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Winter Ailments with Dolphin Clinic Essential Oils

August 29 2017No Commented

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If you have ever wondered about combinations of essential oils for Winter Ailments, read on to find out what the Dolphin Clinic have suggested. Winter Ailments with Dolphin Clinic Essential Oils Dry Skin For overnight use on dry skin or skin that has been exposed to cold/harsh weather. Ingredients: Base Oils:  Rosehip oil 10ml, Wheatgerm […]

MEBO Ointment For Skin Healing

November 17 20166 Commented

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I am a huge fan of MEBO Ointments for skin healing and have recommended and stocked this range for over 10 years.  I have seen first hand the incredible healing properties of these ointments, as well as read about the huge amount of research that has been done on these and especially in the area […]

Zinc In The News Again

September 1 2016No Commented

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Zinc is such an important nutrient and involved in so many vital processes in the body, so I was not surprised to see mention of zinc in the news again. This time it was an article in the NZ Herald written by Martin Johnston, with regard to Zinc deficiencies and children who have Autism.  You […]

Topical Creams For Inflamed Skin

August 4 2016No Commented

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So what are these creams for inflamed skin? We stock a wide variety of creams, gels, ointments and oils for helping with inflamed skin.  This post is to highlight these, to make choosing the right one easier for you. We are the hugest fans of the Emu Spirit 100% Pure Emu Oil and have seen […]

Have You Changed to Chemical Free Yet?

March 22 2016No Commented

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It can take a lot of thought and effort to make healthier choices to our diet and lifestyle and often while pre occupied with this, we may forget that the cleaning products in our house may be full of chemicals, as well as the body care products we use everyday – Like our shampoo and […]