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Omega-3 Brain Boost Hope

May 26 2014No Commented

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While in Australia in March, I read of a University of Sydney study on Omega 3 supplementation in conjunction with the antidepressant Sertraline (Zoloft), for the prevention of depression and dementia in older people.  We will look forward to reading the results of this, once they are published. While we don’t promote using an antidepressant […]

Which probiotic should you choose?

May 23 2014No Commented

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As a naturopath I am excited by the large variety of probiotic strains available; that have been researched and are now marketed in supplement form for specific health ailments. Ethical Nutrients, by Healthworld Australia, have the biggest over the counter range I have seen, with probiotics to help with heaps of different health problems.  These […]