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Support Your Liver

November 29 2016No Commented

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I don’t know about you, but anything I can do to help my liver handle the toxins coming into my body better, the more efficiently I know everything else will function.  Read on to find out how to support your liver better Support Your Liver Living in the big smoke of Auckland, I know that […]

Enzymes for Better Health

November 26 2016No Commented

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When I used to think about enzymes, I would remember the advertisement on TV about the Hungry Enzymes in the washing powder, that looked like Pac Man, that ate away at the stains on your cloths.  Now when I think of enzymes, I think of a group of essential proteins that are involved in and […]

MEBO Ointment For Skin Healing

November 17 20166 Commented

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I am a huge fan of MEBO Ointments for skin healing and have recommended and stocked this range for over 10 years.  I have seen first hand the incredible healing properties of these ointments, as well as read about the huge amount of research that has been done on these and especially in the area […]

Test Ketones & Glucose From Urine

November 16 2016No Commented

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Announcing Accu-Chek Keto-Diabur Test Sticks, for testing ketones & glucose from a urine sample. Now available at Ideal Health and healthyonline. Why would you want to test Ketones or Glucose from your urine? Dieters and especially those following a low carbohydrate diet often want to measure these levels.  They will regularly test their urine to […]

Help to Give Up Smoking

November 14 2016No Commented

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As an ex-cigarette smoker, I know first hand how very difficult it is to give up smoking.  It doesn’t matter how much other people harp on about how you should give up, you have to really want/need to give up yourself to follow through with this. It takes a lot of determination, discipline and a […]