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Fish Oil Toxic To Pregnant Women?

July 26 2016No Commented

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It really upsets us when we are subjected to scaremongering by the media, as we were on Friday the 22nd July, after a report aired, which was titled “Pregnant Women told Don’t take fish oil, after dramatic findings”. They were talking about 2 separate studies done at the University of Auckland Liggins Institute, that suggested […]

Protect Our Future – Natural Health Products Bill

I received an email from FX Med today about a NEW video clip from Dr Guy Hatchard, prepared for Parliament and of interest to us all, with regard to the Natural Health Products Bill. Guy has completed an analysis of the draft list of permitted substances and discusses some of the scandalous inclusions and omissions. […]

How to Choose the Best Multi-Vitamin For You

What a huge variety of Multivitamins we have available at healthyonline! Did you know that essentially, a Multivitamin is just a B complex, with trace elements in it such as zinc, copper, chromium and selenium, as well as Vitamins such as A, C and E. It will also have small amounts of minerals such as […]

Vitamin D Deficiency. Are You At Risk?

How often have we heard this statement recently, as Vitamin D seems to be the latest buzz vitamin at the moment. I’ve written an article about the importance of Vitamin D, which talks about deficiencies, absorption and food choices, so we can all be more pro active about eating foods rich in Vitamin D. You […]

What Supplements Does Leanne James Take?

March 23 2010one Commented

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Today I thought we would do something a little different.  The reason for this is people constantly ask me about the supplements I take and why did I choose that particular one. Also, people worry about taking too many herbal or nutritional supplements at once (or in the same day).  The common statement I hear […]