5 Month Update taking Super African Mango

Super African Mango

I cant believe 5 months has passed since I started taking the Super African Mango.  I have continued to take 2 capsules each morning and haven’t missed a day.  I have continued to experience the subtle but effective appetite suppressing effect, which I am so pleased about, as this is my main problem – feeling satisfied and producing satiety after meals.   I have continued to loose weight and have lost over 7kg now.  Yes its slow progress, but at least my weight is still going down.

As you may remember, I am not a fan of exercise.  Im sure that if I had of been exercising too, my weight loss using the Super African Mango would have been a lot more than this amount, but I am happy with any weight loss.  Also, since my last update I have been on holiday down in Queenstown and it really was not easy to resist all of that delicious Pinot Noir and locally made cheese!   So my weight probably stagnated while away, but Im back on track now and feeling good.

I have just about finished my 5th bottle of the Super African Mango, and have decided to swap brands and try the new Radiance WellTrim iG African Mango.

Welltrim is the authentic patented African Mango seed extract as featured on TV by Dr Oz.  Welltrim iG is the only clinically researched African Mango seed extract (IGOB131) shown to promote healthy weight management.

Im not sure what to expect when i swap to the Welltrim African Mango, as the milligram amount of this is very different to the Super African Mango I have been taking.  For example the Super African Mango contains 600mg of African mango seed extract per capsule and you take 2 capsules a day.  With this new patented product WellTrim, each capsule contains 150mg of WellTrim iG African Mango, which has been standardised to a minimum of 7% albumins, the active part of the African Mango seed extract.   The dosage of this is 1 capsule twice a day, so as of Sunday, this will be the African Mango product i will be swapping to.

I will report back in 1 month, to let you know how i feel taking this and if i feel any difference in the action of this, with the reduced mg amount per capsule.

So until my next African Mango update.

2 responses to “5 Month Update taking Super African Mango”

  1. Yolande says:

    So what happened after using the WellTrim??

    • leannejames says:

      I tried it for 1 month and for me, I found the effect of the Super African Mango to be a lot better and the appetite suppressing effect to be far greater and longer lasting. Thanks

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