🙂

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