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Women live longer than men

July 20 2015No Commented

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I listened to Paul Henry and Michelle Dickinson, Nanotech Scientist from Auckland University, talk this morning about how it is Widely accepted and scientifically supported that women live longer than men. Paul told us he hypothesized a long time ago about the reason why Women lived longer than men (and not just in New Zealand) […]

Monk Fruit Is Finally Available!

July 15 2015No Commented

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The long awaited natural sweetener Monk Fruit is finally available! At last there is an alternative to Stevia, that doesn’t have that bitter after taste, but is still blood sugar friendly. We have been talking about Monk Fruit powder or Luo Han Guo Powder for years now and it is finally available for retail purchasing.  […]

Burn Out. Are you suffering from this?

July 8 2015No Commented

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I listened to Dr Kathleen Wills, an Integrated Medical Doctor, talk about how 1 in 10 New Zealanders take an anti depressant and suffer from overwhelming stress.  She said the number of people on an anti depressant has doubled, just in the last 6 years. When I heard this, I thought these were frightening statistics, […]