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Healthy weight loss

September 1 201715 Commented

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Weight loss Now weight loss is not a term I usually use, as we shouldn’t be concerned about our actual body weight, but more “What is our total body weight made up of? Our muscle mass is important for weight loss What I mean by this is that when we hop on the scales, we […]

Coconut Yoghurt

August 16 2016No Commented

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I still remember the day when an Australian Sales Rep for Coyo Coconut yoghurt introduced us to their Coconut yoghurt.  I had never tried Coconut yoghurt before, but it was some of the yummiest, creamiest deliciousness I have tried!  Then he shocked us with the price – $9.95 for 350 grams. My colleague Kerry said […]

Vitamin D May Alleviate Period Pain

May 12 2016No Commented

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I read with interest a review written by Amber Tovey, from the Vitamin D Council, about how women with low levels of Vitamin D may be more prone to experiencing painful periods. She was referring to a report done by researchers this year which concluded that a weekly high dose (50 000 IU) of oral Vitamin […]

Afternoon Pick Me Up

We (at Ideal Health)  find it easy to talk ourselves into having a 2nd coffee in the afternoon, as a pick me up. Yesterday I made this drink instead and it really was very satisfying and it certainly “did it for me”. This is how I made it: 2 tsp of Radiance Berry Greens Powder […]

Acid & Alkaline Balance

January 26 20168 Commented

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We all know about the importance of balance in our lives, but what about the acid-alkaline balance or pH of our body? What does this related to and how will we be affected if this is out of balance?