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September 29 2009No Commented

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The healthyonline new website is LIVE!

At last you can now navigate the website that you’ve been hearing so much about for the past few months. The new website has been 18 months in the making so I am very proud to present to you today all of the new features the website has to offer.

Here are 5 of the newest website featured pages below:

Help Me Choose

The new Help Me Choose page gives you all the tools you need to find the products and information that you are looking need. You can search by either the product category, the condition, our body system search or you can take our free health assessment where you answer a number of targeted questions, so we can give you recommendations as to what you may need. This section is revamped and updated like you’ve never seen it before. You can view the Help Me Choose page here.

Healthy TV

The Healthy TV section is a new one to healthyonline. This page showcases new video’s on a weekly basis from Leanne and the Naturopathic team at healthyonline. The videos will be in High Definition and cover topics that are relevant to those living in NZ. You can view the Healthy TV section here.

Healthy Info Centre

The new updated version of the Info Center Section on the healthyonline website. This section will allow you to find out about the many features and pages available to you at healthyonline. This section has been designed to help you find what your looking for fast. You can view the Info Center section here.

Healthy News

The healthy news section will enable you to keep up to date with new products and industry developments. Leanne James and the Naturopathic team will update this section on a weekly basis. You can view the healthy news section here.

Healthy Top 20

For the first time we have opened up a new Top 20 Products section on the website. Here you will be able to see what products are the most popular.

So there you have it. After 18 months this new tool for your health is available. Enjoy it and keep an eye out, as we update the website with even more great features soon.

Kind Regards

Leanne James


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