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Diagnostic Hair Testing

January 16 2017No Commented

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I am always looking for new additions to add to our range at healthyonline and am very excited to tell you about the new diagnostic hair testing we now have available, from Allergenics Health Assessment Services, a New Zealand owned and operated company, here in Auckland.  Read on to find out more Diagnostic Hair Testing […]


If you know anyone who has cancer, who is seeking to complement their treatment with natural products/concepts, then you have probably already heard about Salvestrols. For years I have heard my colleagues talk about Salvestrols and how they believe these are a vitally important addition into their patient’s wellness programs and especially in the programs […]

Liposomal Nutrients

November 8 2016No Commented

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Have you heard of Liposomal nutrients?  They are all the rage now, yet have been used in pharmaceutical drug delivery since the 1960s.  Almost every one of our suppliers has come out with a liposomal product, with some having used this technology for a better delivery system for herbal extracts too. So what are Liposomal […]

Natural Health Products Bill & Toxic Additives

October 4 2016No Commented

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We received some information from Health Freedom NZ today, with regard to an open letter Guy Hatchard has written to All MP’s. In this, he details a number of examples whereby substances have been banned around the world but are listed as permitted on the Medsafe white-list. They say ” This reduces Medsafe’s ‘permitted list’ […]

Zinc In The News Again

September 1 2016No Commented

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Zinc is such an important nutrient and involved in so many vital processes in the body, so I was not surprised to see mention of zinc in the news again. This time it was an article in the NZ Herald written by Martin Johnston, with regard to Zinc deficiencies and children who have Autism.  You […]