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Hayfever, Allergy symptoms and relief

Oh No, not allergy season again! Today we talk about allergies and how you may be able to get some relief from these. One of the most important aspects in treating these symptoms and helping to prevent developing hayfever, allergies and sinusitis in the 1st place, is to take a probiotic supplement.  If you haven’t […]

New Children’s Herbal Range from Harker Herbals

August 16 2017No Commented

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I wanted to let you know about the New Children’s Herbal Range of products from Harker Herbals. Harker Herbals have introduced 7 NEW 100% natural herbal syrups for children aged 0-12 years of age (Except Breathe Easy – 1-12 years) These NEW herbal syrups have been formulated to support: ****Winter ailments and ills and chills […]

Natural Health Products Bill & Toxic Additives

October 4 2016No Commented

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We received some information from Health Freedom NZ today, with regard to an open letter Guy Hatchard has written to All MP’s. In this, he details a number of examples whereby substances have been banned around the world but are listed as permitted on the Medsafe white-list. They say ” This reduces Medsafe’s ‘permitted list’ […]

Protect Our Future – Natural Health Products Bill

I received an email from FX Med today about a NEW video clip from Dr Guy Hatchard, prepared for Parliament and of interest to us all, with regard to the Natural Health Products Bill. Guy has completed an analysis of the draft list of permitted substances and discusses some of the scandalous inclusions and omissions. […]

Krill oil vs Fish oil

November 18 2015No Commented

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There is a lot of “buzz” about Krill oil and how it is better than fish oil!  Yet who, and which information should we believe? How would we know if taking krill oil is more beneficial for our health ailment, than to take fish oil. Read what Dr Bradley West has to tell us about […]