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Carbohydrates – There’s nothing quite like them!

June 24 2014No Commented

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I read a report in the NZ Herald about a study done by Dr Nick Gant’s team at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research, which looked at the effect of carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners on brain activity, when sprayed into the mouth. Using a unique brain imaging sequence,  it tested the behavioural and […]

Tru2U NZ and Tart Cherry Concentrate for Sleep and Joint Health

June 4 20142 Commented

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When Avalon prompted me to complete the five module Tru2U online training series, I wondered how there could be so much to learn about this range of products, that would fit into 5 online modules. Isn’t it JUST Tart Cherry concentrate, to help you to sleep? Yes it IS Tart Cherry concentrate and YES taking […]