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Help for Indigestion

April 23 2016No Commented

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Most of us have experienced some form of indigestion before.  Personally I find the older I get, the more easily I can experience some kind of gastric problem after eating food.  Whether this be actual acid reflux, pain in my abdomen,  a heavy tight, bloated feeling, gall bladder twinges (usually felt on the right side, […]

Natural Breastfeeding Support

April 4 2016No Commented

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The growth and development of a fetus, into a baby, the birthing process and the ability for the baby to continue to be nourished by the mother with breast milk is truly miraculous!  Whether you choose to or are able to breastfeed your baby or not, many women struggle to produce enough milk and find […]

Hayfever, Allergy symptoms and relief

Oh No, not allergy season again! Today we talk about allergies and how you may be able to get some relief from these. One of the 1st and most important aspects in treating these symptoms and helping to prevent developing hayfever, allergies and sinusitis in the 1st place, is to take a probiotic supplement.  If […]