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Are your Iron levels adequate?

It is common for females particularly, to have low iron, but anyone can have low iron at some stage in their life. I see it in those grizzly 2 year old boys and girls, whose parents label them as “going through the terrible twos”. Your perfect angel or little man turns into an all over […]

Alzheimers Disease, Fish Oil and Fish Consumption

March 19 2014No Commented

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I read with interest about research that investigated 815 men and women who did not have Alzheimer’s disease. They wanted to determine whether a dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids would afford them protection against Alzheimer’s disease.  The participants in the study were aged between 65-94 years of age and the study was over 3.9 […]

How to choose a quality Omega-3 supplement?

Customers are constantly asking me “How do I know if the Fish oil supplement I am taking is a good one”? This is such a valid question, especially when every health supplement company seems to have their own fish oil product, if not two or three different omega 3 formulations/combinations. The first thing I reply […]