Essential Fatty Acid Health Supplements are for men too

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Mention Evening Primrose Oil and most men switch out of the conversation – isn’t that an essential fatty acid for women’s’ problems?

Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids

Certainly many women do find it helps relieve irritability, breast pain and other symptoms associated with pre-menstrual  syndrome but it has many, many other benefits.  That’s why it used to be known as King’s Cure All.

So what is so special about evening primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil is a valuable source of vitamin-like nutrients known as essential fatty acids.  These fatty acids perform a variety of important functions in the body.  As structural components of all our cells they help build healthy tissues.  They are also needed to produce special chemicals, known as prostaglandins, which regulate how our body functions.  As well as this, essential fatty acids help provide energy in our body.

They are essential because they must be obtained from the diet as our body cannot manufacture them.  Other important essential fatty acids are found in marine fish oils.

Essential fatty acids and Health Disease

Heart attacks, strokes and other circulatory disorders are still New Zealand’s biggest killer.  One in three NZ new can currently expect to die from heart disease.

A variety of contributing factors are recognized including: – smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, excess weight and stress.

The potential to reduce heart disease is considerable, particularly through lifestyle and dietary changes.  Reducing the amount of saturated fat we eat, eg full-fat dairy products, fast foods, and fatty red meats, is frequently recommended.

Clinical studies suggest that diets rich in essential fatty acids may also help by balancing our fat intake.

Efamol Efamarine contains two special essential fatty acids, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and eicosapentaneoic acid (EPA).  Dietary studies indicate that both may have beneficial effects on heart and circulation.

Essential fatty acids to help with stress

Stress is an essential part of life and can be stimulating and healthy. Problems occur when the demands of our life overwhelm our ability to cope with it all. Uncertainty, conflict, failure, life changes and suppressed emotions may all lead to excess stress.

The body responds to stress as it does danger.  If prolonged, changes that occur include a rise in blood pressure, lowered resistance to infection, digestive disturbances, and skin and hair problems.  Stress also interferes with the metabolism of essential fatty acids.

Stress is now recognized as an important contributing factor in many diseases including arthritis, eczema, cancer and heart disease.

By adding essential fatty acid health supplements to our diet, such as in Efamol Efamarine, we can help our body overcome some of the negative physical effects if stress, with many people reporting that it can help to improve their ability to cope with stress better.

Exercise creates demands on Essential fatty acid levels.

Whilst regular exercise is important to maintaining good health it may also increase the need for certain nutrients.  This is particularly the case for those who have taken exercise and sport to a competitive level.  With exercise cell turnover in muscles, joints and even skin is increased resulting in a higher demand for essential fatty acids and other nutrients.

Essential fatty acids may also be important in maintaining joint mobility, boosting the production of the body’s own anti-inflammatory substances and generally maintaining peak body condition and good health.

Essential fatty acids and our general well-being

If our body is in a weakened state from too much stress, lack of sleep or a poor diet we can become more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.  The result can be a cold or the flu’, which can force us to take time off work.

Supplementation with essential fatty acid health supplements may both speed recovery from viral infections and provide an energy boost.

Participants in many clinical trials on Efamol have reported a significant improvement in their general well-being.  This occurred regardless of whether the actual disease being studied responded to treatment or not.

Who would take an essential fatty acid supplement?

Pretty much, everyone should benefit from taking an essential fatty acid supplement.  We like Efamol, Nordic Naturals and Ethical Nutrients.

It can help with a better mood, focus, concentration, better energy and clarity of mind, less joint discomfort and stiffness, help with better skin.

Essential fatty acids for a hangover

Finally there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that Efamol Evening Primrose Oil taken immediately after drinking can help prevent a hangover.  And that can definitely improve one’s feeling of well-being the morning after!!

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