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I was surprised to see…

March 27 20113 Commented

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This advertisement on breakfast TV the other day.  It went like this “Inner Health is vital to our well-being.That’s why Lemon Detox is so popular with thousands of customers.”  (This was done in a Health shop, with the shop assistant saying this) Then there were 3 separate women who made these statements “Its easy to […]

Protein and Carbohydrates

March 27 2011one Commented

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Protein and Carbohydrates Protein and Carbohydrates. Do they really deserve all the media attention that is given to them? Let’s look at what they are all about, to help you make up your own mind, about what you need to ensure you are firing on all cylinders. I see people every day who talk about […]

Some Simple Ideas to Help Be More Focused When Stressed

March 27 2011No Commented

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A relaxing technique to help when stressed. Any time out we can take to help our body unwind and feel more relaxed when stressed the better.  Here’s a simple yoga technique, which should only take about 5 minutes or less, which can even be done at your desk , if your office and chair are […]