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I am Really Impressed with the New Anchor Protein + Milk (with the orange label).

Not everyone can drink milk and not everyone likes the taste of milk, but we ARE lucky in New Zealand to be a dairy producing nation, with soooo many varieties of milk available, to help suit most tastes and needs.        cow

I am always looking out for new products and to check out what may be the ” better product”  from what is available.

I am loving the Lewis Farms Organic milk that is available at many supermarkets (for a hefty price), but today I am looking at the Anchor Protein +

Lets look at it, so you too can see what I’m on about and what I think is so great about it

Protein + milkBlue top

Protein + per 250ml:                                                            Anchor Blue per 250ml:

Protein:           15  grams                                                                        Protein:           8.3 grams
Fat total:        3.7  grams                                                                       Fat total:        8.3 grams
Saturated:      2.3 grams                                                                       Saturated:        5  grams
Carbs:             12.8  grams                                                                       Carbs:            11.9 grams
Sugars            12.8  grams                                                                        Sugars           11.9 grams
Sodium:                103 mg                                                                        Sodium:              100 mg
Calcium:              450 mg                                                                        Calcium:            292 mg
Vitamin A:        138 mcg                                                                        Vitamin A:      107 mcg
Vitamin B2:        0.5 mg                                                                         Vitamin B2:      0.6mg
Vitamin D:        1.3  mcg                                                                         Vitamin D:             0


If we compare the new Anchor Protein + with their Dark Blue Top milk we can see these differences:

The protein content in the Protein + is greatly enhanced, with an EXTRA 6.7 grams of protein per 250ml.

I am really pleased with this added protein content, as all adults need a minimum of 15 grams of actual protein at each main meal, so you are getting this in just 1 x 250ml serve of Protein +.

The saturated fat level is lower, with only 3.7 grams in the Protein +, compared to 8.3 grams in the Blue Top milk

The carbohydrate level is only slightly higher with 12.8 grams in the Protein + and 11.9 grams in the Blue Top.

If you are trying to watch your weight, try not to have any more than 30 grams of carbohydrate at a main meal.  If you are maintaining body fat levels, then you can have up to 60 grams per main meal.

The sodium level is pretty much the same in both, BUT LOOK at that calcium level!!!!!

WOW, Anchor have added a whopping 450mg of calcium in each 250ml, compared to 292mg (which is still a good amount) in the Blue top.  This is going to make it so much easier for us to get some more calcium in our diet.

Anchor have also added 1.3 mcg ( Just over 40IU) of Vitamin D, to help us absorb the calcium.


Don’t forget, that to absorb calcium you NEED the co factors Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Vitamin D and Vitamin B6.

In New Zealand, our soils are deficient in Zinc and Boron, so you need to take these to absorb the calcium.  Most of us need extra Vitamin D, so thank you to Anchor for adding extra Vitamin D, as well as Vitamin B6 into their Protein + milk.

But what about Magnesium? 

I don’t know about you,  but one of the most important minerals I take each and every day is my magnesium (with co factors).  If I forget it, I notice a huge difference in my general stress levels,  I feel more agitated, it affects my energy levels, but also my ability to calm down my busy brain in the evenings, so I can sleep soundly.

So my message today is – 

If you are going to take advantage of the wonderful added nutrients in the anchor Protein + milk, then make sure you take a well combined magnesium supplement like our Superior Magnesium.

Each capsule contains (elemental) 200mg of Magnesium, as well as 10mg of Zinc, 1mg of Boron, 1000IU of Vitamin D and 25mg of the active form of Vitamin B6, – P5P.  I also added 100mg of Calcium too, to make sure that the co factors you need to absorb magnesium are all contained in the 1 capsule.

You can read more about the importance of Magnesium here.

Who would benefit from the Anchor Protein + milk?


Anyone who can drink cows milk, who wants to bump up their calcium and protein levels.  The amount Anchor have added per 250ml (1 cup) is substantial and a real boost to anyone’s diet.

I think the new Anchor Protein + milk would be ideal for pregnant women to help to increase their daily calcium content,  So long as they are taking a product like the Superior magnesium to ensure they are getting the essential co factors to help with maximum absorption.  As well as this, it is perfect for helping to get essential daily protein levels up.

Those who need help to have a more sound sleep, may also benefit from introducing this higher calcium milk, in conjunction with a good quality, well combined magnesium supplement.

Any growing or pubescent child, who can consume dairy, would greatly benefit from introducing this milk – again due to the higher protein and calcium levels in it.

Anyone with osteoporosis, who needs to increase their daily calcium level.  But as with everyone else, ensure you take some extra magnesium, to help with absorption.

Thanks Anchor 🙂  Your new Protein + lite milk is a winner in my books. Thumbs up

Here is a link to Anchors web site, to the page on Protein +


Leanne James

Founder Ideal Health & healthyonline

2 responses to “Anchor’s New High Protein + Milk”

  1. Mike says:

    Hmmmmm…reads like an ad! Not clear if you’re employed/contracted by someone or not (not that it matters) but I got here by searching ‘where has the added protein come from?’ and I still don’t know – is it whey added back in?

    • leannejames says:

      Hi Mike. No, just a review of a new kind of product available in NZ, that I believe people who consume milk can only benefit from. Why not contact ANCHOR and ask them the question directly? I am sure they will be happy to provide you with this information and i am sure they will have the information at hand. Thanks

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