Have You Changed to Chemical Free Yet?

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It can take a lot of thought and effort to make healthier choices to our diet and lifestyle and often while pre occupied with this, we may forget that the cleaning products in our house may be full of chemicals, as well as the body care products we use everyday – Like our shampoo and conditioner, soap, body wash, shaving and skin care products.  What about deodorant?  If the reports we read about Aluminum are correct, why do we still continue to use products full of it?

Maybe its because we don’t believe the alternative natural products will be as effective or maybe they may seem to cost a lot more to purchase?

Does being Chemical free mean using Bicarbonate of Soda & Vinegar instead of cleaning products?


No it doesn’t mean using baking soda and vinegar as a replacement for your usual cleaning products, as there are plenty of natural ranges available these days. Don’t knock it until you try it though, as Bicarb of soda and vinegar do work very well, in many situations.

I have been on Youtube and searched for Baking Soda and Vinegar and looked at the videos about the household uses of these and how you can use this for just about any cleaning job in the house.  I watched how effective this can be, even as an oven cleaner.  You can watch this too. I used this combination to help unblock a bathroom sink too.  It did take 3 attempts, but in the end, did a good job.

What about Apple Cider Vinegar? I have written some information on using Apple Cider vinegar around the home, as well as for good health generally.

At healthyonline we stock the New Zealand range of household cleaning products Earthwise, as well as some of the Ecover products.

I love Earthwise.  Their range is extensive.  Not only do they have the household cleaning products, but they have a really affordable range of Shampoo and Conditioner too.   They have removed all of the nasties from these products AND I think they are really affordable.

Earthwise cleaning

Earthwise haircare






We also stock the Natural Instinct range of skin and body care products.  This vegan Australian range provides a natural and affordable skin care range, suitable for all the family.  They specifically promote the fact that their products do not contain over 400 bad ingredients, often found in other skin care ranges.

Natural Instinct

Most people who have made the change to more natural choices in their life, find that slowly swapping products as they run out, is a more affordable way to transform the household into a Chemical free one, rather than going out and replacing everything in the house all at once.  So as their shampoo runs out, replacing it with the Earthwise or Natural Instinct Shampoo.

I am not saying I have ONLY chemical free products at my home, but when I am offered a choice, between Chemical free and not, I will always go with Not.

Consider making a change today.

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health & Healthyonline

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