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Protect Our Future – Natural Health Products Bill

I received an email from FX Med today about a NEW video clip from Dr Guy Hatchard, prepared for Parliament and of interest to us all, with regard to the Natural Health Products Bill. Guy has completed an analysis of the draft list of permitted substances and discusses some of the scandalous inclusions and omissions. […]

Vitamin D May Alleviate Period Pain

May 12 2016No Commented

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I read with interest a review written by Amber Tovey, from the Vitamin D Council, about how women with low levels of Vitamin D may be more prone to experiencing painful periods. She was referring to a report done by researchers this year which concluded that a weekly high dose (50 000 IU) of oral Vitamin […]

Acid & Alkaline Balance

January 26 20168 Commented

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We all know about the importance of balance in our lives, but what about the acid-alkaline balance or pH of our body? What does this related to and how will we be affected if this is out of balance?

A Walking Brewery

January 14 2016No Commented

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I read with interest, in the NZ Herald, about the woman who was arrested while driving with a blood alcohol level more than four times the legal limit, yet she hadn’t been drinking at all. It was discovered she has a rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome” in which her digestive system converts ordinary foods into […]

Prohibition of Raw Apricot Kernels in NZ

December 21 2015No Commented

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Today, we received a letter from the Ministry of Primary Industries, with regard to the sale of Raw Apricot Kernels in New Zealand and the prohibition of these, as from the 14th January 2016. This is what the letter said 21 December 2016 Notification of amendment to the Food Standards Code – Retail sale of […]