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Internal Treatment For Acne And Skin Problems

May 28 200930 Commented

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Acne is a terrible problem, Learn the secrets of acne treatment Naturally.

Multi-Vitamin Health Supplement Review!

May 13 20096 Commented

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This is the next multivitamin, Solgar V-2000. This health supplement is very popular, as Solgar is a really good company. The only thing I feel I have to point out about this product though, is when you look at the ingredients on the back, be aware that these are based on taking 2 tablets, not what is contained in 1 tablet. So to get the 50mgs of B Vitamins contained in the V-2000 you must take two tablets.

Is Centrum A Good MultiVitamin Supplement?

May 12 200926 Commented

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Centrum®, is a popular Multi-Vitamin that is heavily advertised in New Zealand. I’m sure you remember – Its the Multi-Vitamin that Dame Susan Duviot, New Zealand’s World Champion Squash Player used to promote.

Is Milo Really A Healthy Drink?

May 11 200929 Commented

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I don’t know about you, but I love the taste of MILO mixed with milk (as well as eaten off the spoon, directly from the container!) I remember as a child heaping 2 or 3 big tablespoons full of MILO into my cup, stirring in some milk and then adding some extra MILO onto the top, so I could end up with the chocolate moustache, like the boy in the MILO advertisement on TV. Umm, what fond thoughts of this chocolaty goodness!? But is it really as good for us as Nestlé would have us believe? And what about all those added nutrients?

Why I Dont stock Bio Oil

May 9 2009124 Commented

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As Leanne Described in this Video the second main ingredient of Bio-Oil® is actually opening your skin allowing the Mineral Oil to be absorbed into you.