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Hayfever, Allergy symptoms and relief

Oh No, not allergy season again! Today we talk about allergies and how you may be able to get some relief from these. One of the most important aspects in treating these symptoms and helping to prevent developing hayfever, allergies and sinusitis in the 1st place, is to take a probiotic supplement.  If you haven’t […]

Natural Ways To Boost Immunity

Need help with natural ways to boost immunity. Read what Naturopath Leanne James suggests Already the cold and flu season has started with a “hiss and a roar”. While some people choose to have the flu vaccine, for others, prevention is the main focus for them and their family.  In this post, I talk about […]

Zinc In The News Again

September 1 2016No Commented

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Zinc is such an important nutrient and involved in so many vital processes in the body, so I was not surprised to see mention of zinc in the news again. This time it was an article in the NZ Herald written by Martin Johnston, with regard to Zinc deficiencies and children who have Autism.  You […]

Introducing Bio-Botanical Research

May 17 2016No Commented

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We have had the pleasure of working with Medical Research Consultant Corene Humphreys before, when she introduced us to the Clinicians Multiflora probiotic.  You can watch the interview I did with her on this product here. Today I want to tell you about Bio-Botanical Research Inc. and the 2 products Corene has introduced to us […]

How To Increase Your Immunity To The Flu, Colds and Illness

The human immune system is a network of organs, glands and tissues that work together, to guard our body from foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and infection-causing micro-organisms. The exact functioning of the immune system is not completely understood, however problems relating to the immune system can be broken into 2 basic categories: […]