Thyme Lemon Tonic

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We are so lucky in New Zealand with our fabulous climate weather, our drinkable water and our air, which is a lot cleaner than in many other countries.  We are also very lucky to have such quality and highly skilled people here in New Zealand, including Sandra Clair the owner of Artemis, a New Zealand herbal manufacturing company, who make their famous Thyme Lemon Tonic.

I have had the privilege of meeting Sandra, when she came up from Dunedin to visit retailers of Artemis products here in Auckland.  Privileged, because as a Herbalist myself, you always want to talk to people in your field and believe me when I tell you, Sandra is a Master in the field of herbalism.

Originally from Switzerland, Sandra moved to New Zealand and opened her Natural health clinic in 1995, where she began recommending her famous herbal products.

I know its sounds like I am going on about Sandra, but really, we are SOOOOOOO privileged to have someone like her in New Zealand, sharing her amazing knowledge with us, which has been passed down to her from Sister Pauline – a Franciscan nun, midwife and medical herbalist.

Sandra is the Guardian of The Materia Medica

Sandra tells us “The Materia Medica is a rare renaissance medical book written by German pharmacist and medical doctor Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus in the 16th century”.

“It is regarded as the most comprehensive and detailed text on classical European medicine and is a predecessor of today’s official pharmacopoeiasThe book summarises all knowledge of medicinal plants from the most important antique and contemporary European textbooks available at the time. These dated back to Greek physicians like Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Galen who are considered the fathers of modern medicine”.

Sandra Clair is the guardian of this rare book due to her special lineage of European medical herbalists. As well as playing a large part in Sandra’s career as a Swiss herbal expert, the Materia Medica has provided exclusive recipes that are used today in Artemis products.

The Materia Medica is the basis for Sandra’s latest project – a doctoral thesis with the University of Canterbury. After translating the book from Old-German to modern and then to English, her thesis will follow specific herbal applications from the Renaissance period to today. With this information, she will explore the practical relevance of empirical knowledge for today’s evidence-based practice.


Thyme Lemon Tonic

Thyme Lemon Tonic

Vintage 2017 Limited Release.

Featuring fresh hand harvested Central Otago Thyme and lemons, with its unique and superior anti-bacterial properties. This wonderful winter tonic supports your chest and soothes your throat when you are feeling under the weather. Thyme Lemon Tonic is a traditional plant medicine, to calm chest discomfort. This traditional Swiss tonic is delicious! Drink it hot or cold. Great for children.

Sandra has this to tell us about her product

Evidence for cough relief and respiratory health.

The main herb in Artemis Thyme Lemon Tonic is thyme (thymus vulgaris).  Thyme is known for its ability to support respiratory health by helping to soothe coughs and clear mucus from the lungs.  It is this herb that provides Thyme Lemon Tonic with its properties to aid respiratory health.

The European Medicines Agency monograph for thyme references its use as a traditional herbal medicine product used for a productive cough associated with a cold.

Health Canada monograph lists thyme traditional use as an expectorant to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and catarrh of the upper respiratory tract (anti-catarrh action). Thyme has a well known traditional use to help relieve coughs (spasmolytic action).

The mucus clearing and cough relieving action has been studied using human cell lines.  A recent study looked at the effect of thyme extract on human airway cell lines.  thyme extract showed significant anti-inflammatory properties by reducing several inflammatory markers in the human airway cells.  Inflammatory conditions of the lungs/airways are one of the leading causes of poor respiratory health.  the anti-inflammatory action of the thyme extract is due to the presence of bioactive phytochemicals that exhibit multiple biological activities.  These results substantiated the traditional used of thyme for supporting respiratory health, including helping to soothe coughs and clear mucus from lungs. References available.

Artemis Thyme Lemon Tonic is suitable for both children and adults and is made up with either hot or cold water.  You just add 10ml with 100ml of water and enjoy up to 3 cups a day.

Leanne James Naturopath

Liposomal Nutrients

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Have you heard of Liposomal nutrients?  They are all the rage now, yet have been used in pharmaceutical drug delivery since the 1960s.  Almost every one of our suppliers has come out with a liposomal product, with some having used this technology for a better delivery system for herbal extracts too.

So what are Liposomal Nutrients?


A Liposome, found in Liposomal Nutrients

BioMedica Nutraceuticals tell us ” The word liposome is derived from two Greek words – Lipo or fat and Soma or body, alluding to both their composition and functional characteristics.

Structurally, they are spherical vesicles comprised of a phospholipid membrane that surrounds and protects a therapeutic substance inside the liposome; and have therefore become a promising therapeutic delivery system in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries”.

What are the benefits of using Liposomal Nutrients?

“The composition and unique structure of liposomes provides the ability to entrap both water soluble molecules, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, in their interior core, and also fat soluble molecules such as curcumin and CoQ10 inside hydrophobic bilayers”.

Who would benefit from using a Liposomal form of nutrient?

BioMedica tell us the clinical applications for Liposomes include:

  • Those with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts
  • Elderly people
  • Children
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Those who have difficult swallowing
  • Those requiring high therapeutic doses

Liposome formulas are well indicated, including in chronic conditions where intestinal absorption may be compromised.

Bioavailability of Liposomal Nutrients

BioMedica tell us ” It is well known amongst health professionals that fractional absorption of oral Vitamin C decreases with increasing intake.  Oral Vitamin C administration is limited by saturation of intestinal absorption and osmotic diarrhoea with maximum tolerable oral doses in the range of 3-4 grams”.

“Studies have shown that, as a result of increasing oral Vitamin C intake, plasma Vitamin C concentrations rise steeply at doses under 100mg/day.  Oral Vitamin C intakes between 100-400mg/day, results in a progressive flattening of the curve until plasma Vitamin C levels reach a plateau of 70-80 µmol/L.  At doses over 400mg/day, further increases in plasma Vitamin C is minimal”.

“Using world-class pharmaceutical liposome encapsulation technology, higher doses of oral Vitamin C can be administered with minimal gastrointestinal side effects; and greater plasma Vitamin C concentrations can be achieved.  This is due to the fast that liposomes are proposed to bypass regular Vitamin C absorption pathways”.

They go on to conclude “Liposomal Vitamin C at a dose of 36 grams was shown to raise plasma Vitamin C concentrations about 500 µmol/L in two subjects tested, a level only generally achievable using invasive intravenous administration”. *

So if you are wanting a Superior and more absorbable form of nutrients, consider our Liposomal Range of Nutrients.

What liposomal products does Healthyonline stock?

We stock the Spark Of Life Liposomes
Liposomal Vitamin C
Liposomal B12/ Folate (utilizing Methyl or Active forms of these nutrients)
Liposomal Glutathione
Liposomal Non Fish DHA
Liposomal Curcumin

Longevity Foundation
Micron Particle Vitamin C


Leanne James

* References available.


Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings

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I am Very Excited to announce Comvita’s latest addition to their range, their Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings, called Medihoney Adhesive Dressings, with Antibacterial Manuka Honey. I have long read about the use of these in hospital use and have asked and asked and asked when these will be available to the general public and FINALLY my wishes have been answered and here they are!!!!

Manuka Honey Adhesive Dressings

Available in 2 sizes – Large – 4.5cm x 7.5cm and Small – 2.6 cm x 5.6 cm.

The Antibacterial Manuka Honey assists with

Assists with the healing of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. These waterproof and latex-free hydrogel dressings are infused with antibacterial medical grade Manuka Honey. Popping one of these sterile dressings on maintains a moist environment for optimal healing of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. Every medicine cabinet and first aid kit needs a packet of these.


The Medihoney Adhesive dressings are waterproof and are a latex free, hydrogel adhesive dressing .

These Adhesive dressings join the rest of the Medihoney range, which includes their Medihoney Wound Gel, which is sterile medical grade Manuka Honey in a tube, for topical application. Also in the Medihoney range is their Medihoney Natural Derma Cream. It can provide natural relief for dry and itchy skin and is calming for dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Its a rich emollient cream with Medihoney Manuka Honey, aloe vera and chamomile extract to calm and soothe skin prone to eczema and minor skin irritations. Enriched with natural moisturising ingredients that replenish and condition dry skin. Made with Comvita’s Medical grade antibacterial Manuka honey.

You can view the entire Comvita Medihoney Range here  

Comvita have very kindly offered YOU the opportunity to win a Medihoney Gift Basket.  Any purchase of a Comvita Medihoney products gives you an extra entry into the draw.  Drawn on Friday the 29th December 2017.

Leanne James Naturopath

Enzogenol, The High Dose Flavonoid Antioxidant Formula

What is Enzogenol

Enzogenol is a 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus radiata trees. The pines are plantation grown in New Zealand’s pristine environment where this species finds ideal growing conditions. New Zealand’s vast pine forests are managed on an environmentally sustainable basis. Through long standing close relationships with our suppliers we ensure high quality raw material supply.

The pines grow for 25-30 years before felling. The bark is then harvested from the lower third of the mature tree trunk. This guarantees a homogeneous starting material and contributes to the guaranteed quality of the Enzogenol composition. The uniform age of the trees and choice of bark ensures consistency in the starting material and thereby minimizes any variation in the compounds extracted from the bark.


Process Flow Diagram

Extraction Method to make Enzogenol from Pine Bark

Enzogenol is produced using ENZO Nutraceuticals’ proprietary, internationally patented pure water extraction technology. The process was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and engineers, and combines several important advantages:

  • Pure Water Process – The extraction uses only pure, deionised water, no solvents, chemicals, or additives of any sort are used in the process eliminating any possibility of unwanted residues.
  • Full polyphenol compound spectrum – The process produces a 100% natural extract from the pine bark that contains the full spectrum of health beneficial polyphenolic compounds present in the bark.
  • Protecting maximal activity – The extraction conditions are optimised to protect the natural state of the polyphenols preserving the maximal anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • Ecologically sound technology – The entire process is environmentally friendly and does not produce any problematic wastes.

Compounds in Enzogenol

Enzogenol is a complex mixture of plant phenolic compounds including many different flavonoids and phenolic acids that occur naturally in the pine bark and function as natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.  See below for Flavonoids explained for more information on these.

Antioxidant Activity of Enzogenol

Enzogenol has been shown to be a very powerful antioxidant in various antioxidant activity tests. A study by Wood et al. (Food Chemistry 77, 2002, p155) has compared the antioxidant activity of Enzogenol with that of other natural extracts, vitamin C and catechin. The results shown in the graph below demonstrate that Enzogenol was the most powerful antioxidant tested in this study and that Enzogenol is dramatically more powerful than for example vitamin C.

Present data is graphed from Table 1. of Wood et al. The antioxidant activity was analysed as the ability to scavenge superoxide radicals in a hypoxanthin oxidase system using the NBT assay. Numbers from the table have been transformed for better graphical representation to shown the % protection at 0.5 ug/ml antioxidant concentration averaging the activity of the three tests done at different pH values.

Flavonoids – explained

Flavonoids are a group of plant compounds that we usually obtain from our diet as part of the vegetables and fruit we eat. These flavonoids are very important for our health because they are natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Another good source of flavonoids is the bark of pine trees, which is why Enzogenol is extracted from the pine bark. Hence, Enzogenol is a highly concentrated mixture of these natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds.

Diet and Health

Research has shown that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has significant protective effects against many diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and others. This is a well established fact that has been shown in over one hundred epidemiological studies on diet and health.

Flavonoids in Fruits and Vegetables

Much of the disease protection from eating lots of fruits and veggies is due to the plant nutrient compounds known as flavonoids.

There are many different flavonoids and their type and amount differs between the types and varieties of fruits and vegetables. According to the US database for flavonoid content of selected foods, the average amount of flavonoids in 100 g of vegetables is 8.2 mg (based on 59 types of unprocessed/raw vegetables), and 100 g of fruit contain 20.9 mg of these goodies (based on 30 types of commonly available fresh fruit).

Role of Flavonoids in our Body

One important role that flavonoids play in our diet is their natural function as antioxidants. We live in a highly oxidative environment and many processes in our body produce more oxidants, also known as free radicals. Our bodies own antioxidant defence mechanisms are unfortunately not perfect and, consequently, oxidative damage to the building blocks of our body occurs all the time. Research has shown that oxidative damage contributes to many diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer, and most chronic diseases, and accumulation of oxidative damage plays an important role in the aging process. Therefore, it is important to protect ourselves against oxidative damage as best as we can.

Best Sources of Flavonoids

Apart from fruits and vegetables that are part of our general diet there are also other sources of flavonoids in nature that we usually do not utilise. One such source is tree bark and, in particular, the bark of pine trees. This explains why tree bark has featured prominently in many traditional folk medicines for hundreds of years.

Introducing ENZO Professional® and Enzogenol®

ENZO Professional is a practitioner only product, meaning it can only be recommended to you by a practitioner.  ENZO Professional contains a highly concentrated source of flavonoids containing 240 mg of Enzogenol pine bark extract in each capsule.  If you are interested in finding out more about this product, contact us by phoning 0800 HEALTH (0800 432 584).

You can purchase the retail product Enzogenol, a 100% natural flavonoid extract produced in New Zealand from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus Radiata trees.  Each capsule contains 120mg.  The unique, high potency combination of flavonoids in Enzogenol is extracted from the tree bark with a specialised pure-water extraction method. This method maintains the full activity and integrity of the flavonoid compounds ensuring the high potency of ENZO Professional.

Read more information about the benefits of Enzogenol and Brain Injury and Enzogenol and Migraines

Mosquito Season

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As the warmer weather approaches, so do the mosquitoes.  Like most other people, there is nothing worse than the buzzing of a mosquito while you are trying to go to sleep.  Worst still, is when you find you have been bitten and you now have an itchy spot that you want to scratch.  Read on to find out about the Bite Away electronic device and why this simple, but very effective tool, is a must for the mosquito season.

Bite Away for the treatment of insect stings and bites.  Perfect for the mosquito season

Bite Away. Perfect for Mosquito Season

The Bite Away device, made in Germany, is for the external treatment of insect bites and stings from mosquitos, wasps, bees, hornets, horseflies as well as for burns after contact with bluebottles, jellyfish or stinging nettle.

When applied immediately after the sting or bite, the itching or pain is stopped and the swelling is avoided or minimised.

When applied later, the itching is stopped and the swelling is quickly reduced.

How does Bite Away work?

The effect is based on a concentrated heat entry, not using chemical substances.  The contact surface is heated to approximately 50 degrees celsius by an integrated microprocessor and maintained on the skin for 3 or 6 seconds, according to the button selected.  The insect poison is denatured and the release of histamine is therefore prevented.

How do you use the Bite Away device?

There are two treatment times:

The Bite Away device in use

3 seconds – This is obtained by using the Left button on the Bite Away device. This time setting is used on children and sensitive people.

6 seconds – This is obtained by using the Right button on the Bite Away device. This time setting is used on Adults.

After pressing a button, the device works automatically and precisely.  Place the contact surface onto the skin where the bite or sting occurred (for bee stings, remove the sting first).

Press the left or right button once. Release the button and hold onto the skin until the automatic sequence of LED and second acoustic signal is complete.

Now the Bite Away device can be removed.

The illuminated LED shows that a constant treatment temperature is being maintained.

For sensitive individuals, the superficial heating of the skin may cause a short sensation of discomfort.

The treatment may be reapplied at 10 second intervals as required.

The Bite Away device uses 2 x AA Batteries.  You must not use rechargeable batteries – as rechargeable batteries are 1.2 volts and standard AA batteries are 1.5 volts.  Bite away needs the 3 volts to run the thermostat.

It is dermatest tested, 100% chemical free and also safe to use for epileptics and people carrying pacemakers

Bite Away. Such an important tool for anyone wanting to treat insect bites naturally (does not work on snake or scorpion bites)

You can purchase the Bite away device here

Leanne James Naturopath
Founder Ideal Health