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I read with interest, in the NZ Herald, about the woman who was arrested while driving with a blood alcohol level more than four times the legal limit, yet she hadn’t been drinking at all.

It was discovered she has a rare condition called “auto-brewery syndrome”
in which her digestive system converts ordinary foods into alcohol.Bloated

She was dismissed of the charges after the judge was presented with doctors research showing the woman had the previously un-diagnosed condition,
in which high levels of yeast in her intestines fermented high carbohydrate foods into alcohol.

The rare condition, also known as gut fermentation syndrome, was first documented in the 1970’s in Japan and both medical and legal experts in the USA say it is being raised more frequently in drunken-driving cases as it becomes more known.

Law Professor Jonathan Turley, at George Washington University says “At first glance, it seems like a get out of jail free card, but its not that easy.  Courts tend to be sceptical of such claims.  You have to be able to document the syndrome through recognised testing”.

Her lawyer arranged to have two nurses and a physicians assistant monitor the lady for a day to document she drank no alcohol and to take several blood samples for testing.  ” At the end of the day, she had a blood alcohol content of .36, without drinking any alcoholic beverages”.  He said the woman also bought a Breathalyser and blew into it every night for 18 days, registering around .20 every time.

The legal threshold for drunkenness in New York is 0.08

The lady was referred to Dr Anup Kanodia of Columbus Ohio, who prescribed a low carbohydrate diet for his client, which bought the situation under control.

Footnote from Leanne James, Founder Ideal Health & Healthyonline

So, here is more information on why a high carbohydrate diet may be a problem for some people.

So which foods are high in Carbohydrates?

ALL sugars and starches are Carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for all bodily functions, especially the brain and central nervous system and for muscle exertion.  They also assist in the digestion and assimilation of foods and except for milk, come exclusively from plants sources. carbohydrate foods

All refined white flour (any type) and white sugar products, contain some of the highest amounts of carbohydrate rich foods there are.  If it is sweet, its a carbohydrate – So fruits are a carbohydrate too.

As well as cutting down on refined carbohydrates, taking a probiotic can help to produce a better balance in the gastro intestinal tract.  Completing a bowel cleanse can also help too, by helping to eliminate the accumulated waste matter that may be in there.

You can read this article i have written about how to identify between protein and carbohydrates



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