Joint Health Supplements

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We have had a lot of new joint health supplements join the healthyonline range. Read on to find out more about these

Joint Health Supplements

As I am getting older, I really am not as agile as I used to be and I am noticing a lot more inflammation in my body and especially in my joints.

Joint Health Supplements

We have had a number of highly researched ingredients being marketed by individual health supplement companies and these are the ones I wanted to share with you today.

UC-II -Undenatured Type II Collagen.  Type II collagen is the primary component of cartilage.  Unlike other collagen or joints products, UC-II collagen deactivates collagen-specific T-cells (ie cells that attack collagen) allowing the body to reduce inflammation and rebuild and repair articular cartilage.  This ingredient is found in the product Joint Active with UC-II


NEM® Eggshell Membrane.  Studies have shown that the Scientifically researched ingredient NEM may help support joint comfort and flexibility starting from just 10 days after taking it!   NEM is the only eggshell membrane ingredient with multiple published safety and efficacy studies for joint health.  Multiple human studies show fast and continued results for joint comfort and flexibility with a small 500 mg daily dose. You can find NEM in the Joint Health Supplement Joint Care Advanced.


Collagen Hydrolysate.  We all know about collagen for its help in keeping us looking more youthful, but more and more companies are now promoting collagen for its benefit in connective tissue regeneration and repair and particularly for repair of cartilage, ligaments and tendons.  The body’s ability to repair supporting connective tissue (bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, hair and nails) diminishes in ones mid twenties.  Collagen contains amino acids such as glycine, lysine and proline which are important amino acids and can be used by the body to build connective tissue structures to support the functions of the cells.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is beneficial in replacing the synovial fluids between the joints and secondly, to repair and build cartilage weakened by overuse through impact and stress. Our bodies are made up of 30% collagen of which 70% of these proteins are connective tissue made of collagen.


Univestin™ UP446.  This is not an ingredient, but a proprietary patented combination of 2 herbs Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu, found in the product Cararthron.  Twice daily Cararthron was evaluated for 12 weeks in a randomized, double blind, active-comparator study against Naproxen (A doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drug that also comes in the over the counter pharmacy product Sonaflam), in 220 subjects with moderate to severe osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.

The conclusion from the initial analysis revealed that Cararthron was as effective in managing the signs and symptoms of Osteo Arthritis of the knee, as Naproxen.  These trends became stronger the longer the subjects continued on the Cararthron.

Curcumin.  We hear about turmeric and its benefits as an anti inflammatory, but the main part of turmeric root that provides these properties is the curcuminoids and particularly curcumin.  In Ayurvedic medicine Turmeric root extract has been used for “all intestinal infections and mucus conditions,” for reducing pathogenic bacteria and for treating dyspepsia.  The digestive stimulant properties are also reflected in Western herbal medicine usage, where turmeric is also used for poor liver function and is recognised to have antimicrobial and carminative (relieve gas) properties.

As an anti inflammatory, Curcumin has helped in conditions such as in allergies, arthritis, asthma, bursitis, connective tissue disorders, Crohns disease, symptoms of gout, inflammatory bowel disease (post operative inflammation), pancreatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, ulcerative colitis & uveitis. You can read more about the benefits of Curcumin here.

We stock Meriva Curcumin which uses a patented Phytosome® technology which enhances the absorption of the curcumins.

The manufacturers of Meriva tell us “The Phytosome® technology helps enhance bioavailability. The technology binds each curcumin molecule with one or more molecules of the nutrient PC (phosphatidylcholine), to make molecular complexes called phytosomes. Curcumin molecules in the Meriva® phytosome complexes are more stable against breakdown, and mix far better into water, so that they are better absorbed when taken orally.

The PC molecules in the phytosomes serve as a “delivery vehicle” or “chaperone” that not only chemically protects the curcumin molecules, but also markedly increases their absorption because PC itself is well absorbed when taken orally.

We stock Meriva in 2 ranges – Radiance Turmeric and Doctors Best Curcumin.

If you have to take anti inflammatories and are looking for an alternative to these, consider any of these Joint Health Supplements.  If you need help with your selection, don’t hesitate to email, who has tried most of these and would be happy to tell you about her first hand experience with these.

Author Leanne James
Naturopath & Founder Ideal Health

Henna Application

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I have never used Henna in my hair before, as I do not have dark coloured hair, however one of our customers kindly documented her investigations for application, as well as her findings and results, after using our Terra Ferma 100% Henna Powder.  Read on to find out what she discovered as the best way for Henna application to dye your hair.

This is what she shared with us, about Henna Application for your hair

Henna Application

Terra Ferma Pure 100% Henna Powder

Here’s the information Leanne,  as it took much reading up and decision making before we went ahead.  We made up the paste a few nights before we needed it.

My hair is below my shoulders & VERY thick and curly/frizzy, so I decided for the first treatment to use 3 x 100g packs to cover it all (and it was the perfect amount).  My friend’s hair is short and not as thick and curly – she used 2 x 100g packs but could have probably done it with 150g.

Gloves all the way through the process!

This is how she mixed the Henna Powder

We mixed the henna with cold water (about 1 cup of water to one pack of henna – I think) and the juice of one lemon (acid) per batch (300g and 200g respectively) to a smooth but thick consistency. You can cover the bowl with cling wrap, but we chose to put the mixture into airtight plastic ziplock bags.  We left these overnight to ‘process’ and then put them in the freezer the next day as we didn’t have time to colour our hair for a few days.  (I believe if you leave it too long the potency then dissipates, so it was about 10-12 hours processing before freezing.)

Remember the gloves!  Oh and Vaseline on the skin on face, ears and neck (but don’t get it in the hair!).

On the day. Ready for the Henna Application

We took the packages required (and left the others in the freezer…we made 2 batches each as we had bought 10 packs) out of the freezer on the morning of our hair marathon.  Once it was defrosted we put it in the fridge.  When ready to start, we stirred up the contents (used a glass bowl) and added a little more water (just a little at a time – didn’t want it runny).

We covered all surfaces in the bathroom – although we were actually not too messy, as the henna dries on the gloves etc, you do get dust.

My hair took an hour to cover and it was hard work…I started by sectioning it into 3 lots from front to back and two from side to side and coated the roots on tiny sections (both sides) of those sections at a time.  You need to really cover it well.  Once each main section was done, I clipped the section together while I did the rest of the roots and then when all done, I went back to the start again and coated the lengths of hair (found it easier to use my hands for the lengths than a hair dye brush).

When all done, pulled it up onto my head and wrapped clingfilm all around (a few times) and then put a beenie on to keep it warm.

Four hours later was the wash out…did this over the bath, using the shower attachment…messy and hard to get it all out.  Using conditioner as I rinsed it out helped.  I finally got in the shower and shampooed and conditioned it.

Then we did my friends hair

The process with my friend’s short hair was very different as I couldn’t tie hers up in sections, so I just painted the henna on with a brush (too much of it in fact as it kept oozing out at the nape of her neck!!! Haha, I didn’t have that problem. It was like baby poo 🙂 !!  I did too good a job of plastering her hair (as I said 200g was too much for her hair).

Future Top-ups

So the plan for me now, I think, is to do the roots every 2-3 weeks and maybe the whole head every couple of months (will play it by ear).  I split the other batch of 300g into two packs, as 150 will be enough for just the roots.  So it’s going to be very economical (but time-consuming).

Hope all the explanations help & they make sense – I don’t know if we did it absolutely correctly, but we love the results!

My hair the next day (blow-dried)








My hair today – naturally dried (in the sun)…









My friend’s hair 2 days later…







We cant thank you enough for sharing your experiences with us here at healthy.  I know your information will help others with their application of the Henna on their hair.  Thanks again 🙂

Diagnostic Hair Testing

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I am always looking for new additions to add to our range at healthyonline and am very excited to tell you about the new diagnostic hair testing we now have available, from Allergenics Health Assessment Services, a New Zealand owned and operated company, here in Auckland.  Read on to find out more

Diagnostic Hair Testing

I don’t know about you, but anything I can do that helps me to make the right or a better choice with regard to my health, I’m all for.

When Allergenics Health Assessment Services contacted me last year to tell me about their practitioner hair testing services, my ears pricked up.

As you may know, we already have a range of Saliva based hormone test kits from Aquarian Laboratories in Australia.  These are invaluable to find out the level of hormones in your body, such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and melatonin.  This range also has a “blood spot”  IgG Elisa Food Sensitivities test, as well as a Mineral and Toxic Element test.

Introducing Allergenics Health Assessment Services Hair Tests

Allergenics range covers these 4 tests


Diagnostic Hair Testing

Food & Environmental Sensitivities Test:  With a sample of hair, Allergenics can detect disruptions to normal energy patterns in the body.  Each substance that we eat or that we are exposed to in the environment, has a particular energy pattern that can be measured. If a particular substance causes a stress to the body, its energy pattern changes and these changes can be detected and recorded.  This allows Allergenics to very quickly ascertain which substances are causing distress to our bodies and whether or not the stress is an acute (short-term) phenomenon, or chronic (long-term) phenomenon.

I had the Food & Environmental Sensitivities Test done last year and the results of this really pin pointed the problematic substances for me.  I thought the results were “spot on” and very helpful, to clarify what I thought were the problems, became identified as My Problem substances.  Avoiding these 100% has made a huge difference to my health and especially, the inflammation I experience in my body on a daily basis.


Organ Stress Assessment

Organ Stress Assessment:   Understanding how well your organs are functioning can give you a rapid insight into the overall health of your body.  It allows you to see areas of deficiency and to target those organs which might require support, be it in the short-term or long-term.  The results of the Organ Stress Assessment may be used to assess the current state of functioning of each of the different organs tested

I am looking forward to having this test done and feel the results will really benefit my health choices.



Vitamin & Mineral Assessment

Vitamin & Mineral Assessment:  The Vitamin and Mineral Assessment is recommended for individuals of all ages and is able to provide information on the nutritional state of a person, detecting the presence of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids in the body.  It does not provide physiological levels of nutrients in the body, but may provide information on whether a nutrient is deficient, in balance or in excess.  This makes it ideal for those on a restricted diet, on medication or for anyone wanting a vitamin and mineral assessment.

I would be so interested to have a better idea about the nutrient levels in my body and especially because I take such a large amount of nutritional supplements.


Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment

Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Assessment:
   Ever wonder if the health problems you are experiencing are due to having a toxic element or a heavy metal in your body?  Now you can be tested for this, with this simple, non-invasive hair test. Allergenics have a testing method that uses a unique energy measurement technology that can detect disruptions to normal energy patterns in the body, caused by toxin exposure. Each toxic substance has a particular energy pattern that can be measured. If a particular toxin causes a stress to the body, it changes the body’s energy pattern, and these changes can be detected and recorded. This allows for Allergenics to very quickly ascertain which toxic substances are causing distress to our bodies and whether or not the stress is an acute (short-term) phenomenon, or chronic (long-term) phenomenon.

I would like to have this test, to help determine if heavy metals or a toxic element are contributing to my health problems.  I had a serum (blood) test last year for Mercury and just this 1 test cost me over $90. So to be able to get this full range of heavy metals and toxic elements tested, for the 1 price, will be a huge saving.

Plus, we have the full support of the Technical team at Allergenics, who are highly experienced and there to help us with any questions that should crop up.

Order your test today!

Author Leanne James
Naturopath & Founder Ideal Health

Hemorrhoid Help

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Hemorrhoids are a real issue for a lot of us, myself included.  I have suffered with hemorrhoid problems since I was a teenager.  This condition was exacerbated after the birth of my daughter when I was 20 years old.   At 25, I had a hemorrhoidectomy, which seemed to keep thing under control for years.  Then after a really bad bout of Campylobacter these became an issue again.  As you can imagine, I have tried a huge amount of “treatments” for hemorrhoids.  Read on to find out about the natural things I discovered for hemorrhoid help.

Natural Hemorrhoid Help

These are the things I have found that have really helped me with hemorrhoids

A Probiotic.  I cant live without my probiotic supplement and notice a huge difference when I take this, compared to when I don’t take it.  As someone who has hemorrhoids, I think it is VITAL a probiotic is

The Ethical Nutrients range of probiotics

A probiotic is a Vital addition for Hemorrhoid help

taken every day, to help to ensure the gastro intestinal tract is populated with as much friendly bacteria as possible.  I take the Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus every night before I go to bed.  I take it at night time so that it does it job while I am sleeping.   I think it only makes sense to take it at night, so you get better adherence of the probiotic bacteria to the gastro intestinal tract.  Also, because you are not eating or drinking at night, the beneficial bacteria have the opportunity to stay in your system longer, without being affected by food or liquids.  If I eat something that upsets my digestive system, I introduce the Ethical Nutrients IBS Support, for inflammatory bowel conditions.  I find that this combination can quickly calm down the inflammation.  If my digestive system is still upset with these 2 probiotics, I will introduce the Ethical Nutrients Gastro Relief, which contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boulardii), which can deal to what ever bad thing I have ingested.


Identify Food Intolerances.  Certain foods upset my digestion, which makes me have to empty my bowel more frequently than usual.  This can aggravate hemorrhoids making them flare up.  A gentleman came into our retail shop yesterday and told me that as an Indian who eats a lot of spicy foods, he believes these spices in his diet aggravate his digestion, leading to more irritated piles (hemorrhoids).


A Food Intolerance Test can help to identify problematic foods in your diet

I have had Campylobacter before and find that for myself, if I eat chicken that has not been perfectly handled or cooked, this aggravates my digestive system and hence my hemorrhoids.  Of course this is not a true food intolerance, but for me, most chicken is a major problem for the hemorrhoids.

The other foods I have found to be a problem are those that alter the balance of good bacteria in my gastro intestinal tract.  This is mainly all forms of added sugar, but other foods that are a problem for me are gluten.  Many people find an intolerance to dairy will cause frequent bowel movements, hence aggravating hemorrhoids.  Alcohol can also be an issue for a lot of people and especially beer and wine.

You can have Food Intolerance Testing done, using this test kit.  This test uses ELISA methodology, which tests for IgG or a remembered immune response in your body.  So if the food that is being tested has caused a problem in your body before, this can be measured and noted, so that you know to avoid it in the future.  It tests 96 common foods or 95 vegetarian foods.

I find taking a digestive enzyme and making sure I have adequate hydrochloric acid to break down protein at meals, a real help for my overall digestive health.  So long as you don’t have an overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans or a stomach ulcer, you can top up hydrochloric acid levels by mixing 1 Tbls of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 100ml of tepid water and having this with the last few bites of your protein meal.  We also have a wide variety of enzymes available for all kinds of complaints. You can read more about Enzymes here.

Topical Relief For Hemorrhoids

At healthyonline we stock Presto Gel and Weleda Hemorrhodial Cream.  I have tried both of these and they both work very well.  My customers rave about both of these ointments/gels and feel they both work equally well.


Presto Gel for hemorrhoids

Presto Gel

Presto Gel, from Israel, contains a unique and advanced composition of highly active natural ingredients in a breakthrough formula.  Presto gel supports our natural biological wound healing mechanisms that enable normal tissue repair and overcomes anal burning, itching, irritation, swelling and sensitivity.  Presto gel brings rapid, lasting relief to inflamed, swollen and painful hemorrhoids.

Presto Gel unique and safe formula protects inflamed tissues from further bacterial infection and/or contact with faecal acids and toxins, which are the main causes of anal discomforts.  This protection does not destroy the bacteria but instead helps create optimum conditions to support your body’s natural biological wound healing mechanisms and allow them to accelerate the normal process of cell generation and tissue repair.

Presto Gel can be used by men and women of all ages, including pregnant or breastfeeding women and children over 12 years.  It is so safe, it can be used for as long and as often as necessary.



Haemorrhodial Ointment

Weleda Hemorrhoidal Ointment

I have accomplished miraculous results using this ointment.  Just like the Presto Gel, it stings a bit when you first use it, but the miraculous results are well worth it.  Weleda tell us their ointment is Specifically for helping relieve the pain, swelling and discomfort of external haemorrhoids.

It contains the herbal ingredients horse chestnut, witch hazel, horsetail grass, marigold and borage, with rosemary essential oil. It can be used for both external and also internal hemorrhoids, as well as for fissures (splits or a tear in the lower rectum or anal area).  Unlike the Presto gel which comes with an applicator, the Weleda Hemorrhoidal Ointment does not have an applicator, so you need to apply this with your finger.



Naturopharm Aesculus Hamamelis Haemorrhoid Suppositories


Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Naturopharm New Zealand are kind enough to make these suppositories at their laboratory for us.  They used to be a standard stock item, but for some reason were changed or deleted, so we get these made for us, in small batches for our customers at Ideal Health and healthyonline.  I find these to be a life saver and again, have accomplished miraculous results with these, usually over night.

Not only do I have the pain of hemorrhoids, but I also experience bleeding hemorrhoids too.  Sometimes the bleeding can go on for a week or more, during which time I try and remember to do everything I possibly can to stop this.  These suppositories work incredibly well and especially once I am in this state.  When its really bad, I will insert 2, rather than just the one, before bed.  I can honestly tell you that when I wake up in the morning, I always notice at least a 50% improvement and some times the improvement is even greater than this.  I always keep a packet of these at home, so if I need them, they are there.

Internal Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Herbal formulations that contain herbs such as Horsechestnut and Butchers Broom are the ones that are targeted to venous problems like hemorrhoids and varicose veins.


With Horsechestnut & Butchers Broom

We have the Natures Way Leg Veins, which contains not only Horse chestnut and Butchers Broom but also Grape seed Extract.  They tell us “Horse chestnut is an astringent herb used traditionally to increase vascular strength and tone. Its active constituent aescin has a “sealing” effect on the capillaries reducing the number and diameter of the small pores of the capillary wall through which exchange of fluids occurs”.

“Butcher’s broom is an anti-inflammatory and antivasoconstrictive herb. Much research has been done in Europe where it is widely used for treatment of varicose veins”.

Natures Way use Tru-OPC’s, a Patented Grape Seed extract.  They tell us “True OPC’s are powerful antioxidants that help to strengthen capillary walls and micro-capillaries. This reduces leakage and valve and capillary insufficiency”.

These herbs also come by themselves, As Natures Way Horsechestnut & Butchers Broom and Good Health Grapeseed Extract.

Making sure you stay well hydrated is vital for a healthy digestive system and hence trying to keep piles or hemorrhoids under control. Vitamin c and Bioflavonoids help with the integrity of veins, arteries and capillaries, so ensuring you are consuming plenty of fresh vegetables, as salad and lightly steamed is best.  I love the Vitamin C Hesperidin Powder for a boost of Vitamin C and have this at least once a day, increasing this when needed.

Maybe you have tried something for hemorrhoids that works really well?  Share your information with us, so we can all benefit from your recommendation.

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health

Top health supplements for 2016

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These are the top health supplements for 2016, that I have relied on and loved.


My top health supplement for 2016. Super Thisilyn

Super Thisilyn

This is the most amazing liver supporting product I have ever taken.  I take just 1 capsule each evening before bed and due to this, continue to have excellent liver function (as shown by blood tests) and Cholesterol levels.  If you are a drinker of alcohol and worry about your liver, then Natures Way Super Thisilyn is the product I suggest.  I have seen the most miraculous changes in peoples liver function tests and particularly to their GGT and ALT levels after taking Super Thisilyn.






My favourite Multivite

There are so many multivitamins to choose from, but my number one choice of a multi is Country Life Multi-100.  I really notice the difference on the days I take a Multi-100 tablet, compared to a day when I may forget (usually in the weekend).  They are really different to other multis because you do not get that sudden rush from the 100mg of B Vitamins that are in each tablet.  Instead, these are “released” more slowly throughout the day, rather than all at once.  This makes them ideal for those who need sustained energy levels throughout the day and still need their multi to be helping them in the mid to late afternoon.



IBS Support


My favourite Probiotic

I am a huge probiotic consumer and notice an incredible difference when I am taking a probiotic compared to when I forget.   If you have asked my advice before on which probiotics I recommend, the answer is the Ethical Nutrients probiotic range, which includes Inner Health Plus.  What an extensive range of probiotic strains they have, suited for a wide host of different problems, including help with Allergies, Eczema, an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, for Gastro problems (like food poisioning and tummy upsets), for Medically diagnosed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for better immunity, as well as their childrens range, which are even suitable for babies. They have genuine dairy and gluten free products in their range and as well as this, they have done extensive testing on their probiotics, to be able to tell us that at temperatures of up to 25C they can guarantee the viability of the product for 4 months out of refrigeration.   I take their Inner Health Plus on a daily basis and when I have a gastro problem, introduce the IBS Support.


Superior Magnesium


My favourite Magnesium

For me, there is nothing worse than waking in the morning from a peaceful sleep, having a stretch and my calf cramps up, making me need to make a quick exit from my bed to try and sort it out.  Cramp is a sure sign you are not taking enough magnesium or if you are taking it, you may not be absorbing it adequately.  I am a much more relaxed person when I am taking Xcel Health Superior Magnesium.  I notice I stop clenching my teeth, my shoulders feel more relaxed, my blood pressure is better and I sleep more soundly, being able to shut my brain off more easily.  The busier you are, the more magnesium you use and need.  It is a buffering alkalising mineral, so if you are a go go person, who is stressed and doesn’t eat as well as you could, then magnesium could be of huge benefit to you.



I take medication for high blood pressure so it is vital I take Co enzyme Q10.  Most medication that has

My favourite CoQ10

My favourite CoQ10

an effect on your cardiovascular system effects CoQ10 levels in the body (as well as a lot of other nutrients).  CoQ10 works in the mitochondria of your cells in your body, the powerhouse where most of the body’s energy is produced.  It is involved with ATP or energy production.  I notice a huge difference in my energy levels when I take CoQ10.  One day I made the mistake of taking my CoQ10 at around 4pm and that evening, couldn’t sleep properly.  I never have this problem if I take it after my breakfast, just good sustained energy throughout the day.  There are heaps to choose from by the one I take is Ethical Nutrients Hi Strength Q10 Absorb 150mg.  This product uses an exclusive bio-availability delivery system called VESIsorb, which a study has shown to increase coenzyme Q10 absorption by an average of 622% (6 times higher absorption).

Superior Iron


My favourite iron

Most women need a boost of iron at some stage in their life, due to menstruation.  Those with coeliacs disease, vegans and vegetarians, those with a bleeding ulcer, hemorrhoids or polyps may also need a boost of iron now and then.  I can always tell when my iron is low as my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) becomes really noticeable.  As well as this, I just dont feel enthusiastic about life when my iron is low.  Some people become emotionally erratic, feel depressed, experience breathlessness and have headaches with low iron. When I talk to women about iron supplementation, most tell me they cant take iron tablets, because it upsets their digestion (either constipation or diarrhoea) and because of this, are reluctant to take iron and would rather deal with the low iron instead.

Superior Iron contains Iron Bisglycinate, a different form of iron to the ferrous form found in common over the counter products.  Bisglycinate is considered 4 times more absorbable than the ferrous forms and the likelhood of digestive upsets is minimal (especially if taken at a meal).  As well as this Superior Iron contains the co factors Vitamin B12 and Folate, in their methyl or active forms –  Methylcobalamin and MTHF- 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid.  It also contains Vitamin C, all essential for the proper absorption of iron.

Cream Deodorant


My favourite deodorant

I know this is not a supplement, but I am sooooooo impressed with this product and use it every day.  If you are anything like me, I do not want to use chemical deodorants.  I have tried all of the Crystal deodorants and these are a great alternative for most people, but once I tried Its All Good Cream Deodorant, I was sold.  This stuff is amazing!  I was a non believer (sorry) when my daughter told me her friend Inka used this product and we should stock it, because it works so well.  So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and ordered some in and I started using it.  WOW!!! It is the best natural deodorant I have ever tried.  As well as this, we have found that if you are a bit smelly in the armpit area, just put some of this cream deodorant on and it seems to neutralise odour that may have already built up.  I also like it because I think it is beneficial to be regularly examining your armpit area, as part of better breast health, so am able to do this each time I apply the cream.

I take a lot more supplements than this, but these are the top on my list for 2016.

What are your favourite supplements?  Which ones do you rely on?

Leanne James
Founder Ideal Health