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Emu Oil

September 30 2015No Commented

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We are HUGE  fans of Pure Emu Oil.  We have seen with our own eyes, the amazing topical anti-inflammatory effect, when Pure Emu Oil is applied to inflammed skin. Rachel Hunter discovered this “elixir of life” when she visited Stephen and Sarah Schmidt, at Emu Heaven in Queensland Australia.  She heard first hand from Stephen […]

Breast Self Examination

September 24 2015No Commented

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I have always tried to be pro active with my breast health and for me, one very important aspect of this, is regular breast self examination. Now there is an App that helps to take the guess work out of what to be looking for while completing a self examination. This is what Dr Rosemary […]

Vital Information Regarding Supplements

September 23 2015No Commented

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If you thought things have become quiet with regard to the changes being proposed by the government with regard to the Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill you are correct but today I need to let you know that the third and final reading is about to happen.  Your attention is needed, as if this […]

How to Choose the Best Multi-Vitamin For You

What a huge variety of Multivitamins we have available at healthyonline! Did you know that essentially, a Multivitamin is just a B complex, with trace elements in it such as zinc, copper, chromium and selenium, as well as Vitamins such as A, C and E. It will also have small amounts of minerals such as […]

Weight Loss Via Better Appetite Control

September 14 2015No Commented

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I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year I am thinking about summer, swimming and those extra kilograms I have put on over winter. At healthyonline we have a lot of different products to help with better weight weight loss and appetite control. Read on for more information about our options. […]