Burn Out. Are you suffering from this?

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I listened to Dr Kathleen Wills, an Integrated Medical Doctor, talk about how 1 in 10 New Zealanders take an anti depressant and suffer from overwhelming stress.  She said the number of people on an anti depressant has doubled, just in the last 6 years.

Anti depressants are readily prescribed these days

When I heard this, I thought these were frightening statistics, but then remembered when I was sick last year and went to see my own GP, how quick they were to prescribe me an anti-depressant to help me deal with the stress I was under, while I was sick and still working full time.

I then remembered how many women have come into my shop over the past 4 years or so and told me that their GP has prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac) to help with their menopausal symptoms.  I was surprised the first time I heard this and questioned the lady as to whether she was depressed or not, only to be told No, my GP told me that the latest research shows that an anti depressant will help me with my symptoms of menopause.  I thought this may have been a 1 off, but then heard the same story from other women.

Dr Wills has written a book called Beat Burnout, which she talks about being a holistic guide to happiness.


Dr Wills holistic guide to beating burnout!

In her book she talks about many natural techniques, including her “888” yoga breathing technique, which can help with stress and to bring you more “into the moment”.

She tells us that some wellness professionals are questioning How effective are antidepressants?  She says ” If you have been on an antidepressant for 1 year and you still feel sluggish, flat and depressed, then perhaps you should check with your GP on the status of that”.

She tells us that Lifestyle factors are a major contributor to this high incidence of fatigue and depression. ” We are all so busy & for many, we don’t cope well”.  ” We struggle to get out of bed, struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep, have a low sex drive, an increase in allergies, day time sleepiness, red or irritated eyes, digestive upsets, muscle aches, a low mood – the sky’s the limit with regard to all of these subtle symptoms we are having; that aren’t necessarily a significant disease that’s diagnosed by your GP, but they are all critical symptoms that need to be addressed”.

She tells us ” We need to stop and look at  – What we are eating, How we are sleeping, What we are doing for exercise, What we are putting into our body and How we are breathing”.

” People try and normalise stress.  Someone says to another, I’m Stressed and the other says, Welcome to the Club – I’ve got this stress and this etc.  Everyone tries to out-stress one another, which is dangerous, as this makes you believe that stress and the way you are feeling is normal.  Because of this, Dr Wills says, people are much less likely to do something about it”.

She goes on to say ” People don’t realise there are alternatives to these feelings of stress”.  In men particularly, she sees testosterone levels decline.  “Men from their mid 30s onwards, start to develop a rounded abdomen and moobs (man breasts),  a lowered mood and a low libido”.  She suggests to get free testosterone levels tested, so if these levels are low (common) they can be replenished naturally to bring back that vitality”.

She concludes ” If you are stressed, fatigued and depressed, then take a broad look at your general wellness.  She reminds us that stress doesn’t affect just 1 type of person”.  It even affects children”.

This is how to do Dr Wills 888 Yoga Breathing technique:


Learning how to breathe is really important for help to cope with burn out and stress.

* Breathe in for the count of 8
* Hold for 8
* Breathe out for 8 with your bottom jaw relaxed and as your breath out release your breath with a haarrrrrr for 8 counts.

This brings your heart rate down, your breathing down, so you can feel more relaxed for the moment.

Leanne does not have an affiliation with Dr Wills, but liked what she had to say about this important topic of Burnout.

Here is some extra information from Leanne James, Naturopath at Healthyonline

If you want to have your free testosterone levels tested, we offer this Multiple Hormone Saliva Test Kit, which gives you the opportunity to have 7 different hormones tested, including free testosterone, with just 1 x 5ml saliva sample. The sample is sent to Australia for testing and takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the results to return.

If you are a man, and your testosterone levels are low, we stock a number of different herbal combinations to help to boost testosterone, as well as a product to help in this area, while testosterone levels are increasing.

Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian herb used specifically to boost testosterone levels in a man.

Tongkat Ali. A popular herb for increasing testosterone.

Tongkat Ali. A popular herb for increasing testosterone levels.

I have had excellent feedback from men who have used this, telling me the effect for them is far greater than any Tribulus, Damiana or Horney goat weed product they have previously tried.  The product we stock, Vital X is made in New Zealand, from imported Tongkat Ali roots.  It comes in capsules, for ease of taking. Each capsule contains an extract of tongkat ali root (not just the powdered root), which started with 100 kilograms of tongkat ali root, to provide this potent herbal extract of 100mg per capsule.

While waiting for the Tongkat Ali to boost testosterone levels, we have Performax, which is taken 40 minutes before intimacy.  This is a very popular product, with a huge following of very happy men, who may need an extra boost now and then.

If you are having a problem sleeping, you can read Leanne’s blog post on How to help with a better sleep

As Dr Wills said, it is important not to normalise stress.  Stress is not normal.  It is a result of other things happening in the body and it is these other things that need to be addressed and dealt with so the symptoms of stress can go away.

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health


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