Help To Fall Pregnant And The Reasons Some Women Can’t

A lot of people have a problem falling pregnant and there are certainly a lot of reasons why this could happen.

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Energy Elixir should be done prior to trying to conceive.


One of these reasons for this, could be that their toxicity levels are too high. Approximately 3 months before considering falling pregnant, I would recommend completing a detox; in order to get your body into tiptop condition and reduce those toxicity levels.  This will create a much better and healthier environment for your baby to grow in. Another thing that I have found as well, is that a detox helps with clearing some of those excess hormone levels (estrogens) that can cause really bad morning sickness while you’re pregnant.  So in short, doing a detox before you  fall pregnant can help to reduce the effects of morning sickness,  that occur often in and throughout pregnancy.

You have to be very careful taking these kinds of products though, because I definitely do not recommend doing a detox during pregnancy. You should do a detox around 3 months before you consider becoming pregnant.  This is the ideal time to complete your detox.

The detox product that I usually recommend at this time is Malcolm Harker’s OSR 979.  This product is fantastic.  It’s made up in Waipu, in the North Island of New Zealand by master herbalist Malcolm Harker.  This is a lovely, gentle and effective detoxifier.

As an alternative, you could choose Thisilyn Cleanse.  This comes from the high quality range Natures Way.  it consists of 3  separate products, which are taken over a 15-20 day period.

This product would be great for not only you, but your partner as well.  If you do happen to fall pregnant while on this detox, just stop taking it straight away. All 3 products are taken on the same day, with varying dosages.

Eczema Relief may reduce the severity of eczema in infants.


Now it’s always important to remember, after you do a detox of any kind, you MUST remember to take a Probiotic.  A probiotic, by the generally accepted definition, is referring to “live beneficial bacteria”, such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria.   I am not talking about eating yoghurt, but taking a probiotic supplement.

My personal favourite is Inner Health, which you can get in a 1 months supply. After any type of detox you should consider taking a probiotic for approximately 1 month afterwards.

Hormonal Balance

As a women,  your hormones really need to be in the right balance in order for you to conceive easily. I find that a lot of women have a problem in this area.   A reason for not conceiving could be that you not trying to conceive on the right day in their cycle.  Would would you believe that you are only fertile for about 36 hours a month. This means that you don’t really have a very big window of opportunity to fall pregnant in. You need to know exactly when you are ovulating and when you are fertile.

But how do we know?

At healthyonline we have something to make it really easy for you.  It is a wonderful fertility testing device called Maybe Baby.   I recommend this saliva ovulation tester to every women who is trying to conceive.

I really like the Maybe Baby tester, because it’s very simple to use.   All you need to do is pop some of


Maybe Baby will tell you when you are fertile!

your mouth  saliva (1st thing in the morning) onto the Maybe Baby microscope screen and wait for it to dry. Once it has dried have a look through the little microscope window and when you are getting close to ovulation the pattern changes.  It’s very, very obvious.

You can see on the back of the packet exactly what it looks like when you are not fertile and exactly what it looks like when we are fertile.  So the beauty of this product is that  it’s not a ‘throw away’ which means once you’ve got it, you’ve got it forever.  As well as this, once you see the change in the pattern (called Ferning) you then have a window of about 3 days to try and conceive in,  so you can plan your conception.

Maybe Baby is great and really takes the guess work out. Healthyonline has this for the best price in NZ.

What if you still don’t conceive? What if you still aren’t falling pregnant?

It may be that you have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be evaluated and corrected. There are really two ways to do this, you can either go and see your doctor and they may be able to help you with this, Or at healthyonline we have hormone testing kits so you can work out exactly where your hormones are at.

What it’s called is the NLS  Female Hormone Test.   This is a test kit which enables you to take a sample of your saliva and then send this off,  with your proof of purchase.  It goes to Aquarian Laboratories in Australia and the results take about 4 weeks to come back.   This test measures your progesterone, estrogen (E2) and testosterone levels.  You really need to be working with a practitioner who can analyse the results for you.

The test is really simple to complete.  As a menstruating women, the test is done on day 21 of your cycle (day 1 is the 1st day of true bleeding) You take the test in the morning, before you eat or drink.  Once the vial is completely full, you pop it in the pre paid envelop and send it off to us here at Ideal Health. We are the NZ agents for this range of test kits.  The results take about 3-4 weeks to come back.

The results will give you an accurate result about where your hormonal levels are at this time in the month. With these, you can see if you have high estrogen and low progesterone, a common reason for women miscarrying.

If your results do reveal that you have a hormonal imbalance, then we have the information we need to help to correct this imbalance.


Diet is so important in conception.


Remember that everything that you eat and drink and ingest really is going to effect your baby so you want to clear your diet up as fast as you possibly can. You want to for a start get rid of all the junk food, tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Really, any of those bad habits that you’ve got need to go out the window.  You also want to start eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean meat & fish.  You need a good healthy diet, with a wide variety of foods.

I have a wonderful pregnancy diet guideline sheet; written by the expert Francesca Nash Francesca is a fertility expert.  Ask for a copy and we will email it to you.

This is an excellent guideline and talks about the foods to avoid in your diet, the foods to increase and the many benefits of using organics (such as foods that are spray free)

Fertility Levels

If you are having a problem with your fertility levels I have an ovulation chart, also from Francesca Nash. It gives you the ability to mark down exactly what’s happening in your cycle and may give you a better idea as to when you are ovulating, so that you get a better idea about when you are fertile and when is the best time to try and conceive.  Email and we will send you a copy


Once you are pregnant, then I can’t stress the importance of continuing with your supplements. You really need to take supplements throughout your entire pregnancy and while you’re breast feeding as well. In fact your nutritional needs during pregnancy are just as high as they are during breast feeding. If you have not already viewed my video on what I recommend to take during pregnancy then you may like to by watching this video here.

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health


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